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Shock! Lead Paris attacker organized team via “refugees” in Hungary December 10, 2015

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Bu- bu- but…….all the media figures, academics, and government industrial complex promised us that none of those million-odd old women and children 18-35 year old muslim men seeking shelter in invading Europe could possibly be terrorists!  They promised us none of them would be jihadis!  They swore up and down there couldn’t be the slightest security concern over this unprecedented migration, and that any opposition to this huge wave could only be based in racist bigotry of the lowest kind!

THIS is why Trump is on top, and likely to win the nomination if the entrenched political class don’t stop their nonstop multi-kulti lies, treating us like ignorant children.  I’m not Trump fan, but he touches a raw nerve in the body politic, and speaks for tens of millions that are sick of being told that common sense is ugly racism, and fundamental incompatibility between cultures simply does not exist.

If the self-anointed experten in charge don’t change their tune, he may well wind up being the next president, for good and ill:

A suspected ringleader of the deadly Paris attacks travelled to Hungary where he ‘recruited a team’ from unregistered migrants passing through the country, government officials say.

Salah Abdeslam, who remains on the run from European authorities, is believed to have visited Budapest’s Keleti station, then left the country with the team he pulled together.

The development comes as evidence grows that ISIS jihadis are passing through Greece and the Balkans hidden among refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict. [The vast majority are not refugees!  They are at best economic migrants, seeking to suck at the teat of the Euro-welfare state.  But many have worse motives than that.  They are either active jihadists themselves, or so radicalized as to easily fall prey to such. And how many of the more “innocent” muslims among them would not be quite pleased to see sharia installed in the lands they are conquering immigrating to?]

Janos Lazar, the chief of staff to Hungary’s prime minister, told reporters: ‘I can confirm that one of the main organisers of the Paris terror attacks was in Budapest.’

Although he refused to name the man, or say if those he recruited in Hungary had participated in the Paris attacks, a government source later confirmed the recruiter in question was Abdeslam.

Big surprise.  How many other attacks will there be?  How many “refugees” have been rolled up by the French in their many raids in recent weeks?  How many are in this country?  More than a few, I can tell you that.

That’s the thing about leftism’s lies – they always, always result in people getting killed.  Leftism sells a fantasy of earthly paradise, but like all false religions what it delivers is an earthly hell. A hell, increasingly being brought to us by a demonic religion, islam. All the gods of the gentiles are demons, says the Apostle, quoting the Old Testament.  We learn that to our great pain more and more each day.

Whatever Pope Paul’s intent for the New Mass, it’s failure has been abject December 10, 2015

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Pertinacious Papist has a couple of posts that I think, put together, make a powerful statement.  The first contains much of Paul VI’s speech before a general audience in late 1969, announcing the introduction – one might say infliction – of the new Mass upon the Church.  The other is a video that, harshly and perhaps slightly unfairly at times, compares the two Masses, new and old.  The differences are much more than mere surface, or language, as Paul VI insists in his speech.  They cut to the very heart of Catholic belief, and explain both the New Mass’s failures even on the narrow terms Paul VI established for it, and its central contribution to the collapse in the Faith these last 45  years.  First, the speech (emphasis from PP, my comments):

Our Dear Sons and Daughters:

1. We ask you to turn your minds once more to the liturgical innovation of the new rite of the Mass. This new rite will be introduced into our celebration of the holy Sacrifice starting from Sunday next which is the first of Advent, November 30 [in Italy].

2. A new rite of the Mass: a change in a venerable tradition that has gone on for centuries. [Reading Sense of the Sacred and other books on the history of the Liturgy, it is apparent that much of the TLM, including its most essential part, the Canon, dates from no later than the 3rd century, and almost certainly is entirely of apostolic origin, or very nearly so] This is something that affects our hereditary religious patrimony, which seemed to enjoy the privilege of being untouchable and settled. [It was untouchable, save for gradual, organic development over centuries, until progressives, in their hubris, arrogated to themselves the right to change something that was not of man but of God. They played with elemental forces, and the Church got burned] It seemed to bring the prayer of our forefathers and our saints to our lips and to give us the comfort of feeling faithful to our spiritual past, which we kept alive to pass it on to the generations ahead…. [It merely seemed to, or it actually did?]

