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Christianity in the Middle East on the Verge of Extinction December 9, 2015

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Not a major surprise to those who have been following events, but it seems the steady extinction of ancient Christian communities in the Mideast continues apace.  This nation bears direct responsibility for this persecution, because it was we who stirred the hornet’s nest, tore down the established regimes (which, if admittedly hideous, at least kept a lid on internecine warfare), and then precipitously abandoned the region after finding the going too difficult for our taste.  I feel very strongly it is a moral imperative for this nation to provide a venue of escape for all these persecuted Christians, but federal policy still insists on favoring muslims (a factor that reaches all the back to Teddy Kennedy’s framing of the 1965 immigration law to favor non-Christians/non-Westerners).

Anyway, the current situation is bleak and growing dimmer by the day:

About 1.3 million Iraqi Christians have been displaced, murdered or taken prisoner since 2003. A centuries-old civilization now faces permanent extinction while the rest of the world, including the U.S. government, looks on.

As Christians across the world begin to celebrate Christmas, the 300,000 remaining Christians displaced in Iraq and Syria are preparing for a harsh winter that will almost certainly dwindle their numbers further. ISIS has been assaulting Christianity in the Middle East for well over a year and a half, and now the few remaining will be forced to brave the elements in the face of a genocide.

“Assyrian culture is melting,” says Juliana Taimoorazy, head of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, a group dedicated to aiding Christians being persecuted in the Middle East in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. Taimoorazy is making a desperate push to try and raise money to save Assyrian Christians in Iraq before winter settles in…….

The Iraqi Christian minority, also known as Assyrian Christians, has a history in the Nineveh Plains region of Iraq going back 6,700 years. Assyrians were one of the first major groups in the region to convert to Christianity and are one of the last groups to speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ.

Prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Assyrians numbered 1.6 million in Iraq. With the rise of al-Qaida in Iraq and the Iraqi insurgency, their numbers began to dwindle. In 2014, less than 500,000 remained. In just over a year since its rise, ISIS has slaughtered and displaced the Assyrian Christians with brutal efficiency, cutting their numbers nearly in half to 300,000……. [My God.  Some sources list the number of Iraqi Catholics at 2.5 million prior to the 2003 invasion. So, within a few years at most, mission accomplished for the jihadis, no more Christians in Iraq. They’re working to drive them out of Syria, too, where there were far more prior to Obama giving the signal to rise up against Assad]

…….Assyrian Christianity is facing “a form of soft genocide” in addition to eradication, says Taimoorazy. Even the groups fighting ISIS, like the Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi military, are loathe to aid the Christians. When the first ISIS onslaught hit the Nineveh Plains in the summer of 2014 “the U.S.-backed Iraqi army, wilted before the onslaught, with many soldiers reportedly abandoning their posts and stripping off their uniforms to avoid detection,” says an Al Jazeera report. Taimoorazy claims continued abuse of Christians results when the Kurdish Peshmerga and various Iraqi militias retake towns from ISIS.

[The really maddening part…..[ Despite witnessing the eradication of Assyrians for over a year, Taimoorazy claims the United States has brought in few of them. She explains that before the ISIS uprising, 45-50 percent of Iraqi refugees coming into the U.S. were Christian, today that number is a remarkable 6 percent, with 89.6 percent of the remaining total being Muslim. When asked why there was such a dramatic drop, Taimoorazy pointed out that while the numbers under Bush were poor, the “[Obama] administration is not friendly to the Christian cause.”…… [As if we needed more confirmation that Obama is an anti-Christian musloid bigot.  Go figure.]

……Taimoorazy sees the solution to the Assyrian problem as two-fold. In the short term, better settlement policies will be needed so that Assyrians in the diaspora can continue their traditions and culture abroad. In the long term, she sees the solution as a province dedicated to the Assyrian Christians somewhere in the Nineveh Plains. Taimoorazy and her colleagues see the goal of establishing an Assyrian homeland as a “repackaging of Zionism,” and they already have the support of notable Middle Eastern leader King Abdullah of Jordan. No matter what happens in the future, Taimoorazy makes it evidently clear that if current policy does not change, Christianity in the Middle East could soon be lost to history.

And don’t think that likelihood disturbs our muslim in chief in the slightest.  It’s a feature, not a bug, of his policy.  I find it absolutely no accident that under his administration, vast swaths of the Mideast have fallen from hard-line but still secular control to being ruled by radical jihadists.  Only Egypt bucked that trend in the slightest, where the military was powerful enough to oust the Obama-supported government of the muslim brotherhood and instill a very repressive but much more secular regime.  This has been deliberate policy.  If it wouldn’t cause such a domestic political explosion, I would half expect Obama to out his true religious affiliation once he leaves office.  I’m sure he’d like to.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis and the vast majority of bishops continue to make far more statements in favor of continued muslim immigration to the West than they do either against the genocide ongoing against Christians in the Mideast, or in favor of their immigration to more conciliatory environs.  Yet another abdication of duty.

You can help the Iraqi Christians here.


1. tg - December 9, 2015

Who runs Creative Minority Report – which Archbold? (Tantum can you answer. I can’t figure it out from the website.)

Tantumblogo - December 9, 2015

Well I don’t know about running it, but both contribute. However, over the past year or so, Pat (with whom I agree almost across the board) Archbold has contributed less and less and moved onto other venues like The Remnant. So it seems on a day to day basis it’s mostly Matt’s board now. And he’s not as trad as Pat, though certainly a good guy and a solid Catholic.

tg - December 9, 2015

Thanks for the reply. I kind of thought that Pat was not contributing as much.

2. rick - December 12, 2015


Tantum, I wanted to help the middle eastern Christians and know of this organization; http://www.helpiraq.org/projects-test-page/ This one seams more Catholic

Can you expand a bit on the link from your post; http://iraqichristianrelief.org

I don’t visit the comments section often. If possible, please reply in a private message.

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