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New book explores an islam-dominated West in 2048 December 2, 2015

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A new book from Remnant Press called The Mosque of Notre Dame explores a future in which the West, or at least Europe, has been totally overrun by islam and exists under strict sharia conditions.  This book was actually written in Russian by a traditional Catholic nearly 10 years ago, but it has only recently been published in English.  Some description from the Remnant website:

The Mosque of Notre Dame reads not like fiction, but like something lifted from current news headlines. Set in 2048, it’s all about how Muslims from Arabia and middle Europe have taken over the governments of Western Europe and locked down those countries under Sharia Law.

How did this nightmare become the reality in the motherland of civilization? A lack of faith and lack of fight left the old lands of Christendom defenceless against massive, calculated immigration into a timid West that has grown too selfish to stand up for itself.

Sound familiar?

This is a resistance-movement thriller set in a Christophobic Sharia dystopia. It is at the same time an inspiring tale of physical and spiritual survival. The world turned its back on God, and so He allowed us to carry on without Him. The God-less have created their own chastisement, in other words, the chastisement that is life without God.

We’re very proud to work with author, Elena Chudinova—a Russian, Traditional Catholic from Moscow. Her book has enjoyed great success in the “front-line” nations where Islam and the West are colliding. Originally published in Russian in 2006, we’re so proud to announce the kick-off of the first American edition (published by Remnant Press).

I guess it’s islam day on the blog.  Sounds like a good book.  Shortly after 9/11, when the deliberate flooding of Europe with muslims by governmental policy was becoming quite apparent, a friend of mine from England lamented that she felt Mohammad would be preached from the pulpit of Oxford in her lifetime.  She’s probably not far from wrong.  And now we have the US government engaged in the same policy under Obama (and Bush), permitting/encouraging a very large influx of muslims into this country while quotas make it almost impossible for even highly trained, highly educated Canadians, Germans, Brits, French, etc., to immigrate here.  The USCCB is clamoring for the placement of more “Syrian refugees,” even though the vast majority are not Syrian and are not refugees from anything.  85-90% of this unprecedented immigration influx -an invasion to many minds – consists of unaccompanied males 18-35.

I’m all for letting in hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi CHRISTIAN refugees.  Lord knows we owe them something, having destroyed their culture and ancient communities through foolish, half-hearted invasions and idiotic dreams of democracy in populations probably the least disposed worldwide towards that form of government.

As for Europe, I think it’s already too late.  With the immigrants currently ensconced and the relative birth rates, many countries in Europe will be nearly half muslim by mid-century.  And this in countries that have almost totally and unilaterally disarmed over the past 30 years.  They have little army to speak of and their populations are almost totally disarmed (save for the radical muslim community, of course).  The stage is set for a horrific bloodbath.


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