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It’s amazing Church leaders have risen to such heights but never learned how to speak in public! December 11, 2015

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That’s the message we’re constantly told, isn’t it?  Oh, Pope Francis may have said that, but he meant something else.  Oh, Cardinal Kasper may have promoted heresy, but he really meant to defend orthodoxy!  Most of the time, this obviously false rhetorical game is played by the always loyal apologists, but sometimes, it’s played by the players themselves.

To wit, Cardinal Turkson, after having done massive damage with his statements earlier this week that birth control could be acceptable (yes, he prefaced his comments with a reference to NFP, but then he kept using the phrase “birth control” over and over in the interview) to “adequately space” children, because Heaven is already too crowded with souls and God doesn’t want any new souls to enjoy His Presence forever.  Now he’s trying to clarify what he meant, after the entirely predictable media furor in which his many references to birth control, but without the aforementioned reference to NFP, have spread like wildfire. He’s making more clear that he was referring to NFP/spacing of births, but, I would argue, for still very wrong reasons: climate change and overpopulation are both chimeras dreamed up in the fevered imaginations of the sexular pagan left.

But shouldn’t a leading Church spokesman with years of experience speaking to the media have been able to phrase his responses in such a way as to not leave such a huge potential for scandal?

Are we really to believe that men who have risen to such great heights in the world’s most venerable institution never learned how to form or express cogent thoughts, that they’re just walking gaffe machines like Mitt Romney?  Isn’t that the basic line of the hyper-montane apologists?

So, our choice in terms of most Church leadership today comes down to bumbling incompetence or deliberate malfeasance?


Y’all have a fine weekend.  I’m out.



1. Brian - - December 11, 2015

Card Burke’s quotes are always clear and accurate and he was demoted for them. Only the revolutionary innovators have this problem for some reason.

There is obviously no precedent for the alleged mis-quotations in the modern media world, within the Church or out. No one can hide from their actual words for long. This bilge is a narrative promoted by enablers of the revolution to enhance the smoke of confusion and misdirection so their leaders can act more freely.

It’s not really even a question any more. Everyone knows what’s going on. Now it’s just a matter of deciding whether to follow along or resist. This clarity is a wonderful thing, but terrible to contemplate when considering the implications at Judgement Day.

2. Guest - December 12, 2015

Reminds me of Vatican II: “I know thiese statements heretical, if not apostate. But if you jump upside down through the hoop and squint you can see how it’s orthodox.”

I really wonder how people think that the great apostasy will catch Catholics by surprise, even deceiving the elect if possible. It’s always possible to deny what you plainly see, like the Pharisees, if you don’t want to believe the awful truth.

3. TS - December 14, 2015

Only a new Pope, who has the will of a Leo or a Pius, can save us now.

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