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And the trivialization of the papacy continues apace December 3, 2015

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Brought to you by Twitter – which I continue to despise and refuse to join (even as I lament more and more sources posting less and less to their blogs and more and more to Twitter) – further trivialization of the papacy.  This is an ad for twitter showing how much “fun” one can have with things on twitter, but it is also quite revealing of how skin deep the popular impressions this papacy has engendered are:

Favorite quote: “This visit by the Pope is so exciting, I may have to start my Catholicism class again!”

Anyone want to lay odds?

Just love the image, too (0:21/0:52) – Francis flanked by arch-progressives Kicanas and Cupich.



1. Angelic Doctor Games - December 3, 2015

Sadly witnessed that ad last night. Wife and I were not too pleased. My eldest daughter on the other hand thought it was a fantastic and joyful ad. Hrmmm…

2. Mark J. Connolly - December 3, 2015

Saw it, as well, and completely disgusted. When the standard employed to matters of faith is whether or not it something or someone — in this case, the successor to Peter — is a hoot, you understand the phrase “devastated vineyard.” Sin is real. Hell is real, but, Hey, the Pope is throwing a party, so it’s cool.

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