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Michael Voris’ Church abuse story, and the importance of having witnesses December 4, 2015

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Wow.  Quite a revelation.  I really appreciate the honesty.  I’ve had some very strong disagreements with some of CMTVs editorial stands of late, but all that goes out the window when it comes to matters like this, which cut to the heart of the crisis in the Church. Consider it a counterpart to yesterday’s post regarding three very bad Texas priests:

“They take responsibility for nothing, they own up to nothing.”  Fuggin’ a.  I know exactly what you mean.


  1. Never trust authorities in the hierarchy of the establishment Church
  2. Always keep copies, many copies.  Even have dead drops if possible, if you have really explosive/damaging material.
  3. Always have witnesses if possible.  I cannot stress that enough.  If you are pursuing some matter, especially abuse related or something related to sins against the 6th and 9th Commandments, insist  on witnesses or that meetings be in public places.  These are not well men.  They will do almost anything to keep their sinecures and continue in their sins.
  4. Remember that almost everyone in the hierarchy today – even if they were not a bishop when the abuse scandal was at its height 10 years ago – is somehow tainted by this scandal.  First of all, they knew it was going on.  So let that knowledge guide your dealings with them.

It’s almost easy, over time, to forget about the horror of the boy rape scandal.  That’s why I use that harsh term – boy rape, because that’s what it was – to make it harder to forget.  Michael Voris was abused, by the system, by Notre Dame, by callous administrators, by a sicko priest.  But most were not fortunate enough to get off with mere abuse, many more were raped, had their 11 year old bodies torn open, bled for days, experienced a kind of shame nothing human can fix, permanently lost their faith, lost their ability to have faith……and a whole bunch of faithless mother $@×#€&s who pretend to be shepherds of souls covered it up.  They are STILL covering it up.  Yes they throw priests under the bus as soon as possible if anything breaks to the surface, but there is a whooooole lot of stuff from the past they are still sitting on.

When men who have sworn solemn vows to remain celibate not only fornicate, but do so in the most perverse manner possible……would we really expect them to have compunction about much of anything else?

Jihadi cell uncovered in Italy, planned assassination of Pope Francis December 4, 2015

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One wonders if this direct threat on the life of Pope Francis might shake him out of his interreligious fantasia?  Ideology is almost impervious to contrary evidence:

in Italy a jihadist cell was exposed. The Italian and Kosovar police led in a joint anti-terror operation in Italy and in Kosovo. Four Islamists were arrested on Tuesday. All those arrested are from Kosovo and the Muslims are of Albanian origin. They are accused of having planned an assassination attempt against Pope Francis. “This is the last pope” is a quote from an Internet entry of the aforementioned Islamists.

Internet surveillance is supposed to have brought  the four suspects under investigation. They have published “unique” images which identified them  as sympathizers of the Islamic State (IS). They have regularly visited websites by jihadist groups, and maintain contacts with Islamists in Syria.

The group had directed threats against Pope Francis and Tracey Ann Jacobson, who was until August 2015, the US ambassador in Kosovo. The suspects “celebrated” the attacks in Paris and urged further attacks.

According to police, the group’s leader was arrested in Kosovo. Weapons were seized n his house.  The base of the cell, however, is to have been in the Italian province of Brescia, where three other people were arrested.

In recent months, many Muslims were detained in several police actions. At the end of July  two Islamists, a Tunisian and a Pakistani were arrested. They had leaflets with the black banner of the Islamic State (IS) and circulated the text: “Islamic State in Rome. We are in your streets.” Similar pamphlets have surfaced in recent years in several Italian cities.

SO. We have that going for us.

To more and more judges, the proper role of a jury is to convict those whom the state has accused December 4, 2015

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A little bit different subject matter for this blog, but one I found pretty interesting.  A judge threw a man in jail – on non-refundable $150,000 bond, meaning he had to come up with $15,000 he’ll never see again whether convicted or not! – for advocating for juries to not be overawed by prosecutors and keep their wits about them when hearing cases.  This was called advocating “jury nullification,” and he apparently really torqued off a Michigan judge:

Mecosta County District Court Judge Peter Jaklevic is a former career prosecutor, like all righteous judges, and knows the purpose of jurors: to convict like they’re told.

So when Keith Wood — a wild-eyed former pastor and current lawless anarchist — began distributing seditious incitement to destroy the judicial system, Judge Peter Jaklevic knew just what to do: arrest him.

