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Donate to help conscious patient threatened with murder by Houston area hospital December 9, 2015

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Via reader Camper, Bishop Rene Gracida shares the depressing tale of Chris Dunn, a critically injured man (but who is apparently conscious, at least at times) who has been deemed “terminally ill” by Houston Methodist hospital and his doctor, who are seeking to either withdraw all medical support or actively administer drugs which would have the effect of killing him.  His post copies a long post from Kassi Marks, who, along with Texas Right to Life, have been fighting to keep Mr. Dunn alive.

The post is fairly long and involved, I recommend you read it there, but I’ll highlight a few aspects:

  • The threat on Mr. Dunn’s life points back to the grossly problematic Texas Advance Directive Act (TADA) and the near total power it gives physicians to make determinations as to whether to provide or deny care, often on bases of continued availability of funding for care and/or a perceived need to open up hospital space to “more deserving” patients.
  • Reforming TADA has been a significant priority for Texas Right to Life, but most other self-described pro-life groups in this state oppose their efforts.
  • Texas Catholic Conference has also been very weak on this issue, using its resources (which come from OUR parish donations) to oppose TRL and other “pro-life extremists” (imagine Catholic bishops saying that!) and more or less stand with the status quo, or to implement “reforms” which are as problematic or worse than the status quo.  This was a significant issue in the 2014 legislative elections, and I was glad to have played a very small role in helping oust one fake pro-life conservative for another, much more robust pro-life state senator in Bob Hall.
  • Mr. Dunn has been hospitalized for some years.  He is not on life support.  The hospital wants to deny even food and water.  This is always and everywhere gravely evil, tantamount to murder.
  • You can help by commenting on the Houston Methodist hospital page here.  You can also (tastefully, rationally) e-mail the hospital president:  Dr. Marc L. Boom, at mboom@tmhs.org

Other than that, follow TRL’s recommendations for pro-life candidates, who are truly pro-life across the spectrum of issues, and also by praying for a change in heart in the Texas Medical Association, most Texas pro-life groups, the Texas Catholic Conference, and the Texas legislature, which must, at some point, take up the increasingly antiquated and immoral TADA.



1. Kassi Marks - December 9, 2015

Thanks for bringing even more visibility to this tragic case!

A couple of quick clarifications and giving credit where it is due – I am not involved in the case in any real sense – but Texas Right to Life and the excellent legal counsel of Trey Trainor and Joe Nixon are working very hard on it.

Also, Mr. Dunn was admitted to the hospital two months ago. To my knowledge, he has not been in the hospital for years, but only the last 8 weeks. (And, for all we know, he might have been recovered or under an outpatient treatment plan and discharged already had the hospital not refused to provide him appropriate care to discover what is wrong with him rather than rushing to judgment and determining that he was unworthy of care.) I encourage everyone to read more about this case, learn what “snowing a patient” is, and watch the video of Mr. Dunn praying that his life be saved. See, for example: http://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/Texas-Hospital-Still-Fighting-to-Let-Patient-Die

A final note: I just received a text that there will be a Mass held tonight at 7:00 at Blessed Sacrament in Houston for Mr. Dunn. Perhaps those of us that are not in Houston can unite our own prayers for this intention during this time and those that are local can attend.

Thanks so much for your efforts!!!

2. Angelic Doctor Games - December 10, 2015

How long before we shall see ash falling from the sky? #ManInTheHighCastle

3. tg - December 10, 2015

“Reforming TADA has been a significant priority for Texas Right to Life, but most other self-described pro-life groups in this state oppose their efforts.” – A doctor I know told me he went with Texas Right to Life to speak before the legislators in Austin on a bill concerning TADA. He said the Bishop from Diocese of Austin spoke for the TADA.

4. Kassi Marks - December 10, 2015

TG, that is absolutely true. It happened in the 2013 session. He also but made the argument for death with dignity. It was very close to that. You can see Bishop Vasquez’s testimony here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B4T_QNhfjs

You can see my testimony against SB 303 here, if you are interested, and I comment a bit on Bishop Vasquez’s testimony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sktCUD5Esw

Those of us there that night who were Catholic were quite scandalized by the testimony. The one bishop who has been consistently correct on these matters is Bishop Emeritus Gracida. He has worked tirelessly with his brother bishops to get them to see the light. He has described this on his blog and in his autobiography (which I highly recommend reading, by the way).

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops was a hindrance to true reform in the 2015 session as well, much to my great grief, bafflement, and embarrassment.

The Texas Medical Association lobbies hard against anything pro-life in this regard, but there are some very solid doctors who support reform and the stories they tell will curl your hair. I respect them tremendously for their pro-life efforts.

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