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Our times look a lot like the end times according to Gueranger December 4, 2015

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I know I’ve posted some prophecy from Dom Prosper Gueranger regarding the state of the Church towards the end of the world, but danged if he doesn’t describe our times well. Of course, Dom Prosper saw shades of the Church’s final passion even in his own time, 150 years ago, but I imagine even one as prescient as he would have had a hard time predicting just how far the Church would fall.  However, as Gueranger notes, if we living in something like the beginning of the end times, it is not all suffering and darkness.  We can hope, if we be faithful, to witness and be part of that glorious final victory Christ shall win over the world, the flesh, and the devil:

Now, all this will again happen when the time draws near of the Second Coming of the Messias.  The earth will once more be filled with desolation, and mankind will be again a slave of its self-degradation.  The ways of men will again grow corrupt; and, this time, the malice of their evil will be the greater, because they will have received Him who is the Light of the world, the Word of Life. [And will have rejected Him] A profound sadness will sit heavy on all nations, and every effort for their well-being will seem paralyzed; they, and the earth they live on, will be conscious of decrepitude; and yet it will never once strike them that the world is drawing to an end.  There will be great scandals; there shall fall stars from heaven, that is, many of those who had been masters in Israel shall apostatize, and their light shall be changed into darkness.  There shall be days of temptation, and faith shall grow slack; so that when the Son of Man shall appear, faith shall scarce be found on the earth, and even within the Church. [Which our Lord and St. John made clear in the Gospels and the Apocalypse. The faith has grown dead in the hearts of so many who claim membership in the Church] Let it not be, O Lord, that we live to see those days of temptation; or, if it be Thy will that they overtake us, make our hearts firm in their allegiance to Thy Holy Church, which will be the only beacon left to Thy faithful children in that fierce storm.

Grant, O Lord, that we may be of the number of those chosen olives, of those elect bunches of grapes, which Thou wilt complete the rich harvest which Thou wilt garner for ever into Thy house.  Preserve intact within us the deposit of faith which Thou hast entrusted to us; let our eye be fixed on that Orient of which the Church speaks to us, and where Thou art suddenly to appear in Thy majesty.  When that day of Thine comes, and we behold Thy triumph, we will shout our glad delight, and then, like eagles which cluster round the body, we shall be taken up to meet Thee in the air, as Thy apostle speaks, and thus shall we fore ever be with Thee (I Thess iv:16). Then we shall hear the praises and glory of the Just one, form the ends of this earth, which it is Thy good will to preserve until the decrees of Thy mercy and justice shall have been fully executed.  O Jesus! we are the work of Thy hands; save us, and be merciful to us on that great day.

——–End Quote———

I always appreciate reading things like this, not because I am constantly on the lookout for signs of the Parousia, but because they remind me that whenever the Second Coming occurs, my particular judgment is almost certainly going to occur first. And even if it does not, for us, there is no practical difference. Whether we are judged individually at our death, or in the presence of billions at the general judgment, the onus on us is to be found in the State of Grace whenever that occurs!  If we see to that, then the particulars of when or how will not matter overmuch.

Still, let those who have eyes, see.



1. RC - December 4, 2015

This is where private revelation confuses me, maybe you can shed some light on this. Some revelations predict Christs second coming, others say that after a period of chaos, the Church will again flourish. Is it either/or, both/and?

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