4. We must prepare for this many-sided inconvenience. It is the kind of upset caused by every novelty that breaks in on our habits. We shall notice that pious persons are disturbed most, because they have their own respectable way of hearing Mass, and they will feel shaken out of their usual thoughts and obliged to follow those of others. Even priests may feel some annoyance in this respect…. [I disagree with the reduction to opposition to this unprecedented novelty as being one based in narrow concerns like inconvenience and annoyance.  This was a fundamental change to the very heart of the Church, her most essential, life-giving act.  The huge, protestant-oriented changes could not but have a severe impact on the Church’s internal life, her very understanding of herself.  Those who were disconcerted had very good reasons to be so]

6. This first reason is not simply canonical—relating to an external precept…. It is Christ’s will, it is the breath of the Holy Spirit which calls the Church to make this change. A prophetic moment is occurring in the mystical body of Christ, which is the Church. This moment is shaking the Church, arousing it, obliging it to renew the mysterious art of its prayer.  [Does this naked ideological assertion, totally unsupported by any real evidence, sound familiar?  Are we not hearing the same bald assertions in favor of radical novelty today?]

7. The other reason for the reform is this renewal of prayer…. [How has that worked out?]

8. … The introduction of the vernacular will certainly be a great sacrifice for those who know the beauty, the power and the expressive sacrality of Latin. We are parting with the speech of the Christian centuries; we are becoming like profane intruders in the literary preserve of sacred utterance. We will lose a great part of that stupendous and incomparable artistic and spiritual thing, the Gregorian chant. [Yes, the introduction of vernacular was the obvious change, the one that got all the notice, but it was not, in the end, the most substantive change.  The most substantive changes happened to the many alterations to the prayers and structure of the Mass, and especially the incredibly novel, really arrogant introduction of new eucharistic prayers.  And it is those changes that have had the largest, most destructive effect on Catholic belief]

9. We have reason indeed for regret, reason almost for bewilderment. What can we put in the place of that language of the angels? We are giving up something of priceless worth. But why? What is more precious than these loftiest of our Church’s values? [Here’s a question……if the TLM had as much value as  you admit, Pope Paul, why did you pretend to abrogate it? Why did you let everyone believe it was abrogated, while insuring  your formal organs of the Church did not formally make it so?  The CDF and CDW always stopped short of agreeing to queries asking if the TLM were really abrogated.  But you persecuted, sometimes viciously, those who tried to adhere to the old Mass, and broadly put forth the notion that it was no longer permitted.  Why?]

10. The answer will seem banal, prosaic. Yet it is a good answer, because it is human, because it is apostolic….

11. Understanding of prayer is worth more than the silken garments in which it is royally dressed. Participation by the people is worth more—particularly participation by modern people, so fond of plain language which is easily understood and converted into everyday speech.

————End Quote————

Was Pope Paul really that superficial?  Did he really see the change in the Mass primarily about understanding and language, and not about moving the Church towards a much more protestant conception of worship?  He could not have been the latter, because too many direct, personal interventions were made with him from people – bishops, cardinals, clergy, laity – who were terrified at the implications of the Novus Ordo, who knew it was going to be a doctrinal and pastoral catastrophe.

Which, speaking of…….the two Masses compared, side by side.  I believe I’ve posted this before, but it’s a very concise and handy reminder that much, much more than simply the language of the Mass changed.  The very essence, the purpose of the Mass was radically shifted.  From a religion offering adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and sacrifice to God in its highest act, to a banal, on the spot manufactured product that seems to put the focus, even the object of worship, as much on man as on anything else.

State steals 5 children from Norwegian family for being too Christian December 10, 2015

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More on the forces working against Christian families in the West.  We are crushed between the implacable force of jihadism and the unmovable object of leftism.  A poor family has been victimized in Norway, having their 5 children taken away because they were found to have been overly indoctrinated in Christianity, whatever that means.  Can you imagine the state doing the same to muslims in Norway?!?!  HA!

This is the double standard under which many of us will necessarily suffer in the coming years, I fear.  What a heart-wrenching case (my emphasis and comments):

Child welfare services in Norway have reportedly removed five Christian children from their parents’ home and placed them into foster care after the parents were accused of radicalizing and indoctrinating their children with Christianity.

