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Ohio legislator proposes law regarding background check for all parents December 9, 2015

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Or essentially all. This is the same legislator (do I even need to mention of which party?) that proposed legislation in late 2013 requiring all homeschool parents to undergo criminal and other background checks, and to be subject to on the spot CPS investigations at any time.  A huge backlash caused her to back down and revoke the proposal, but she’s back again now with a proposal for virtually all parents to have to undergo background checks in order to have their kids in public or private schools in the state.

A state lawmaker who once proposed legislation that HSLDA called the “worst ever” has introduced a new bill that raises concerns even though it doesn’t directly target homeschoolers.

In December 2013, Ohio State Senator Capri Cafaro introduced a bill that would have required homeschooling parents to undergo background checks and would have given discretion to social workers over a family’s decision to homeschool……..[We are fortunate in Texas at this time to have a quite liberal homeschooling regime.  No registration is required.  You don’t have to submit to formal assessments.  You just homeschool your kids, and that’s it.  But most states are not so friendly, and it was a battle getting Texas to this state of affairs]

…….Senator Cafaro’s new bill is quite different and does not directly affect those under the homeschooling regulations. This new bill would require that school officials conduct a background check on every family enrolling in a private or public school to determine if there was an open social services investigation. If the school discovers that there is or was an investigation, it would be required to report that information to the local CPS office who would be obligated to continue the investigation or open a new one. [This seems manifestly unfair.  Many CPS investigations are without basis.  They can even be used as instruments of spite, by an aggrieved family member or annoyed neighbor.  It’s certainly happened before. This legislation establishes a wicked precedent – once under investigation, always under investigation, even if previously cleared.  That is asinine.]

The bill specifically excludes families who are educating under the homeschool regulation, but not families who are privately educating their children at home pursuant to Ohio’s -08 regulation (Ohio Administrative Code 3301-35-08). [Not sure just what that means] The bill also delegates rule-making authority to the state board of education.

HSLDA opposes this bill for several reasons. First, the bill would affect families who homeschool under the -08 rule, since non-public and non-chartered schools would be required to conduct background checks and to report findings made. Second, HSLDA has concerns about expanding access to sensitive state databases.

Do we really need schools conducting background checks?  Schools have already taken a heavily totalitarian turn, this would only add to that growing phenomenon.

Even more, this is the kind of heavy-handed, one size fits all, emotionally charged, over-reacting kind of legislation that is really the bane of the democratic process.  Yes there have been some horrific abuse cases of late, particularly in Ohio.  But in every case, the plentiful existing laws were either poorly enforced or simply ignored.  CPS failed to do its duty, failed to pick up on what should have been obvious signs of abuse and neglect.  I am wondering if the race of the parent(s) involved played a role in that failure of duty, for fear of being seen as persecuting an officially favored group?

Democrats over the past 30-40 years seem to have grown more and more constitutionally averse to subtlety and thoughtfulness.  Virtually every measure they impose is as clumsy and abusive as it is dumb.  This is another case in point.  I am fully on board with measures to reduce child abuse, but in reality, such matters have already been legislated to death.  The problem, as always, is getting a frequently lazy and inept bureaucracy to do its job properly, with prudence (and no ideological ax-grinding, of which we see quite a lot, especially against homeschoolers).

Quite reminiscent of the “debate” over gun control legislation, is it not?  There are already hundreds if not thousands of laws on the books, but those laws are almost never enforced.  That’s because they’re not intended to be enforced against criminals, they are intended to deny the law-abiding access to self-defense, and to eventually result in total confiscation.  Likewise, progressives increasingly demand that children be raised by the state, with parents at best appendages that provide the funding. I’m not saying that’s the clear intent behind this particular proposal, but it’s the general intent behind the progressive view of how children should be raised.

IOW, constant vigilance, and all that.

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