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Images from the cult of environment meets St. Peter’s confab December 8, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, disaster, episcopate, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, huh?, Papa, rank stupidity, Revolution, secularism, silliness, Society.

A lot of monkeys, for some reason.  Notice they rarely show the ugly, ferocious, or gross aspects of Kingdom Animalia, solely the cute, cuddly, and/or majestic ones.

Mahound sees this as demonic.  I don’t disagree.  It’s also tawdry, shallow, and dumb.  It’s tribal signaling of the worst kind that is utterly beneath the dignity of either the papal office or the Church.  Tribal signaling of virtue – belonging to the “good” people, the “right” people – takes on outsize importance when one struggles to practice virtue on a personal level. So you adopt the dominant “virtue” of the culture, and proclaim it as your own.  It’s a fundamentally narcissistic outlook.

The Church has been taken over – at almost every level – by sniveling, signaling social justice warriors.

Yay us:

Monkey 2




I hate to see the Church cheapened like this, turned into nothing more than yet another vehicle for worldly, materialist agitprop.

If you have the stomach, you can watch the whole thing below. Remember this is the main spectacle kicking off the “Year of Mercy!”:

Note, the production does not begin until just shy of 19 minutes in:

So I skipped through it. Even on it’s own terms, quite underwhelming.  For the most part, just a bunch badly displayed stills with an over the top soundtrack of nature sounds.  Like pretty much every other attempt the Church has made at being as cool as the culture, it comes off as hollow, more farce that force.  Which is exactly what the Church’s enemies want.



1. tg - December 8, 2015

This does look demonic. Instead of something for Mary and Advent, animals. How stupid! The Vatican may now be the seat of the false prophet. I really don’t care what happens to it because the Vatican is not the church.

RodH - December 9, 2015

Remember; Laudato si replaces the Blessed Virgin, our Mother Mary with…”Mother Earth”.

That would be Gaia to the pagans…..

Somehow the Bishops must have missed that? Or don’t they care? What is going on?

2. Observer - December 8, 2015

What no Pandas or Merkats! Actually it’s pretty scary, the Vatican is signaling the way it intends to go.

3. c matt - December 8, 2015

Not even human – the Church first replaced God with man, and now man with animals. Next year, they will be projecting images of vegetation, and then I guess minerals.

H-town - December 9, 2015

Animal, vegetable or mineral??

4. tg - December 8, 2015

A question for you Tantum – today is a solemnity feast day of the Immaculate Conception. I am going to Mass. However, are Catholics supposed to not work on a solemnity? I just wondered what the old Church rules were about working on a solemnity that falls during the week.

Tantumblogo - December 8, 2015

Some do not work today. Catholic Culture website “shuts down” – they don’t post anything. I am at work. I have considered taking the day off in the past. But I’ve never done so.

Yes, the word holiday comes from “holy day.” It used to be holy days of obligation were treated like Sundays, shops were closed, people did not work, etc. And there were lots and lots of holy days. But that was some time ago. Nowadays, with nominal 40 hour work weeks in most countries, weekends off, etc., the uniqueness of the holy day has been lost a great deal. I should probably take the day off, since there are so few holy days left, but I’m about to take nearly 3 weeks for Christmas and really don’t have the PTO left.

Tim - December 9, 2015

I close my office on all Holy Days.

Elizabeth - December 9, 2015

Good for you. That’s rare these days, I’ve no doubt.

5. Brian - - December 8, 2015

The elevation of “nature” and animals to the highest level of our Faith, above even Jesus, reminds me of an experience that occurred while suffering through RCIA at an unnamed NO Parish 8 years ago.

Most everything we did was harmless; chit-chat really, Stupid. But one major event they put a lot into was an exercise in which all members were asked to go outside, on a cold night with a full moon, pick an animal in which you most identify, become that animal, submerge and speak as that animal to the moon. I was not there, but my wife was. She told me the class all did this in a symphony of human-animal cries.

When I found out, I informed her that this was more Wiccan than Catholic and that she should not have done so and should refuse to do so again. We later left their stupid immoral program, (long story), and darned near left the Catholic experiment altogether, (my dear wife kept us in, finding the FSSP and REAL Catholic Faith).