According to the British-based Christian Institute, Norway’s child protection services, known as the Barnevernet, seized the three sons and two daughters of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu in mid-November.

Although the family wasn’t quite sure at the time why their children were being taken away from them, their lawyer discovered that the parents were being charged with Christian indoctrination.

The family’s ordeal began on Nov. 16 when the Barnevernet took the Bodnariu’s two daughters out of school without their parents knowledge and moved them to an undisclosed location. Officials then went to the family’s home, allegedly without documentation, and seized two of the sons and arrested Ruth, who took her baby son, Ezekiel, with her to the police station. Officials also went to Marius’ work and arrested him.

After being interrogated for several hours, the parents and baby Ezekiel were freed and allowed to go home, but without the other children.

The next day, officials went back to the Bodnariu’s home and took Ezekiel into custody on the grounds that Ruth was “dangerous.”

According to the Institute, the parents were refused access to their older children over the following couple of weeks and told that their children had adapted well in their new foster home and “didn’t miss their parents.” [Lying statist bullies. Those kids are little, the oldest is maybe 8, these kids just had their lives ripped apart and will never, ever be the same. The state intends to break the people of their faith, using denial of their own children as the means of punishment. What a satanic evil!]

The Bodnariu’s lawyer obtained a copy of the government document that lists the charges against Marius and Ruth, which includes being listed as “radical Christians who were indoctrinating their children.” [And how often does Norway take the children of radical muslims away, hmmm?  I bet not very often, because they fear the muslims, but not Christians.]

The lawyer told the parents that the government agency had overstepped its legal boundaries by not providing documentation and by separating a mother from her breastfeeding baby.

A petition has been launched by supporters urging the Norwegian government to release the children back to their parents. The petition, which has over 27,000 signatures, states that when the parents were interrogated, they were told that they couldn’t publicly reveal their situation “so they wouldn’t aggravate their case.” [Usual statist attempt to keep a lid on their illegal acts.  This has been a growing phenomenon in the US, too]

“They are just a normal Christian family trying to raise their children in the knowledge of God!” the petition reads. “There is no documented or otherwise abuse of any kind in this family!”

A Facebook page was created to support the family and provides some insight into their case. Marius’ brother, Daniel, posted on the page Wednesday that the social services investigation was prompted by a call from the principal of the daughters’ school, who listed concerns about how the children were being raised, disciplined at home and the nature of the family’s Christian faith. [Yet another reason to homeschool, this kind of ideologically based interference in parent’s rights.  Perhaps homeschooling is all but banned in Norway, as it is in a number of European Nazi states]

Daniel explained that the principal cited how the parents, aunts, uncles and grandmother of the children believe that “God punishes sin.” [And I think we’ve come to the heart of the reason for the persecution. Leftist secularists can stand no reminder that God exists and that they will be judged at the end of their life.  So to keep from witnessing even this silent rebuke, they moved to destroy a family and fundamentally damage five perfectly innocent children, forever.]

“[The principal] does not believe them to be physically abused at home, she believes that the parents need ‘help’ and guidance from the Barnevernet into raising their children,” the English translation of Daniel’s post reads……

……”There are many cases of abuse in [families], and of course these cases should be punished, but it is an enormous responsibility to be able to discern when the abuse truly exists and when it doesn’t, because by not discerning appropriately you can destroy a family,” Daniel’s post asserts. “From the legal documents received in Marius and Ruth’s case, it is clear that there are no signs of physical abuse; but that the (older) children stated that they were being punished.”

“Who is to blame?” Daniel asked. “The law, that offers full authority to some people to intervene in the family and act as they see fit, or some social workers, who in the name of the welfare of the child (and possibly other benefits) destroy the family, and the child implicitly?”

The parents appeared for a hearing last Friday in which their appeal against the Barnevernet’s actions were rejected. [Of course it was. Judges almost always side with the state in cases like this, until the parents are brought totally to heel, and demonstrate, over a long period of time, their chest-beating mea culpa for having the audacity to be Christian.] However, the Facebook page reports the couple will be granted visitation rights to Ezekiel [the baby] twice per week for two hours at a time, while Ruth will be allowed to see her other sons once a week. The parents were denied contact with their daughters.