A 39-year-old former pastor was arrested and jailed in Mecosta County after he handed out fliers informing people about jury nullification in front of the county courthouse.

Keith Wood said he was handing out pamphlets from the Fully Informed Jury Association on Nov. 24 while standing on the sidewalks along Elm Street.

The Fully Informed Jury Association, and idea-terrorists of its ilk, promote the dangerous notion that Americans selected for jurors have a right — even an obligation— not just to follow the orders of judges, but to exercise their conscience and judgment in evaluating the state’s exercise of power over individuals. Such incendiary nonsense threatens the very premise of our justice system, which is that jurors will act as obedient foot soldiers in the government’s glorious and righteous efforts like the Great War on Drugs.[A war I, as a former advocate, have very mixed feelings over. While I know periodic lack of availability of drug of choice can be a powerful motivating factor in getting clean, I also view this war as one of the prime vehicles for the destruction of civil liberties in this country]

So Woods had to be stopped. But let nobody say that Judge Peter Jaklevic lacks proportion and mercy. He repeatedly sent intermediaries to Woods to bring him unto Jaklevic’s presence.

A little while later, a court deputy came outside and told Wood that the judge wanted to talk to him, and if he refused to do so, the Big Rapids police would come and arrest him.

Woods refused Jaklevic’s summons three times, just as Peter denied Christ three times. The hubris!

So Jaklevic ordered Woods arrested. Woods spent 12 hours in jail until he met the $150,000 bond — which he did by putting $15,000 on a credit card to pay a bail bondsman. Even if he’s acquitted or the charges are dismissed he won’t get that money back. Freedom is expensive.

Now, just as Woods denied Judge Jaklevic three times, Pharisee lawyers might deny Judge Jaklevic’s right to rule. They might say that courts have only upheld restrictions on distribution of jury nullification information inside courthouses or in other fora where the government has a right to restrict speech. See, e.g., Braun v. Baldwin, 346 F.3d 761, 763 (7th Cir. 2003). They might insist that multiple courts have struck down purported limits on distribution of jury nullification information in public places like streets, and have narrowed restrictions on “jury tampering” to situations where defendants targeted people they knew to be on particular juries. See, e.g., United States v. Heicklen, 858 F. Supp. 2d 256, 275 (S.D.N.Y. 2012); Verlo v. City & Cty. of Denver, Colorado, No. 15-CV-1775-WJM-MJW, 2015 WL 5012919 (D. Colo. Aug. 25, 2015)……

………But this legalism obstructs justice.  We all know what justice is: it’s when jurors convict the person the government has accused of a crime. That’s the proper function of a jury in America. Everything else is dross. Woods threatened to disrupt that function. How could Jaklevic let that pass?

Something to keep in mind if you ever wind up in front of a judge in this country.  And sure, it’s a bit of hyperbole, but not much, when prosecutors get convictions in 95% of federal criminal cases in this country.  It is a nearly metaphysical certitude that  you and I are guilty of having committed several federal felonies, even if we are totally ignorant of doing so.  That is the ludicrous depth and breadth of federal legislation and onerous penalties for trivial, innocent acts.

State courts average 80% convict rates.  Enjoy your Land of the Free.

Our times look a lot like the end times according to Gueranger December 4, 2015

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I know I’ve posted some prophecy from Dom Prosper Gueranger regarding the state of the Church towards the end of the world, but danged if he doesn’t describe our times well. Of course, Dom Prosper saw shades of the Church’s final passion even in his own time, 150 years ago, but I imagine even one as prescient as he would have had a hard time predicting just how far the Church would fall.  However, as Gueranger notes, if we living in something like the beginning of the end times, it is not all suffering and darkness.  We can hope, if we be faithful, to witness and be part of that glorious final victory Christ shall win over the world, the flesh, and the devil:

