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Our glorious Catholic Faith: Guadalupe Processions December 14, 2015

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There is a long post at One Peter Five from a man who has become one of the priests I am most impressed by of late, Fr. Jonathan Romanowski, FSSP.  It includes some photos from the recent Procession held for the great Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Guadalajara, Jalisco.  We also had a local Procession, as well.  It was a really fun day of Mass, Procession, and festival this past Saturday.  Photos below, along with some excerpts from Padre Romo’s post:



And now for our more local effort.  I am going to try to trick up the bier I made for next year, adding a structure for an arched bouquet of flowers somewhat like the above.




Having just celebrated the grand feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I would like to recount in her honor a little bit about the apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) in her beloved country of Mexico. It all began when the English-speaking seminary of the FSSP was founded. Providentially — and seemingly without much discussion about it — Our Lady of Guadalupe was proposed as the titular patroness. As you may or may not know, Our Lady of Guadalupe is not only the Patroness of Mexico, but the Empress of the Americas. Now I see more clearly Her plan to extend anew the sacred tradition of the Church throughout North, Central, and South America.

When I entered the seminary in 2001, I met my future confrere, Fr. Kenneth Fryar, who had lived in Mexico City for many years prior, attempting to found a traditional order of Franciscans Friars. As it was not in God´s providence to start the order at that time, he decided to join the FSSP, with which he was studying. Aware that he knew how to navigate through a country with a different manner of driving, I proposed that we go on a pilgrimage as a small group to visit our Patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico City. And so, we took off from Nebraska in his car during Christmas break of 2002-2003…….

……During our pilgrimage, we spent a few days in Mexico City and proceeded to visit Puebla, Morelia, Guadalajara and many other cities. In every place I was impressed to see the public expression of the faith made by the Mexican people, to see what still remains of Christendom in that nation in spite of so many bloody masonic persecutions. [Anyone who has studied the history of the Church in Mexico, or even US-Mexico relations going back 200 years, knows the truth of this sentiment.  Radical masonic influence financed and intellectually supported from the US has been the source of the vast majority of the persecutions and other sufferings the Church has endured in Mexico] The Mexicans I met along my journey exuded a friendly and welcoming spirit, such that it made them seem like one big family, inasmuch as they all shared the same Catholic faith. If my God is your God then mi casa es tu casa. Likewise, the churches were generally filled with the faithful — even at times outside of Mass — with many visitors praying on their knees before the Blessed Sacrament and before the many beautiful crucifixes and statues. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that no one received Holy Communion in the hand, and that in general their Catholic hearts still retained a very traditional sense of devotion. Even then, I thought that it would be very fertile ground to reintroduce the Traditional Latin Mass.

I also cannot fail to mention that thanks to the very typical Mexican hospitality of a family we met in Guadalajara who welcomed me to come to their home whenever I wished, I decided I would return when I could to learn the language and to come to understand more about the rich treasure of their Catholic history and culture……..

……….And so it came to pass that two years later in 2008, when I was ordained a priest, I was chosen and sent to start the first apostolate in Mexico together with another, more experienced FSSP priest from Germany.

As those of you who remember the reintroduction of the Traditional Latin Mass in the United States can well imagine, the beginning of our apostolate in Mexico was at times difficult. We had to build a reputation from scratch. Here we were, two foreign priests, standing out even further as some of the very few priests in that country who wore cassocks in public. We did this in a place where the only connotation of the Latin Mass was that it was the “Lefevbrist” Mass, which in the minds of the people had been “forbidden” and was therefore no longer Catholic. Despite over 25 years of work from Ecclesia Dei, and the recent motu propio letter of Pope Benedict XVI restoring the rights of the Traditional Mass, Summorum Pontificum, we still encountered a good bit of ignorance and, therefore, resistance.

The same priest who was very kind in handing over to us the church where he had been stationed for our use then presented us to the deanery as the “Lefevbrist priests” who were going to replace him. On another occasion, we were invited to say a traditional wedding Mass in another diocesan church. An elderly priest came into the sacristy, and seeing the biretta and altar cards, asked one of our (rather witty) acolytes if we were Lefevbrists. The acolyte replied, “No, Father.”

“But,” responded the priest, “you say the Lefevbrist Mass.”

To which our acolyte asked, “Father, when were you ordained?”

“1957,” he replied.

“Then you said the Mass in Latin as well, correct?”

“Yes,” he answered.

“So then, you were a Lefevbrist as well?”

