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Pope Francis: “Wars are the leading cause of death.” December 1, 2015

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Pope Francis made an absolutely ludicrous statement.  Wars are so far from being the leading cause of death virtually EVERYWHERE in the world his statement below beggars belief.  Is he really this ill-informed, or unhinged, or given to ridiculously flawed on the spot statements?

On his recent flight back from Africa, Pope Francis was asked a “gotcha” question from the press regarding condom use in avoiding the spread of HIV on that continent where it is so rife.  After undermining 2000 year old doctrine yet again, Pope Francis went on a rant that exposed his incredibly simplistic (I would really like to say, stupid) view of the causes of poverty and suffering in the world while once again harping against “arms manufacture” and wars.  But when he claims that wars are the number 1 cause of death (he said this generally, as if it is a universal truth around the world), he really demonstrated his grave inability to either proclaim the Faith or even think clearly, missing the obvious fact (which rarely, if ever, appears to occur to him) that ABORTION has been the leading cause of death around the world over the past 40 years, with probably close to two BILLION lives snuffed out in that time from this satanic sacrifice of perfectly innocent (of actual sin) children:

Pope: The question seems biased to me. Yes, it is one of the methods, the morality of the Church faces a bit of a predicament here. [No, it doesn’t!  The Doctrine of the Faith, properly understood and explained, never faces a “predicament” it cannot viably address.  How about, stop fornicating, stop raping virgins, stop engaging in anal sex with men?  No, that’s too “hard,” it’s an unsolvable “predicament!”] The fifth or the sixth commandment: defend life or a sexual relationship that is open to life. [So is he uncertain which one it is?  Nevertheless, there is much more to both Commandments that simply being open to life]  But this is not the problem. There is a greater problem than this: this question makes me think of the question they once asked Jesus: tell me Master, is it acceptable to heal on a Saturday? Healing is obligatory!  Malnutrition, exploitation, slave labour, the lack of drinking water, these are the problems. [Modernists always are trying to achieve an earthly paradise. They insist that all temporal suffering be wiped out.  I’m not saying these things should not be overcome, but the mentality is most distressing, because Pope Francis and those like him appear to throw out the Church’s constant understanding that joyfully accepted suffering of our lot in life is THE prime means of living in accord with Grace and achieving salvation. “Take up your cross and follow me.”] We’re not talking about which plaster we should use for which wound. The great injustice is social injustice, the great injustice is malnutrition. I don’t like making such casuistic reflections [“casuistic” is Jesuit-speak for doctrinal distinctions/clarity – saying “No you cannot do that” when it comes to the groinal issues] when there are people dying because of a lack of water and hunger. Think about arms trafficking. When these problems cease to exist, then I think we can ask ourselves the question: is it acceptable to heal on a Saturday? Why are arms still being manufactured? Wars are the leading cause of death. Forget about whether it is acceptable or not to heal on a Saturday. Make justice and when everyone is healed, when there is no injustice in this world, then we can talk about Saturday.

Wow.  Just wow.  Does he really believe this?  I mean, could he really be that unimaginative and that much of a lockstep ideologue?

Even at the height of WWII, there were more people dying from natural causes around the world than were dying from warfare.

And throughout it all, not a single mention of abortion

Peace out man, groovy, like, you know, war is bad n’ stuff.  Flower power, make love not war, smoke a J, give peace a chance.

But if you thought that’s bad, Pope Francis also pronounces that faithful Catholics are idolaters:

[Pope:] In the Catholic Church we have some – many – who believe they possess the absolute truth and they go on sullying others through slander and defamation and this is wrong. I say this because it is my Church. [His Church?  Or Jesus Christ’s?]Religious fundamentalism must be combatted. It is not religious, God is lacking, it is idolatrous. What religious leaders need to do is convince people who have these tendencies. [You’re failing, massively] Fundamentalism that ends in tragedy or commits crimes is a bad thing but it exists in all religions. [But only ONE religion for the past 100 years has made its very mission to be the murder of thousands of innocent non-combatant individuals in the name of God through hundreds if not thousands of separate attacks and ongoing wars of conquest and oppression. But that religion does not get names, no, it’s those damned fundie Catholics who have to be combated]

The similarity in diatribes from Pope Francis and President Obama are amazing.  Both turn a deliberately blind eye towards the grave threat (and constant atrocities) of militant islam, while both castigate Christians for their perceived failings (mostly of the distant past). Both also seem to view their internal ideological opponents as their true objects of ire, while barely being able to even feign much concern over islam.

