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Great sermon on not knowing/rejecting the Grace of God December 1, 2015

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I believe this is the sermon I so much desired to record some weeks ago, when a priest visited from Mexico, but was unable to due to a failure with my phone.  I really enjoyed this sermon. Very brief encapsulation: if we love ourselves more than we love God, if we do not live habitually in a state of Grace, we are the enemies of Christ.

I very much like this bit, as well: we live in an age when men try to be like God without God.  That is, so many desire to be gods unto themselves, echoing satan’s constant non serviam.  All God asks of us is to sacrifice our human life that we may receive an infinitely better, eternal life with Him.

Very powerful stuff!

The book Father recommends, The Glories of Divine Grace, is linked here.  I have obtained a copy but have not started reading it, yet.

“Are we going to defile this temple (our soul, a temple of the Holy Spirit when in the state of Grace) with impure acts, while God Himself and our guardian angel look at us?  What a disgrace?  Keep in mind that our body is more sacred than this tabernacle here in this church.  Though it houses God substantially present in Holy Communion, the tabernacle is not the friend of God. Christ did not die to save the tabernacle, but He did your soul and your body.”

“We must pray throughout the day, like the Angelus, like the Breviary, to sanctify the day and to dedicate all parts of our day to God.  Ejaculatory prayers are like text messages to God.  If we have a spare moment, let us lift up our mind and our souls to God in prayer.  Let us read a prayer”

Let us begin every day on our knees asking for God to make us holy.

This guy is a hoss. He’s up there with my favorite priests.  God bless him. Please pray for him, Padre Romo.  And please pray for our Pope, because no matter how disturbing he becomes, it remains our duty as Catholics to pray for him.  Note I don’t advise quite what to pray for…..I leave that up to you.

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