“No,” he said. “We were Catholics.”  [I’ve heard and shared this story before, but it’s worth sharing again.]

Anecdotes such as these are demonstrative of the mindset we’ve sometimes faced in the years we’ve grown our apostolate, and the challenges it can present. Still, I must say that there was never any real trouble with the faithful who came to the traditional Mass for the first time, as the Mexicans are well noted for their docile respect toward the clergy. I remember one lady in particular, who, after attending the Latin Mass every day for a month remarked, “I don’t know why it is in Latin, or why the priest is facing the other way, but I just sense that that is the way it is supposed to be.” [She has a good sensus fidei, no?]

And so, slowly but steadily we began to build up a good reputation. People realized that the Traditional Mass was back, and we began to attract those devout people looking for the lost sense of reverence that their hearts — and souls — craved.

One family that assists at Mass daily came to speak to us after the first time they attended a beautiful sung Mass: “Can it really be like this every day?” Another gentleman who was always told by his friends that he had a “tridentinte” sense of the faith (although he was born after the liturgical changes and had never known the Traditional Mass) came to our church one day distraught. He told us that they were attempting to give Holy Communion in the hand at the diocesan churches, under the pretext of avoiding the spread of a flu virus. As he could not bring himself to do such a thing, he was told that he could still receive Our Lord on the tongue in the church of the FSSP. The first time he came in, seeing the priests in cassocks and the traditional setup of the altar, he began to weep. He has been our faithful parishoner ever since, and now helps us train our altar boys.

………This year, we have received the great blessing to be able purchase, with the help of a loan, a new house which will have room to receive Spanish speaking candidates from all over the Americas, and will God willing, become one day a future Spanish speaking seminary for the FSSP.

We were also blessed to be able to open up a new apostolate in Mexico City last year in the historic church of the Immaculate Conception.

There are so many stories to tell. In short, we hope that our humble beginnings under the providential guidance of the Virgin most humble will some day bear great fruit, to crush the head of the infernal dragon and bring about the triumph of her divine Son.

Non fecit taliter omni nationi – “He hath not done thus with any other nation.”

You can donate to the FSSP in Mexico here.  I have tried to be as generous as possible with them, my sense of faith tells me that Mexico will play a huge role in the future in the restoration of our Holy Mother Church, the only Church instituted directly by God to be His vehicle for the salvation of all souls on earth.

God bless Fr. Romanowski and all the priests of the FSSP in Mexico.


Advancing the Rite of Sodomy: German diocese employs “chaplains for homosexuals” December 14, 2015

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Hardly shocking.  The Church in Germany (and all German-speaking countries) is in practical schism.  Divorcees are invited to receive Communion at parishes around the region, sodomy is increasingly ignored if not promoted, there is increasing talk of ordaining married men to the priesthood and even pretending to ordain women………it’s a regular modernist mercy-palooza.  But forget to pay that Church tax, and no mercy for you, you’re out!

Nevertheless, the explanation the Diocese of Limburg uses to try to justify their practical schism is highly revealing, and worthy of examination:

The Catholic Church in Frankfurt is increasing its care of homosexual men and women as well as their Family members: The Jesuit Ansgar Wucherpfennig and the Pallottine sister Helga Weidemann are now available for meetings. The Dean of Frankfurt, Johannes zu Eltz, presented the new programme, which has been approved by the Diocese of Limburg, yesterday. Furthermore, he announced a first exchange regarding ecclesiastical blessing services for homosexuals.

Count zu Eltz said that there had been a ministry to homosexuals for some time already. But with the new offer, the Church would be institutionally committing herself to it. It complements the project “Gay and Catholic“ which is located in Gallus at the Church of Maria Hilf and celebrates its 25th anniversary next year. Wucherpfennig paid tribute to the new project as a sign “that homosexuals have their place in the Church, also as critical members“. Wucherpfennig, who is the rector of Sankt Georgen Philosophical-Theological College, and Weidemann, the provincial superior of the Pallottines in Limburg, have experience in the care of those living a same-sex lifestyle. Topics are fidelity and commitment, financial security in old age and difficulties of relatives, when a family member comes out as homosexual, says Weidemann. It was important to encounter homosexuals in an open and appreciative manner, says Count zu Eltz. Many had already turned their backs on the Church. [From the above it can be safely taken that there is ZERO effort to convert these people away from lifestyles that involve the constant practice of the gravest sin, sin that will, if unrepented and unconfessed, will lead to damnation in the objective sense.  So you have priests and religious helping confirm people in their sin. Fidelity and commitment are oxymorons for sodomites.  I would add that it is zu Eltz, Wucherpfennig, Weidermann who have most turned their backs on the Church]

