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It’s amazing Church leaders have risen to such heights but never learned how to speak in public! December 11, 2015

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That’s the message we’re constantly told, isn’t it?  Oh, Pope Francis may have said that, but he meant something else.  Oh, Cardinal Kasper may have promoted heresy, but he really meant to defend orthodoxy!  Most of the time, this obviously false rhetorical game is played by the always loyal apologists, but sometimes, it’s played by the players themselves.

To wit, Cardinal Turkson, after having done massive damage with his statements earlier this week that birth control could be acceptable (yes, he prefaced his comments with a reference to NFP, but then he kept using the phrase “birth control” over and over in the interview) to “adequately space” children, because Heaven is already too crowded with souls and God doesn’t want any new souls to enjoy His Presence forever.  Now he’s trying to clarify what he meant, after the entirely predictable media furor in which his many references to birth control, but without the aforementioned reference to NFP, have spread like wildfire. He’s making more clear that he was referring to NFP/spacing of births, but, I would argue, for still very wrong reasons: climate change and overpopulation are both chimeras dreamed up in the fevered imaginations of the sexular pagan left.

But shouldn’t a leading Church spokesman with years of experience speaking to the media have been able to phrase his responses in such a way as to not leave such a huge potential for scandal?

Are we really to believe that men who have risen to such great heights in the world’s most venerable institution never learned how to form or express cogent thoughts, that they’re just walking gaffe machines like Mitt Romney?  Isn’t that the basic line of the hyper-montane apologists?

So, our choice in terms of most Church leadership today comes down to bumbling incompetence or deliberate malfeasance?


Y’all have a fine weekend.  I’m out.


Crude anti-Christian thug continues persecuting Christians in the military December 11, 2015

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I have written about Mikey Weinstein in the past.  This guy is an out and out Christ-hating, Christian-persecuting thug. Over the last couple of years, he has dropped the mask more and more and made his jihad against any semblance of Christianity – and only Christianity – in the military more and more personal, more and more full of hateful invective and an obvious public attempt to exorcise internal demons.

He has made it his business to try to force the vast majority in the Air Force, especially among the officers, who hold Christian beliefs, to have to completely shuck those beliefs in anything remotely related to their service roles due to the purported offense claimed by a bare few.  This is the tyranny of the minority over the majority, and Mikey relishes in making the Christians he so plainly hates suffer.  Tell me that’s not the case, when he has now moved to sue the Air Force Academy to try to stop their football players from praying on the field at games, as pretty much every single football team I’ve ever seen does regularly.  Look at the spittle-flecked invective below, and see if you don’t come to the same conclusion I did- this Weinstein is motivated by hate:

As for Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a First Amendment group, he’s doubling down on his opposition to the prayers, telling TheBlaze on Thursday that the inspector general at the Colorado-based Air Force Academy is currently looking into the matter.

The academy, too, has confirmed that an investigation is ongoing……….

…….Despite the investigation, Weinstein told TheBlaze that he has little hope that the outcome will be favorable toward his cause, as the issue has been sent to the academy’s athletic department for an internal review.

“We don’t have any expectations that they are going to do the right thing,” Weinstein said, adding that he plans to potentially take the issue to federal court, pending whether or not he can secure John and Jane Doe protections for the five players who complained about the invocations. [If these five – presuming they actually exist – cannot stand the horror of slight pressure to pray – presuming that actually exists – how on earth will they stand the horror of the battlefield, and what on earth are they doing in the military if even the slightest offense sends them into paroxysms of horror requiring not just judicial redress, but persecuting the vast majority?]

The battle began gaining widespread traction this week after Weinstein spoke out on behalf of five anonymous players on the Falcons team who disagree with the prayers, believing that they are essentially forced upon them.

And so far, Weinstein hasn’t been mincing words about how he views the invocations.

“It’s a putrid example of fundamentalist Christian supremacy, triumphalism and exceptionalism and it has to stop,” Weinstein said in a statement issued through the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. [Need I say any more about this pathetic creature’s nature and real aims?]