And yes, Pope Francis, I do believe the Catholic Church has absolute Truth, that’s why I became Catholic. It is very much apparent you are equally convinced that the Church does NOT possess that Truth.  What you are doing leading the Church, the very Body of Christ on earth, I really cannot possibly imagine, other than that God is very, very displeased with us.  And I feel Pope Francis has, since the beginning of his pontificate, made very clear who he views as those “fundamentalist Catholics” – that is, his prime ideological opponents – those who hold the Truth revealed by Jesus Christ through His Church to be inviolable, and in particular those attached to the pre-conciliar practice of the Faith.

In other words, you and me.

In one sense, I am very glad for Francis’ pontificate. He manages to put the struggle for the Church in starkest, grimmest terms possible.  We see with him exactly what the Church is faced with in combating this great modernist revolution. At least, it is apparent to those with eyes to see………


1. Baseballmom - December 1, 2015

Well, I WILL SAY stoooooopid….. The man is a modernist moron.

2. Amos - December 1, 2015

Tyrannical governments have also killed more people than war; Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and the various other dictators throughout the decades.

DJR - December 1, 2015

More people have died from abortion than probably all the wars in the history of the world, combined.

Baseballmom - December 1, 2015


CM Rosary - December 1, 2015

Upwards of a hundred million or so, all due to the same ideology that’s suddenly back in vogue, and shared by “dear leader” Francis.

3. camper - December 1, 2015

We need a think-tank in Rome that will confront the monster. People who are paid to confront the Pope, do the necessary research, and call a spade a spade.

4. camper - December 1, 2015

Blogging is not enough. We need to have an office in Rome.

5. Peter - December 1, 2015

He is becoming increasingly incoherent and irrational. Something about him “just ain’t right”.

tg - December 1, 2015


Daniel Brooks - December 1, 2015

Because… Francis has “come down unto you, having great wrath, knowing that he hath but a short time.”
/end pun

6. Observer - December 1, 2015

PF is a product of the Argentine educational system, or lack thereof. It would appear his education hasn’t advanced beyond 9th or 10th grade, and here are we thinking Jesuits are ‘intellectuals’!

7. Marguerite - December 1, 2015

Thank you for your clarity and faith. It’s discouraging for a cradle Catholic like me to hear these ludicrous statements from the Vicar of Christ. It disturbs me so deeply. You are an inspiration and God bless you for always proclaiming eternal, unalterable truth.

8. johna654 - December 1, 2015

It’s getting REALLY, REALLY hard to defend Pope Francis!

9. Father J7 - December 1, 2015

I’m so tired of Pope Francis and the constant scandal he is giving.

10. Ademar - December 1, 2015


Will someone in the hierarchy PLEASE openly entertain the possibility that Francis is not Pope! Benedict still lives in the Vatican, wears the papal whites, has his papal coat-of-arms, is addressed as His Holiness, etc., which sure looks like he hasn’t really resigned. (What resigning pope of the past had ever maintained this arrangement after he resigned?) There can’t be two popes at the same time!
‘Nuff said!

Our Lady of Akita, ora pro nobis!

11. skeinster - December 1, 2015

You would appreciate the letter that was the tipping point in my decision to enter the Church, after years of prayer and study. It arrived randomly in the mail one day in 1985, as a begging letter from some monastery in France.

It pulled no punches, and helped me realize that there were no other viable options than the Church.
I’ll make a copy and bring it some Sunday. Might be useful.

And- since I was off-line over Thanksgiving, a belated “THANKS!”
for all you do. More people are strengthened and supported by your work than we can know…

12. Mary Ann Johnson - December 1, 2015

Really great article and I agree completely. Only problem … is it possible for you to deactivate the snowflakes or whatever they are that go through the text? I thought I was having a pre-migraine attack. Little bugs zipping across the screen is distracting from your very important message. Thanks!

Tim - December 1, 2015

The snow flakes are great! Excellent touch for December.

Tantumblogo - December 1, 2015

I’ve had them forever. Some hate them, some like. My wife likes. So I’m afraid they’ll stay.

Barry Forbes - December 2, 2015

I signed up, didn’t get an email, went to “contact us”, and the auto reply said they didn’t have my email address in the system. What to do?

13. Rosey - December 1, 2015

Sheesh. We’ve got a Pope that won’t properly espouse truths, then we have have our own here cheering on the destruction of Catholic institutions. Rough times ahead for the faithful.
(By here, I am referring to the article pew sitter linked to re Catholic hospitals in NJ at Natl Cath Rep, I believe. Read the comments–these people (allegedly Catholics) are all for shuttering Catholic hospitals because they do not provide the full array of women’s ‘reproductive choices.’

14. Margaret Costello - December 4, 2015

Ummm…isn’t the new Sabbath Day on Sunday? God bless~

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