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The muslim world is overcome with hate and radicalism December 9, 2015

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David French provides hard data to dispel the silly myth, accepted by not just progressives but virtually all of government (both parties), media, and industry in this country, that radicalism in islam affects only a tiny percentage of believers.  Wrong. Islam is founded on hate and envy, in spite of some of the Koran’s prettier surahs, and has always – and only – been spread by the sword.  It’s good to start to see some data to back up the truth of the matter.  I pray our Western leaders stop deluding themselves regarding the nature of islam, and cease their attempts to persecute those who reveal the truth:

It is simply false to declare that jihadists represent the “tiny few extremists” who sully the reputation of an otherwise peace-loving and tolerant Muslim faith. In reality, the truth is far more troubling — that jihadists represent the natural and inevitable outgrowth of a faith that is given over to hate on a massive scale, with hundreds of millions of believers holding views that Americans would rightly find revolting. Not all Muslims are hateful, of course, but so many are that it’s not remotely surprising that the world is wracked by wave after wave of jihadist violence. [And which truism makes a powerful argument for the kind of colonial regimes, or at least cooperation with mostly secular local despots, that used to exist to try to keep a lid on islam]

To understand the Muslim edifice of hate, imagine it as a pyramid — with broadly-shared bigotry at the bottom, followed by stair steps of escalating radicalism — culminating in jihadist armies that in some instances represent a greater share of their respective populations than does the active-duty military in the United States. The base of the pyramid, the most broadly held hatred in the Islamic world, is anti-Semitism, with staggering numbers of Muslims expressing anti-Jewish views.

In 2014, the Anti-Defamation League released the results of polling 53,100 people in 102 countries for evidence of anti-Semitic attitudes and beliefs. The numbers from the majority-Muslim world are difficult to believe for those steeped in politically correct rhetoric about Islam. A full 74 percent of North African and Middle Eastern residents registered anti-Semitic beliefs, including 92 percent of Iraqis, a whopping 69 percent of relatively secular Turks, and 74 percent of Saudis.

The next level of the pyramid is Muslim commitment to deadly Islamic supremacy. In multiple Muslim nations, overwhelming majorities of Muslims support the death penalty for apostasy or blasphemy. Collectively, this means that hundreds of millions of men and women support capital punishment for the exercise of the basic human rights of freedom of expression and free exercise of religion……


[Quick comment: can you imagine the endless hue and cry, the endless condemnations, were the shoe on the other foot, and it were Christians who held, en masse, that heretics and blasphemers should be put to death?!?  In point of fact we Christians have probably gone much too far the other way, but the difference in progressive/elite response to extremism in the two religions reveals a whole bunch of things – their innate racism, their bigotry of low expectations for exotic “others,” but most of all their massive double standard against Christianity and really the fundamental hostility of leftism to our Faith.  Or, one could posit that leftists – who by and large are the driving force behind turning a blind eye to islam’s radical, hateful nature – simply try to disguise that radicalism, even though they are quite aware of it, because they view it as yet another weapon against their real enemy, Christianity and especially the Church. But I digress…..]

…….But what about ISIS — the world’s most savage and deadly terror organization? The latest polling data show that while a majority of Muslims reject ISIS, extrapolating from the populations of polled countries alone shows that roughly 50 million people express sympathy for a terrorist army that burns prisoners alive, throws gay men from buildings, and beheads political opponents. In Pakistan a horrifying 72 percent couldn’t bring themselves to express an unfavorable view of ISIS…….[And Pakistan has, what, the 3rd largest muslim population in the world?  Or is it 2nd?  I know Indonesia is first.]


……anti-Israel terrorism is so popular in Saudi Arabia that a telethon once raised $100 million to support the 2002 intifada. Shows of support included this charming scene……..

This is the killer predicament Catholics find themselves in.  We’re squeezed between the irresistible force of radical islam and the immovable object of sexular paganism. Add to that a third force, crushing us from the top, incredible hostility from most of the Church hierarchy, which might be called the establishment Church.  Many of are going to need heroic virtue to remain faithful.  We had better stay prayed up.

And doesn’t the above make the ecumaniacs fawning deference to islam all the more absurd?



1. Baseballmom - December 10, 2015

To answer your final question, YES! And it also reveals what a foolish undertaking it is.

2. tg - December 10, 2015

My comment from yesterday thru phone is not showing. Tantum, was I too graphic in what I described?

Tantumblogo - December 10, 2015

????? I’ll go see. But I checked this morning and didn’t have anything in spam.

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