The military activist’s argument is that the armed forces are “incredibly tribal” and that there’s essentially an increased pressure on members to participate in religious activities like prayer, even if they have no personal wish to do so. The fear of not invoking God, Weinstein said, amounts to an unconstitutional burden.

“We’re not saying they can’t pray. They can do it in front of their lockers. They can take a private moment,” he said. “But when you’re making an initial play out there, together, this creates a compelling need to show solidarity and brotherhood … and basically the keywords are ‘it exacts an unconstitutional toll.’”

It exacts an equally unconstitutional toll to deny the vast majority who want to participate in these group prayers the ability to do so.  But let’s be frank, Weinstein doesn’t give a flip for the purported aggrieved minority – who are yet to reveal themselves, BTW – all he cares about is continuing his efforts to de-Christianize the US military, and the Air Force in particular.  I say that because he doesn’t trouble himself to fight for the annoyed majority at AFA who deplores the wicca chapel set up there for another tiny group.  He doesn’t harass muslims or hindus in the military.  His sole target is Christians, always has been, and always will be.

In point of fact, Mikey Weinstein is one of the most dogmatically religious individuals in the country.  He is a most fervent practitioner – a high priest, really – in the religion of satanic secular paganism.  He is engaged in a counter-religious crusade.  He wants his religion to emerge triumphant over Christianity, and unfortunately, the grave errors associated with this nation at its founding heavily stack the deck in his favor.  The founders did not intentionally adopt the religion of sexular paganism as the religion of state, but their refusal to plainly found this nation upon Jesus Christ as its ultimate Head and guiding Star, and their installation of agnosticism as the de facto official religion, insured that eventually sexular paganism would supersede agnosticism as the religion of state.  Mikey Weinstein has built a career on proving that fact, even if 99% of AFA cadets be fervent Christians (I’m not saying they are), Mikey will make certain the official religion will triumph.

But I’ll pray for you Mikey, while I forcefully denounce your errors and  your evil.  We try not to hate, no matter how much you provoke us, no matter how much we see you gleefully make others suffer.

I fear this is the future.  A world shaped by the Mikey Weinstein’s of the world.  It shall not be a world that lasts long. A culture ruled by such vile selfishness cannot sustain itself.

Isn’t this nice? December 11, 2015

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A local lady I know made this.  She did all the art herself:


I think that’s really beautiful.  In fact, I’d love her to make one for me!

I think we should encourage good Catholic art wherever we encounter it.  It’s so rare nowadays.

Two upcoming diocesan events December 11, 2015

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Event 1 – Public Rosary Rally at Holy Family Church in Grand Prairie on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Takes place at 2 pm.  Info below:


The next one is a bit more dubious to me.  It’s a weekend long Eucharistic conference for teens hosted by the Franciscans of the Renewal. The flyer stresses a lot of “energetic” music that will purportedly appeal to teens.  That probably means the devil’s own music, rock n’ roll.  I have several concerns over this, at least from the standpoint of a traditional Catholic family.  While Eucharistic retreats are awesome, I am leery to send my kids into an milieu where most other kids will be from public or, worse, Catholic schools.  I’m also concerned at the retreat’s length – 4 hours Friday, 14 on Saturday, and 4 on Sunday.

Having said that……..I have looked over the general Ablaze program at St. Monica, and reviewed some of their discussion materials, and they appear pretty solid.  Definitely quite a bit above average for standard diocesan fair.  I can’t say there aren’t any problems, but I’ve definitely seen much worse, in this diocese and elsewhere.  The music portion of the program seems fairly limited.  There are Masses (Novus Ordo) Friday and Sunday, along with Adoration, Benediction, crowing of Mary, and similar.  There is time slotted for “testimonials,”………that’s a bit prot for me.


Anyway, I don’t do much local news anymore, but you can check it out for yourself.  The retreat’s website is here.