The family is still deciding the next course of legal action to take, the Christian Institute reports.

Oh those poor parents. Their hearts are being ripped out by the damnable leftist state.  Orwellian.  Reports like this make me boiling mad.

This poor family, a few months ago:


Oh, you can just tell what vicious hate filled monsters they are.

I pray for this family.  I pray they may remain spiritually united even while they are physically separated.  I pray for them to remain strong in their love for each other.  I pray there is such a huge backlash the state must back off, immediately. I pray we stop letting the state run roughshod over families like this.  I pray if they get their kids back, they flee Norway and never return.  Their country is not worthy of them.

Guilty pleasure: Milo Yiannopoulos December 10, 2015

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It’s my blog birthday and I’ll be self-indulgent if I want to?

I’m sure at least some readers are familiar with the growing internet presence of Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos.  He’s everywhere.  Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram…….he is cutting and increasingly wide swath and making an increasing impact on the cultural discourse.  And while he may be quite flamboyantly gay, he’s also a serious conservative, even a cultural conservative, and maintains he’s a conservative Catholic convert from Judaism (some thoughts on that at the, uh……bottom).

I know his mincing and sexual inclination will turn a good number of readers right off.  I understand.  I struggle with it a bit myself.  But in the present cultural battle, those desirous to not see this culture continue its descent into outright cultural marxism sometimes have to find allies or like minds where we can.  In terms of that battle, there is none having more impact than Milo Yiannopoulos.

In the present culture, there is a literal war on men, especially young, straight, white men.  From kindergarten on, they are taught that they are part of the most evil group in the history of the universe, benighted, ignorant, hyperactive, needing to be drugged and lectured into sniveling, quivering non-entities.  That object is absolutely vital to the social justice warrior program, which isn’t concerned in the slightest with doing good or remedying supposed evil, but with power, pure, naked power.  Straight white men are the primary obstacle to that power, so they must be crushed.

Starting with Gamergate in 2013 and on through today, Yiannopoulos has become an unchallengable voice for the voiceless.  Because he belongs to one of the most deferred to groups in society, he is able to get away with saying and doing things that would be career-enders for most (which brings a whole host of issues with it – why do people go along with this bullying, why do people cave to the SJWs, why does it take a out n’ proud type to say the kinds of things men should be saying?).

The video below shows the closing statement Yiannopoulos made at a recent debate with a feminist at a university in England.  The statement is made to the young men in the audience, and I think it’s a good one – not great, but certainly handy.  The basic message is, young men, young straight white men, hold your heads up.  Don’t be ashamed of who you are.  You are the inheritors of the greatest culture the world has ever known, you are not a rapist, you are not a bully, you aren’t racist or misogynistic, you’re good and worthy in your own right and you can overcome all the crap the SJWs are throwing your way in their bid for wealth and power:

About Milo’s sexual proclivities……let me say a few things. He argues passionately against pseudo-sodo-marriage, in favor of the traditional  family, he thinks gay adoption abhorrent, an abuse of children for the satisfaction of adult’s selfish desires, he admits his inclination is perverse and unnatural, while also waving it like a banner (in a very camp way) and using it as a shield against attack.  The more difficult the exchange he finds himself in with some bitter feminist harpy, the more he tends to mention his orientation.

But he also claims to be a very conservative Catholic.  I tried to question him directly on reconciling his out n’ proud aspects with his purported Catholicism, but got no response, unfortunately.  Part of me almost wonders – it is probably a forlorn hope – if he’s actually celibate but describes all these sordid events from his past as if they just happened, to maintain his victim status (which he freely admits to using) and invulnerability from many kinds of identity politics attacks.  I’m sure he’s not straight, but his gayness is so camp and over the top at times – and yet he so freely admits (HUGE content warning) to the grave perversion of his inclination, that it’s unnatural, that something is seriously wrong with people like him – and then couple that with his really insightful defense of normal men’s desires for women, the degree to which he understands and can empathize with those desires, and he comes across as the most unusual same-sex attracted figure I’ve ever come across.

Anyway, enough time on this, I’m curious if any readers are partial fans of his.  I admire the work he is doing, but I deplore his private life as he describes it.

