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Your blogger finally revealed December 1, 2015

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I’ve never been one to post a lot of personal items.  I have long tried to remain semi-anonymous for a number of reasons, even though scores of readers know my name, where I live, etc.  And that’s fine. I don’t try really hard to be anonymous, but I also think it imprudent, given the subject matter I cover and the opinions I express (which, I pray, are always in line with the solemnly defined Doctrine of the Faith) to just lay it all out there and make my identity really easy to find.  I have found through experience that people who get torqued off over a blog post can do some really nasty things, so I try to keep my personal info at least a little bit obscure.  The fact that seems to exercise some people, or even undermine their opinion of me, doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  It is what it is, and it will remain that way.

But I stumbled on this ancient photo at a friend’s Facebook site and thought I’d share it.  It’s quite a scene.  This was from 1986. I was fifteen years old.  I think I cut quite a stunning figure in that blue satin dress, don’t you?  Err……..I mean, I look pretty pathetic trying to come off as “punk” for a costume party. Eh……whatever.  I put on about another 2-3 inches over the course of the year after this photo was taken, and then another 60 lbs in the intervening years since (all muscle, of course).  My date was the blonde on the left (if I recall, she was going as Marilyn Monroe).  We had an on again off again kind of thing going for a couple of years in high school. She was actually a pretty nice girl, but had a bit of a rough patch in her life after college that I think has now smoothed out.  The other girl was actually my next door neighbor, but I can’t say we got along very well.


So I actually got to ride home in the backseat of a police care that night.  It wasn’t anything dramatic, another friend, not pictured, decided to drive his brand new car to the party even though he was a few weeks shy of getting his license. He took me and another guy out for a quick drive and, wouldn’t you know, he got pulled over.  The cops decided to take me home, for some reason.

That was the only time (in high school) one of only two times I ever had to ride in a police car, which was pretty ridiculous, since I had a dozen odd involvements with the local constabulary where I was frankly guilty of much more substantial infractions than the one that night.  My best friends bailed me out of a certain MIP just a few weeks after this party. Wild times, I thought I was having fun (and….I was, in a natural/sinful sense) but was also laying the ground work for a whoooole lot of misery later.  Even then, I never wanted to drink, unless I could get quite buzzed or outright drunk.  It wasn’t too long after my sophomore year that I could start to tell, in the internal forum, that I had a big potential for a problem with drugs and alcohol.

Potential realized.  But that’s ground we’ve already covered, at least a bit.


1. Baseballmom - December 2, 2015

Cute pic…. Let’s see…. In ’86 my one and only daughter was born… Princess Ann…. NOT to be confused with that lesser royalty across the pond…. 😏

2. Lynne - December 2, 2015

Very cute!

3. H-town - December 3, 2015

Nothing sez punk rock like a pair of bermuda shorts.

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