The point? These animals and calls to “nature”, IMHO are more than just a tawdry AV fail. This is where evil forces within the Church have taken us, on purpose. We are aligning our Church with demonic NewAge Wiccan earth worship, which I believe is the fundamental aim of the same devil who tempted Jesus in the wilderness.

Those depictions above are flat out evil. Princes of the Church who do nothing in the face of this become complicit. It needs to stop! It needs to stop now! It is harming the Faith and the Faithful. It is certainly impacting me.

6. Brian - - December 9, 2015

This eerily reminds me of my (NO) RCIA class when my wife and I were coming into the Church.

The class was an utter waste of time, filled with bubbles of air, nothing of substance. One hi-light had the class go outside, one cold night, become the animal that represented yourself and speak to the full moon in that animal’s language, “hooowwwwooolllll”!

Thanks to the FSSP we didn’t abandon our conversion, (came close) but I thought then as I think now, this has more to do with Wiccan New-Age earth religion than the Faith. I am utterly repelled by it. They’ve lost me.

7. Daniel - December 9, 2015

Malachi Martin’s last book was to be about how the Roman Church became a tool of the New World Order. How right he was.

tg - December 9, 2015

Yes, his books are like prophesies. It is all happening now and those evil cardinals from the 60’s and 70’s now have their man in the papal office.

8. Elizabeth - December 9, 2015

I don’t have the stomach to watch it. What….no LGBT flag/colors/images? That’ll be next on the Pope’s list, no doubt. Perhaps also some flashing images of “the poor”, “immigrants” and the misunderstood utterly peaceful Muslims. Lord, save us from this man.

9. RC - December 9, 2015

The next pope, needs to condemn this entire papacy. If he doesn’t the faithful will think that the things Francis has said are binding

10. Gary - December 9, 2015

Yesterday, on our holy day , I have been a Catholic for 41 yrs. I love the faith; because it is the truth, given us by Jesus. I’m afraid we are going to have to ramp up the prayers and fasting. Thanks Tantumblogo for keeping us informed🙏⛪️

11. rick - December 9, 2015

Wasn’t the world bank, one of the promotors of this eye sore, involved with the speculation of pressure on Vatican finances that lead to the resignation of Pope BXVI…??

12. Elizabeth - December 9, 2015

Chilling. It brings to mind “Lord of the World” by Hugh Benson.

13. RodH - December 9, 2015

And to think…

All this on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Did the Plague wipe out our Bishops while I wasn’t paying attention?

Is there no man to stand in the breach?

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[…] to the burqafication of St. Peter’s, one I missed yesterday, via Edward […]

15. Adrienne - December 9, 2015

Thanks for posting–I think Rick is on to something. However, it is the Vatican Bank scandal he is thinking of. The link below is from September. The connection with the Cardinal Daneels gay mafia, Deutsche Bank, and the governing bodies who for all intents and purposes forced Pope Benedict to resign–the Vatican ATM machines were back in business only a day after his announcement.


World Bank background is bad enough on its own, however.

Tantumblogo - December 9, 2015

Yes, I covered this at the time. The Italian government, World Bank, and Deutsche Bank were all involved. The sodo-lobby probably triggered the entire series of events, though, with time, I have considered the causal connections a bit complicated as part of a grand plan to get the Pope to abdicate. I think they were trying on several fronts. There were leaks early in 2013 that a huge number of clergy of the Diocese of Rome were about to have their nighttime activities publicly exposed. There was the 300 page dossier, but also, much more. The fact that this story went totally stone dead silent after Benedict announced his abdication is a sure sign there is much to find there, much that must be concealed. Someone should hire a team of PIs to follow many Vatican monsignors around!

My point being, I think it was a confluence of events. The banking crisis was probably the final trigger. But there was much else besides.

Amazing, though, how a conservativish Pope like Benedict feels he could do almost nothing, that his authority stopped at his door, while a progressive can literally upend the Church in a few years. It speaks to the fundamentally unCatholic ideology of the vast majority of the powers that be in the Church.

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