Six years of the awesomeness of veneremurcernui December 10, 2015

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Today marks the 6th anniversary of this blog!  6341 posts, 27,000 comments, and 2.1 million  unique viewers.  Not bad at all!  No surprise most of this blog’s readership is in the US, but it also gets a ton of views throughout the English-speaking world……Canada #2, UK #3, Australia #4.  I also get a great many views from France, Mexico, Ireland, the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, India, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Vatican City, even Vietnam.  Some other surprising places……Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Angola, Russia, Ukraine, Burma, Indonesia, and every country of South America. I’m all over the world!  And what’s up Norway!  Good to know some Norwegians drop by,  you know I am part Norwegian on my mom’s side.

This blog has been a ton of fun.  A bit of work at times, but mostly great fun for me.  It’s been a wonderful experience.  Because of this blog, I have learned sooo much, and a lot of that has come from you, dear readers, exposing me to new ideas and challenging me to see things from other perspectives.  I am so glad you enjoy this blog!

I started this blog in response to one particular situation in the Diocese of Dallas, the continuing invitation of problematic, even heterodox speakers to a certain women’s group every year during Lent.  My ambitions were slight……to try to stop this original event from happening.  I was pretty naive. I thought that if the good Bishop only knew about this speaker’s past and her views, then maybe something would be done.  Tee-hee….silly me!  That was just the beginning of a process of having my eyes opened to the reality of the Church in our times.  And now I’m a crazy trad.  Well, if there is blame to be assigned for that, the Diocese of Dallas shares at least some of it, for stonewalling and failure of duty.

As I said, my ambitions were small. I had read somewhere that the majority of blogs last less than 3 months and consist of 7 posts or fewer.  I just hoped to do a little better than that.  I had no idea I would still be doing this 6 years later.  Certainly, being a bit OCD helps……once we get started on something, we don’t know how to stop!

I try never to plan ahead or have big ambitions.  I recognize this blog is a sidelight for me, and always will be. I do it when I can. I have been very fortunate over the years to find ways to write a surprising amount on very limited time.  My first duties are always to God and family, then work, and I squeeze this in when I can.  I appreciate your putting up with my frequent mistakes and grammatical errors!  Those are an occupational hazard of how I am compelled have chosen to write.  Quantity over quality, and all that.

So, whether I’m still blogging tomorrow or a year from now, I never really know. I have no plans to quit, however.  Still having too much fun.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog as much as I have.  Please pray for me!

San Bernardino female attacker likely an operator, other details December 10, 2015

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I see people crowing about this story, as if “Well this conclusively proves there was no workplace argument and that this attack was planned well in advance.”  Duh.  It was at least 3 years in the making.  For those of us who knew this was an islamic jihadist attack from the get go (as everyone with any sense did), some of the below may be obvious, but there are some interesting details about the couple, including how they went to great lengths to eliminate their entire online history prior to the attack, and just who else was involved, and to what degree (it already seems at least a friend and his parents had to have had prior knowledge of the attack):

The online romance between Southern California terrorists Farook Rizwan Syed and Tashfeen Malik was more a meeting of like minds than lonely hearts, with two radical jihadists forming a bond of hate and bloodlust in the dark recesses of the Internet.

Family members have said Syed, 28, and Malik, 29, met online and embarked on a whirlwind digital relationship capped by their 2014 marriage. But if they did, it was not on any dating site resembling those that bring people together every day in the civilized world. Their meeting brought together two already-radicalized soulmates who would go on to kill 14 people and wound 21 more in last week’s massacre at a San Bernardino social services facility

“They were actually radicalized before they started [dating online],” FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Wednesday. “As early as the end of 2013 they were talking about jihad and martyrdom, before they became engaged.” [No, Farook’s weird Hispanic Muslim hard drinking mental patient friend has said they planned an attack in 2012, but Enrique Marquez chickened out – I hope Marquez knows that even admitting to planning a terror attack is a federal felony with severe penalties, depending on how far one went]

……As for Malik, she was an online ghost, and experts said absent her participation in hardcore jihadist chat forums or use of a pseudonym, it is unlikely that she met Farook innocently. [She was a plant, an operator.  She was schooled in islamic terror in Pakistan and then snuck into the US on a fiance’ visa.  Aren’t we about 15 years past time to close that loophole from all muslim countries?  Heck, I’m mostly with Trump, it was time to ban ALL muslim immigration to this country 20 years ago, and give muslims here a very hard choice: go on “Hajj,” and we may not let you back.]

