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State steals 5 children from Norwegian family for being too Christian December 10, 2015

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More on the forces working against Christian families in the West.  We are crushed between the implacable force of jihadism and the unmovable object of leftism.  A poor family has been victimized in Norway, having their 5 children taken away because they were found to have been overly indoctrinated in Christianity, whatever that means.  Can you imagine the state doing the same to muslims in Norway?!?!  HA!

This is the double standard under which many of us will necessarily suffer in the coming years, I fear.  What a heart-wrenching case (my emphasis and comments):

Child welfare services in Norway have reportedly removed five Christian children from their parents’ home and placed them into foster care after the parents were accused of radicalizing and indoctrinating their children with Christianity.

According to the British-based Christian Institute, Norway’s child protection services, known as the Barnevernet, seized the three sons and two daughters of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu in mid-November.

Although the family wasn’t quite sure at the time why their children were being taken away from them, their lawyer discovered that the parents were being charged with Christian indoctrination.

The family’s ordeal began on Nov. 16 when the Barnevernet took the Bodnariu’s two daughters out of school without their parents knowledge and moved them to an undisclosed location. Officials then went to the family’s home, allegedly without documentation, and seized two of the sons and arrested Ruth, who took her baby son, Ezekiel, with her to the police station. Officials also went to Marius’ work and arrested him.

After being interrogated for several hours, the parents and baby Ezekiel were freed and allowed to go home, but without the other children.

The next day, officials went back to the Bodnariu’s home and took Ezekiel into custody on the grounds that Ruth was “dangerous.”

According to the Institute, the parents were refused access to their older children over the following couple of weeks and told that their children had adapted well in their new foster home and “didn’t miss their parents.” [Lying statist bullies. Those kids are little, the oldest is maybe 8, these kids just had their lives ripped apart and will never, ever be the same. The state intends to break the people of their faith, using denial of their own children as the means of punishment. What a satanic evil!]

The Bodnariu’s lawyer obtained a copy of the government document that lists the charges against Marius and Ruth, which includes being listed as “radical Christians who were indoctrinating their children.” [And how often does Norway take the children of radical muslims away, hmmm?  I bet not very often, because they fear the muslims, but not Christians.]

The lawyer told the parents that the government agency had overstepped its legal boundaries by not providing documentation and by separating a mother from her breastfeeding baby.

A petition has been launched by supporters urging the Norwegian government to release the children back to their parents. The petition, which has over 27,000 signatures, states that when the parents were interrogated, they were told that they couldn’t publicly reveal their situation “so they wouldn’t aggravate their case.” [Usual statist attempt to keep a lid on their illegal acts.  This has been a growing phenomenon in the US, too]

“They are just a normal Christian family trying to raise their children in the knowledge of God!” the petition reads. “There is no documented or otherwise abuse of any kind in this family!”

A Facebook page was created to support the family and provides some insight into their case. Marius’ brother, Daniel, posted on the page Wednesday that the social services investigation was prompted by a call from the principal of the daughters’ school, who listed concerns about how the children were being raised, disciplined at home and the nature of the family’s Christian faith. [Yet another reason to homeschool, this kind of ideologically based interference in parent’s rights.  Perhaps homeschooling is all but banned in Norway, as it is in a number of European Nazi states]

Daniel explained that the principal cited how the parents, aunts, uncles and grandmother of the children believe that “God punishes sin.” [And I think we’ve come to the heart of the reason for the persecution. Leftist secularists can stand no reminder that God exists and that they will be judged at the end of their life.  So to keep from witnessing even this silent rebuke, they moved to destroy a family and fundamentally damage five perfectly innocent children, forever.]

“[The principal] does not believe them to be physically abused at home, she believes that the parents need ‘help’ and guidance from the Barnevernet into raising their children,” the English translation of Daniel’s post reads……

……”There are many cases of abuse in [families], and of course these cases should be punished, but it is an enormous responsibility to be able to discern when the abuse truly exists and when it doesn’t, because by not discerning appropriately you can destroy a family,” Daniel’s post asserts. “From the legal documents received in Marius and Ruth’s case, it is clear that there are no signs of physical abuse; but that the (older) children stated that they were being punished.”

“Who is to blame?” Daniel asked. “The law, that offers full authority to some people to intervene in the family and act as they see fit, or some social workers, who in the name of the welfare of the child (and possibly other benefits) destroy the family, and the child implicitly?”

The parents appeared for a hearing last Friday in which their appeal against the Barnevernet’s actions were rejected. [Of course it was. Judges almost always side with the state in cases like this, until the parents are brought totally to heel, and demonstrate, over a long period of time, their chest-beating mea culpa for having the audacity to be Christian.] However, the Facebook page reports the couple will be granted visitation rights to Ezekiel [the baby] twice per week for two hours at a time, while Ruth will be allowed to see her other sons once a week. The parents were denied contact with their daughters.

The family is still deciding the next course of legal action to take, the Christian Institute reports.

Oh those poor parents. Their hearts are being ripped out by the damnable leftist state.  Orwellian.  Reports like this make me boiling mad.

This poor family, a few months ago:


Oh, you can just tell what vicious hate filled monsters they are.

I pray for this family.  I pray they may remain spiritually united even while they are physically separated.  I pray for them to remain strong in their love for each other.  I pray there is such a huge backlash the state must back off, immediately. I pray we stop letting the state run roughshod over families like this.  I pray if they get their kids back, they flee Norway and never return.  Their country is not worthy of them.



1. Karie Mitchell - December 10, 2015

I also heard a rumor it has to do with the husband not being a “native”. Apparently, Norwegian bureaucracies have “problems” with people of other nationality marrying their citizens. It’s okay if your entire family immigrated, but you can’t marry “one of theirs”.

huxleyorwell - December 13, 2015

“Foreigners Out”, mayhap? Sounds like Norway is an inbred little podunk masquerading as a country.

huxleyorwell - December 13, 2015

Uhrms, that is assuming that the rumor be true. Sorry for my being quick to comment about the rumor.

2. huxleyorwell - December 10, 2015

Well, I decided to Share this story in my Facebook account, but I personally hope that this is not another damnable Quiverfull group.

Tantumblogo - December 10, 2015

Unfortunately, it’s almost certain they’re protestant. There are so few Catholics in Norway and those that are……ain’t very trad. Odds are, they are evangelical.

huxleyorwell - December 13, 2015

Quiverfull is on a level of error that one typically does not see in most other protestant groups, “evangelical” or non. You can google it, and when you find out how bad Quiverfull is, you can weep while reading the findings.

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