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The New York Daily News Hates You and Everything You Stand For December 7, 2015

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In the theme of progressive self-loathing propagating as a desire for cultural destruction (see previous post),  a writer at the liberal New York Daily News penned a piece (safe link) in which she equated one of the victims of the San Bernardino attacks with the muslim terrorists, because he is a Messianic Jew who has faith in Jesus Christ and has concerns over muslim terrorism.  Thus, the female writer decries the man as being just as “bigoted” as the muslims who shot over 30 people and killed 14.  You can only imagine how she must feel regarding traditional Catholics.  BTW, the writer’s name is, get this…….Stasi, the name for the former communist East German secret police:

I’m talking about this absurd piece that treats talking about Jesus at work as a literal capital offense. The story focuses on Nicholas Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew who CNN has already sort of blamed for the Muslim San Bernardino killer’s terrorist rampage that left 14 dead and over a dozen more injured.

The New York Daily News has now taken it a step farther. In their world, a person who talks about their faith in Jesus (and defends the NRA) is literally equally culpable for the murder of 14 people as the person who responded to that workplace evangelism by shooting roughly three dozen people. [Is it even certain yet that the San Bernardino attacks were a result of some kind of workplace argument or disagreement? Yes something seems to have occurred at the party, BUT the terrorists had also plainly been planning an attack for weeks or months.  It could be that the incident was just an excuse for what was planned to happen very soon, anyway]


……….The reality, of course, is that only one religion gets this kind of treatment from people like Linda Stasi and the New York Daily News. Let’s suppose that the roles were reversed. Imagine that Farook was a loud obnoxious Muslim who had Facebook links to leftist political causes, and a Messianic Jew responded to his workplace proselytizing by going home, grabbing his wife, and returning to work and shooting over 30 people with assault rifles……..

Do you think anyone from the New York Daily News or anywhere else in the media would right now be saying, “well gee, Farook was kind of at fault here”? Of course not. Muslims get special consideration in the “popping off and killing a bunch of people” department from people like Stasi. If someone draws an insulting picture of Jesus and a Christian kills him, that would be universally condemned (if, hypothetically, it ever happened, which it doesn’t for some weird reason). If someone draws an equivalent picture of Mohammed and their whole workplace gets shot up, that’s “understandable” and “legitimate.” [Which, in addition to what I show below, demonstrates the very deep-seeded racism held by so many on the left, a racism that “otherizes” and paternalizes muslims and similar groups that they are generally held to be like children, incapable of being responsible for their own actions.]

Reactions like this are a prime example why I feel very strongly that if and when islam begins gaining a dominant hand in Western countries – as it is showing increasing potential to do in Europe – and begins imposing Sharia widely and in general dictating the terms of existence, that the leftists won’t fight for those liberties (license) they argue so passionately about now, they will very quickly knuckle-under (for the most part, there will probably be some exceptions) and become very happy islamists or at least dhimmi.  I say that not only because of the reams of evidence from Europe that attests to this fact, but because, foundationally, leftism is about hatred of Christianity and the whole Christian-inspired culture than anything else.  It always has been, dating back to its first full “flower” in the French Revolution.  Whether it manifests as atheistic communism brutally repressing Christianity in particular, Nazism doing same, or, now, militant islam, so long as Christians get their comeuppance, the leftist is satisfied.  I’d be willing to lay a hefty bet that Stasi would far sooner don a burqa than admit of Jesus Christ.

There are deep psychological reasons that tend to be associated with this kind of self-destructive desire, and while we don’t need to speculate there, we can see how they manifest: inability to reason, even inversion of reason, where ideology so blinds that victims become perpetrators and vice versa, total moral relativism where holding the “wrong” idea is seen as equivalent to murder (and how many college crybullies in recent weeks have claimed that disagreement is tantamount physical assault?), a seeming desire for ideological opponents to be severely punished, even by death (read many left wing sites/blogs?), etc.  In short, it’s the kind of environment that gives rise to bloody acts, even revolution.  And it is becoming increasingly common among the left today.

Probably a good time to keep your powder dry.



1. MFG - December 7, 2015

While many leftists may be willing to embrace Islam and Sharia law, Islamists may not reciprocate. They may not see distinctions between practicing Christians and secular westerners who grew up in a western country like the US. In short Islamists may consider all westerners as “Christians” or Zionists and persecute them all. Leftists may be in for a rude surprise when confronted by Islam.

2. kerberos616 - December 8, 2015

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