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Terror in San Bernardino December 3, 2015

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I’m sure readers are aware of the terrorist atrocity that occurred yesterday in San Bernardino.  That makes quite a counterpoint to the US bishops continuing proselytizing in favor of unlimited Hispanic and now muslim immigration into this country.  Yes, there are some odd aspects to this atrocity, the man attacked a party being held for his co-workers (a party on Wednesday morning?  Working for the state gets better all the time), it involved his wife, but there is growing evidence he had experienced a process of radicalization over the past few years, and the police described his house as an “IED factory.”  Explosive devices were reportedly used during the final chase, and law enforcement was very skittish in approaching anything – house, car, their persons – having to do with the assailants, so spooked were they regarding bombs/booby traps.

A few more details:

Three pipe-bombs were bundled together as one (like a clutch of dynamite). They were put on to a remote control car, but the gizmo didn’t work. (He wasn’t clear if it was the RC car that didn’t work, or the ignition for the pipe-bombs.)

The cops fired 380 rounds at them in the pursuit. The terrorists fired 65-75 rounds at the cops.

There were 12 pipe bombs at the house in Redlands.

The handguns were legally purchased (as I guess he had no criminal history) and the AR-15 type weapons (not really AR-15s, but that style) were legally purchased but not by the shooters. So this may be a straw-purchase situation — which, um, isn’t actually a legal purchase, then. They’ll be following up to find out who helped this guy get his guns.

California has the strictest gun control laws in the country. AR-15 type weapons can actually be bought, but only in a “California legal” configuration. I think this means, mostly, that the gun’s magazine can only hold 10 rounds, and not a more typical 20 or 30. The cop says they do not know yet if these particular guns were California legal, or, as I’m suspecting, straw-purchased by a friend or Online Hybrid Workplace Jihad Consultant and then given to Syed and Tashfeer.

Tashfeer is in the country on a K-1 visa, under a Pakistani passport. A K-1 visa is used to bring over fiancees. This is beginning to smell very much like a scam — I’m thinking this woman is not merely a fiance who “became radicalized.” I’m thinking she was much more central to this plot.

There is no way this was sudden jihad syndrome. I think the workplace aspect is just a smokescreen, or this guy is really unimaginative and couldn’t think of a better place to find a group of people to kill.  I suppose he could have had a certain animus to a particular co-worker or two, perhaps for perceived slights to allah and his false prophet.

It was amazing watching the media work yesterday. I had to do so after the fact – I didn’t learn of this attack until 9 pm last night – but it was simply amazing.  Contra Paris, when ANY discussion of immigration policy was declared by the left out of bounds in coordinated fashion, this time they couldn’t wait to declare simply offering “thoughts and prayers” a ludicrous response, proclaiming this attack the policy event of the decade.  That is, until they found out the attackers were muslim.  Then the sudden interest in discussing policy wilted, and we were back to only being allowed to offer “thoughts and prayers.”

Today however, jihad be damned, there are a goodly number of leftists trying to turn this into an anti-2nd amendment opportunity.  Demonrats are trying to attach gun restrictions – presently unspecified – to any pending Republican legislation (like Obamacare repeal).  Never let a crisis go to waste.

Conversely, France has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world, and yet they just suffered the worst Western terror attack of the past 10 years – one carried out primarily with firearms.  Obviously, reason or logic has nothing to do with this push, it has to do with the left’s desire to confiscate virtually all private firearms a la Australia.  That is, it’s ideology, not compassion, not concern, not reason, that is behind this.

The thing is, these terrorists were perfectly happy committing any number of felonies on their way to their big atrocity. Bomb-making alone can get you 10-15 years in a federal pen, minimum.  They likely straw-purchased the ARs. Numerous felonies were committed simply in preparing for this attack – just as numerous felonies are committed by criminals every day in the obtaining of weapons to commit crimes.  Firearms restrictions only have the effect of disarming private citizens and making them far more vulnerable, which, if the left were to be honest, they would admit is their overall goal.

Lucky for me, I just received another 1280 rounds of 7.62×39 on Monday.


One final note, a neighbor reported seeing a recent influx of strange men – presumably muslim – coming and going from the house at odd hours. The neighbor thought about reporting this behavior, but didn’t – because he did not want to be guilty of “racial profiling.”

These leftist inanities have many real world consequences.

I still predict that in the remaining year of Obama’s presidency there is going to be a cataclysmic terror attack on this country.  I tend to imagine it will occur early next fall.


1. The Lord's Blog - December 3, 2015

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog.

2. The Lord's Blog - December 3, 2015

Excellent article. Thanks.

3. The Lord's Blog - December 3, 2015

PS. I’m worried about this country loosing the 2nd Amendment to.

4. skeinster - December 3, 2015

Well, as we learned from the farce of Ahmed the Clockboy:
See something. Say something. Get sued.

5. FL_Catholic - December 3, 2015

I’m sorry, maybe I’ve just become far to cynical, but its hard for me not to think that this is coordinated. Think about it. The last time that Planned Barrenhood was under scrutiny George Tiller gets bumped off and there is suddenly a wave of sympathy for PP. Now PP is under investigation by Congress again and lo and behold, another anti-abortion attack. A few days later there is now this in CA, and all of this mere days after Obama comes out and declares that he will do all in his power to pass anti-firearm legislation in 2016. That declaration doesn’t go anywhere, so suddenly there are two major attacks within days of each other? I’m sorry, but that seems a bit too convenient. People who have no qualms about killing people before they are born for political expediency, would not have any problem killing people after they are born to further their political ideology either. These bodies belong at the feet of the Democrats, this is their doing from their evil policies and beliefs.

6. Marguerite - December 4, 2015

I guess after banning guns, knives will be next since, after all, knives kill, people don’t.

7. Baseballmom - December 5, 2015

I agree TB, a major attack before the 2016 election… Lord have Mercy.

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