With authorities trying to uncover the origins of their relationship and trying to trace a digital trail the pair tried to destroy, the FBI has revealed that Farook was at least “in contact” with international terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda. Law enforcement authorities told Fox News this week there is a high certainty Malik was “an operative” of some description.

……..[There were 1000 red flags missed regarding this couple……]Malik was born in Pakistan, while Farook was an American citizen of Pakistani descent. Several Pakistani community leaders in Southern California called it “highly unusual and rare” in their culture for a wife to be older than her husband, even if by only a year. Malik, they added, did not fit the typical portrait of a young woman simply seeking a partner. Yet family members and co-workers say Farook traveled to Saudi Arabia in July of 2014 and “returned with a wife” that no U.S. relatives claim to have previously known. Authorities told Fox News it is extremely unusual for a Pakistani woman, especially from a conservative Islamic home, to travel overseas on a fiance visa – unless it was part of a plan.

Ten months after their marriage, the couple welcomed a baby daughter.

Even before they met, Malik was crafting a low-profile, casting further skepticism on the notion she was actively seeking a husband through traditional matchmaking websites, or the pretense in which she was looking for a spouse.

Friends who knew Malik at Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan, Pakistan, where she studied pharmacology from 2007 to 2012, told the Washington Post that in 2009, she started adopting a militant and strict adherence to religion, refusing to be photographed and deleting existing photographs in the university database.

After coming to the U.S., Malik chose not to drive, kept her face hidden with only eyes exposed, and did not socialize with the larger Muslim community. Citing religious tradition, Farook family lawyers said Syed did “not want others to talk” to Malik, and associates recall Farook clamming up whenever his spouse came up in conversation.

So here’s the broader problem.  First of all, muslims in the US are 100 times more likely to engage in this kind of mass slaughter than the remaining 99% of the US population.  With that as background, here we have a rapidly growing milieu in this country where it is not thought strange at all that a husband would demand that no one speak to his wife, which wife would refuse to attend a baby shower thrown in her honor, who would not drive, wore a burqa or equivalent, and was completely, totally withdrawn.

There are a goodly number of fairly secularized muslims in this country.  It is probably the large majority.  But there is a certain subset, consisting of several hundreds of thousands of men and women, who are given over to these same practices.  If we take the ratio above (courtesy of the politically correct New York Times, no less), and apply it to this much smaller subset, what we have is a population in our midst that is 300-400 times MORE LIKELY to engage in mass slaughter than anyone else.  I bet you could further narrow it down to those who attend a certain kind of mosque, and who adopt really extreme beliefs, and wind up with a cohort of 1-200,000 who are 1000 times more likely to commit this kind of attack.  If I do more math on this, given the number of attacks per year, over a 20 year period, someone living in an environment where these extremists are present runs an increasing likelihood of being exposed to attack. The potentiality of being a victim of such an attack in some places is certainly non-trivial.  It’s probably approaching 1 in 1000, even 1 in 500 in some locales, depending on the size of the muslim population in a given area, and how radicalized portions of it are.

What is to be done?  How much risk are we expected to stand?  .01%?  .1?  1%?  More?  The police are useless in cases like this.  Sure, they’ll usually always get the perps, but only after any number have been killed.  People may scoff, but who would have thought, 30-40 years ago, that the ancient Christian communities of the Mideast would be wiped out almost to a man?  Are Christians in this country going to keep going along to get along until we fall under similar threat?

I understand this is dangerous ground in our country to even speak of.  The Attorney General of the United States has made plain she has much more fear and loathing of people like me than she does of the muslims in our midst.  But with the federal government determined to continue to flood this country with more and more islamists, who are more and more radicalized, these are questions we should all start asking ourselves.  And, more importantly, formulating answers.  DFW has one of the largest muslim populations in the country.  The cold dead eyes of jihad are staring us in the face…….what are we going to do?

syed and malik 1