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Six years of the awesomeness of veneremurcernui December 10, 2015

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, awesomeness, blogfoolery, Dallas Diocese, fun, General Catholic, silliness.

Today marks the 6th anniversary of this blog!  6341 posts, 27,000 comments, and 2.1 million  unique viewers.  Not bad at all!  No surprise most of this blog’s readership is in the US, but it also gets a ton of views throughout the English-speaking world……Canada #2, UK #3, Australia #4.  I also get a great many views from France, Mexico, Ireland, the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, India, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Vatican City, even Vietnam.  Some other surprising places……Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Angola, Russia, Ukraine, Burma, Indonesia, and every country of South America. I’m all over the world!  And what’s up Norway!  Good to know some Norwegians drop by,  you know I am part Norwegian on my mom’s side.

This blog has been a ton of fun.  A bit of work at times, but mostly great fun for me.  It’s been a wonderful experience.  Because of this blog, I have learned sooo much, and a lot of that has come from you, dear readers, exposing me to new ideas and challenging me to see things from other perspectives.  I am so glad you enjoy this blog!

I started this blog in response to one particular situation in the Diocese of Dallas, the continuing invitation of problematic, even heterodox speakers to a certain women’s group every year during Lent.  My ambitions were slight……to try to stop this original event from happening.  I was pretty naive. I thought that if the good Bishop only knew about this speaker’s past and her views, then maybe something would be done.  Tee-hee….silly me!  That was just the beginning of a process of having my eyes opened to the reality of the Church in our times.  And now I’m a crazy trad.  Well, if there is blame to be assigned for that, the Diocese of Dallas shares at least some of it, for stonewalling and failure of duty.

As I said, my ambitions were small. I had read somewhere that the majority of blogs last less than 3 months and consist of 7 posts or fewer.  I just hoped to do a little better than that.  I had no idea I would still be doing this 6 years later.  Certainly, being a bit OCD helps……once we get started on something, we don’t know how to stop!

I try never to plan ahead or have big ambitions.  I recognize this blog is a sidelight for me, and always will be. I do it when I can. I have been very fortunate over the years to find ways to write a surprising amount on very limited time.  My first duties are always to God and family, then work, and I squeeze this in when I can.  I appreciate your putting up with my frequent mistakes and grammatical errors!  Those are an occupational hazard of how I am compelled have chosen to write.  Quantity over quality, and all that.

So, whether I’m still blogging tomorrow or a year from now, I never really know. I have no plans to quit, however.  Still having too much fun.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog as much as I have.  Please pray for me!



1. Mike - December 10, 2015

Thanks for all you do. Your reference sources blow me away. I am giving a talk on sexuality in our parish and I am using things from your blogs. God bless.

2. camper - December 10, 2015

Thanks Tantum. Read the blog most days and definitely appreciate it. You have helped me a lot – expose’s on baddies in the Church and spiritual stuff. Here is to six more!

Tantumblogo - December 10, 2015

Thanks, camper.

3. MFG - December 10, 2015

I remember reading a post back in 2010 or 11 and asking a mutual friend who is this guy? His blog is insightful and I think he goes to our parish! Happy Blog birthday Tantum!

4. Baseballmom - December 10, 2015

A blessed and happy anniversary to you! Prayers continue for you and your dear family, particularly the youngest member 😏

Baseballmom - December 10, 2015

BTW, I found you back when Benedict abdicated and the conclave was beginning…. Your blog has been a great blessing in these, shall we say “difficult”, times.

5. LaGallina - December 10, 2015

Congratulations!! And thank you for all the time you put into this project of yours.
Your blog has been an absolute lifeline.I have learned a lot in your classroom. There are lots of great Catholic blogs out there. I look at them every week or two. But yours is the only one I like enough to read daily.

(And thank your wife on our behalf. Or do you manage to do all this writing when you are at work!?) AND — happy birthday!

Tantumblogo - December 10, 2015

Thanks Mother Hen. I do appreciate your comments. Don’t be a stranger!

6. skeinster - December 10, 2015

Saw something you might like on eBay, so you’re getting an annie present…
Thanks for all the work- really some of the best commentary on state of the Church around. The nice balance makes it unique.

7. Teresa Maria - December 10, 2015

Congrats! May God bless you and inspire your work.

8. Margaret Costello - December 11, 2015

Happy Blog Birthday! You have been a valuable resource in learning the truth about what is going on in the Church, what true Tradition and Catholcism look like and understanding the enemies we face in this world. I also love the spiritual writings you find for us…very uplifting! God bless and keep at it!

9. Tim - December 11, 2015

Happy Anniversary! Good to have an allies in the spiritual warfare that is life on earth for the serious Catholic. I still don’t know how you manage to do it with a job and family.
God Bless,

10. Brian E. Breslin - December 11, 2015

Tantum, your blog has been a wonderful find for me over the past two years or so, and is the very first site I hit after a day at the office. Congratulations and keep up this wonderful work. And God keep your young family close to Him and happy always. Thanks, Tantum.

11. damselofthefaith - December 11, 2015

Thank you for your excellent blog, Tantum! It’s definitely at the top of my favorite blogs, without a doubt! Keep it up and happy anniversary! Keep it up! Have a Blessed Advent!

12. glmcreations - December 11, 2015

You and God are a majority. Vatican says “crazy trad” is redundant. Hopefully some of that mercy will cover all you have done. Well done, good and faithful servant! Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

13. Gary - December 11, 2015

Thank God for fierce warriors like Tantumblogo; the Lord be with you and keep you safe, and Merry Christmas to your family🎍🎍

14. L'il Connie - December 11, 2015

I am grateful and have been edified on many occasions by this blog. It has been the springboard for an increase of my awareness and deepening of my faith. It introduced me to many insightful traditional writers and thinkers, and, best of all, helped me to find the true Mass again. May God continue to bless your work!

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