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The kind of holy bravery we are going to need in this increasingly Christ-hating world December 2, 2015

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This video has been out for some time.  My wife found it early last week.  A solitary elderly Christian man faces down a very hostile crowd of muslim youths – all equipped with the latest Western technology their own culture could never produce, even while many/most hate and despise the West – at Hyde Park in London.  This is Europe in microcosm, elderly, few of faith, and a burgeoning horde of hostile, mocking muslim men:

“Allah is a dead god, not a living God.”  Good point, but I’d say, false god, a made-up god of Arian heresy and sicko Jewish zealotry.

The muslims chant allahu ackbar, the lone Christian the Holy Name.

The muslims intimidate and act boorishly, the Christian replies with utmost clarity but also charity.

The muslims mock and laugh, the Christian maintains his composure.

Language may be an issue, but there is not one single substantive attempt to rebut the Christian’s proclamation of the Truth.  There are only mindless chants, accusations of calling him a liar, and vain dismissal of him as “old generation English.”  Well, to my mind, the England of 1950 was a darned sight better than that of 2015.

I am very proud that the man had the wherewithal, the honesty, and yes the LOVE to tell a hostile crowd they were in grave danger of hellfire if they did not accept Jesus Christ.

And this is London?!?  I can say I saw a lot of muslims in London 9 years ago but it appears their numbers have exploded since.  And that was deliberate government policy, just as it is here.  It’s hardly even England anymore.

And why is that? It’s because there aren’t nearly enough men (and women) like the gentleman in the video who are willing to go out and risk mockery, hatred, and even physical injury to support and defend their faith and culture.  The same applies to the United States, as well, though not to quite the same degree, yet.



1. Observer - December 2, 2015

That man speaking in Hyde Park had more courage than most of us realize. Many people, not necessarily Christians, have attempted to say similar things but where whisked away by police and did slammer time. Contrary to popular belief there is no free speech in Britain, unless of course you are a leftist or a muslim.

Tantumblogo - December 2, 2015

Good point.

Are groups like Britain First worth anything? Are they “racist” as the media says, or do they simply point to the truth and so have to be vilified with the left’s favorite weapons?

Observer - December 2, 2015

I don’t know much about Britain First, but there is a lot of discontent below the surface. Prime Minister David Cameron is on record speaking to a group of party activists saying that Britain needs more muslim immigration and he looks forward to the day there is muslim PM! The elite’s hostility to Christianity is now out in the open and they don’t even bother to disguise their real intentions.

2. camper - December 3, 2015

Whether one likes it or not, this kind of thing has to be done if we are to retain a Christian and American culture. We need to draw Mohammed and go armed to mosques to demonstrate. Mohammedans want to shut down our culture and intimidate us. We must stop them.

c matt - December 3, 2015

I think I prefer the armed protest route like in the post below. Oh wait, England…. No armed citizenry.

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