Now, all this will again happen when the time draws near of the Second Coming of the Messias.  The earth will once more be filled with desolation, and mankind will be again a slave of its self-degradation.  The ways of men will again grow corrupt; and, this time, the malice of their evil will be the greater, because they will have received Him who is the Light of the world, the Word of Life. [And will have rejected Him] A profound sadness will sit heavy on all nations, and every effort for their well-being will seem paralyzed; they, and the earth they live on, will be conscious of decrepitude; and yet it will never once strike them that the world is drawing to an end.  There will be great scandals; there shall fall stars from heaven, that is, many of those who had been masters in Israel shall apostatize, and their light shall be changed into darkness.  There shall be days of temptation, and faith shall grow slack; so that when the Son of Man shall appear, faith shall scarce be found on the earth, and even within the Church. [Which our Lord and St. John made clear in the Gospels and the Apocalypse. The faith has grown dead in the hearts of so many who claim membership in the Church] Let it not be, O Lord, that we live to see those days of temptation; or, if it be Thy will that they overtake us, make our hearts firm in their allegiance to Thy Holy Church, which will be the only beacon left to Thy faithful children in that fierce storm.

Grant, O Lord, that we may be of the number of those chosen olives, of those elect bunches of grapes, which Thou wilt complete the rich harvest which Thou wilt garner for ever into Thy house.  Preserve intact within us the deposit of faith which Thou hast entrusted to us; let our eye be fixed on that Orient of which the Church speaks to us, and where Thou art suddenly to appear in Thy majesty.  When that day of Thine comes, and we behold Thy triumph, we will shout our glad delight, and then, like eagles which cluster round the body, we shall be taken up to meet Thee in the air, as Thy apostle speaks, and thus shall we fore ever be with Thee (I Thess iv:16). Then we shall hear the praises and glory of the Just one, form the ends of this earth, which it is Thy good will to preserve until the decrees of Thy mercy and justice shall have been fully executed.  O Jesus! we are the work of Thy hands; save us, and be merciful to us on that great day.

——–End Quote———

I always appreciate reading things like this, not because I am constantly on the lookout for signs of the Parousia, but because they remind me that whenever the Second Coming occurs, my particular judgment is almost certainly going to occur first. And even if it does not, for us, there is no practical difference. Whether we are judged individually at our death, or in the presence of billions at the general judgment, the onus on us is to be found in the State of Grace whenever that occurs!  If we see to that, then the particulars of when or how will not matter overmuch.

Still, let those who have eyes, see.

US Military, RIP: 1775-2015 December 4, 2015

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Well, we’ve had a good run. 240 years isn’t bad.  But now that the liberal physicist Ashton Carter has decreed that ALL military slots will be open to women, I think we can see the final nail being inserted into the coffin.  A coffin which has been pounded on by democrat administrations and liberal zeitgeist for the past 20+  years.

I cannot tell you how asinine this is.  The once proud US military is being reduced to day care center, jobs program for single women, and primary vehicle for leftist deconstruction of Western civilization.  All good people should leave the military now. If you’ve “enjoyed” mandatory monthly diversity training, get ready for weekly, even daily.  Get ready to see careers ruined for expediency because some diversity hire becomes aggrieved, or simply wants to attention.  Get ready for gallons of blood to be spilled as women wholly unqualified for combat slots are forced in under quota systems.

Because that’s how it has operated, and how it will operate.  If there are X percentage of women in the military, the feminists will demand that there be X percentage of women in combat slots.  How many of those women can hump a 100 lb load 25 miles over rough terrain, day after day?  How many can carry a 60 lb mortar baseplate 15 miles, or a tripod for a Ma Deuce?  How many can carry a 125 lb handy billy pump even one foot?  How many will create lucrative side jobs whoring themselves out to men in their units, and what effect will that have on morale?  Anyone have any idea how rampant that is in the Navy?  How much more money will now be spent creating cushy assignments for women in combat units, how many units will “deploy short” because Private Benjamin hurt her tootsie on march, how many more diversity officers will there be, further deflating morale and creating yet another budgetary morass?

That’s not to say that there are absolutely NO women who can do ANY combat assignment.  There are, a precious few, depending on the nature of the job in question. When it comes to land combat duty, the number of women who can truly meet the current standard for men is infinitesimal. But in order to satisfy the fantasies of feminists that men and women are wholly interchangeable in every possible way, yet another double standard will be created, with women being given multiple do-overs (and frequently simply being passed through) even the reduced by 2/3 standard of their male counterparts.

As for all you service chiefs who okayed this rather than resign……..you cowardly, cretinous bastards.  You worthless politicians in uniform.  This only shows how successful Obama has been in emasculating and politicizing the command structure.  It is at present almost totally broken.

We’re going to get our rears absolutely handed to us on some future battlefield.  And it won’t be very far in the future, either.