The Dean emphasized that the new programme did not predetermine a service of blessing for homosexuals. [BS.  You’ve been doing it illicitly.  You’re advertising doing so in future.  You paint sodomy in a glowing light.  This is a fait accompli] Nevertheless, it would be discussed at the January local synod. This “question of justice” could not be suppressed.Wucherpfennig said he had already blessed homosexual couples in the past, just like other priests, though not in a public service. To introduce a special ritual required much sensitivity. [Please.  More like heaping portions of indifference, lockstep leftism, and moral degredation]

What a crock.  What a disaster.  The religion of leftism penetrates the Church and emerges triumphant in Central Europe, from whence it first burst forth into the open in the late 50s.  The idea that this perverse, faithless region should be informing, very nearly dictating universal Church practice, policy, and even belief through the sham of endless synods is simply unbelievable.  They are an out and out schismatic and heretical sect.  Period.

But soooo very merciful! So long as you pay that church tax! Otherwise you are excommunicate without recourse!! And everyone knows “homosexuals” have loads of money!  So you can see why the mammon-serving Germans would be fawning over and seeking the approval of the sodomites.

Hunting nun sends liberals into paroxysms of hate – UPDATED December 14, 2015

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Important updates below.

A bit more evidence of the religious nature of leftism.  It is apparently now a grave offense against God to kill an animal, in spite of Genesis.  A school teacher nun from Pennsylvania also happens to like to hunt.  She posted a photo of the very nice 10 point she took this year, and the left just freaked out:



These were just a tiny handful of the thousands of incredibly hostile, even vile comments in response.  I conclude several things from the responses:

  • Young people are mind-blowingly ignorant of Christian belief
  • Young liberal people have an extremely limited capacity for argumentation.  Emotion is their go-to tactic.
  • The degree of leftism, in a quasi-doctrinal or dogmatic way, among many on social media, especially the young, is amazing

A bit more from this Sister John Paul Bauer:

Viewed by millions on Facebook, Sister Bauer – who is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy and now teaches at Elk County Catholic High School – sat in a tree where she prayed the rosary… Then, successfully hunted a 10-point buck with a 16-inch spread. She noted, “In St. Mary’s, this is what you do. You go hunting. And everybody goes hunting. The coach, myself, the students.”

She added, “I’ve always prayed the Rosary on the tree stand. That’s a tradition. You get up in the morning. You pray the rosary in the tree stand. So, I just think the Blessed Mother did smile upon me.”

She’s certainly not trad, but she seems to have the Faith.  God bless her.  Unfortunately, her diocese and school are not made of stern stuff, they have caved, pulling any connection to the photo from their social media accounts and websites after a flurry of unbelievably hostile comments.  I won’t post those here, they are really beneath contempt, but point up the interplay between the left’s hatred of Christianity, and the left’s titanic fear and loathing of firearms and hunting.  Speaking of lack of self awareness, probably many of these hostile secularists are descendants of souls who relied on hunting for a substantial portion of their food intake even a generation or two back.  That’s another facet of so many people today……almost a total lack of knowledge of how even their parents and grandparents lived, or what they found important.

Nice buck. Good for her.  I wish I had time to hunt right now!

UPDATE:  Shoot, forgot to include this quote as part of the post:

Back in the 1980s, when I first heard Christians complain about “secular humanism,” I thought they were crazy. To me, an atheist Jewish Democrat, the phrase simply meant an entire absence of faith in the public square — and wasn’t that a good thing? [No, it’s a thing that will usher in a new age of barbarism, as Catholics like Belloc have been claiming for decades]

It wasn’t until I read Stephen L. Carter’s The Culture of Disbelief that I understood that lack of faith is itself a belief system, complete with a doctrine predicated on Big Government, animism, Gaia-ism, the denial of biological reality, and sexual license.[what you might call sexular paganism]Moreover, the Left is using the government itself, as well as government-funded institutions, to enforce this new religion, thereby violating the First Amendment. 

Or is it?  Is the kind of leftism as religion run amok we see increasingly today a direct result of the First Amendment.  Ferrara and others argue passionately, and to my mind convincingly, that it is.  That’s because formally not adopting a religion, claiming (falsely?) that no religion is “established” and that all religions are thus equally free (or unfree), is in itself a very substantial statement of belief, and infers a certain philosophic belief set that could be taken to religious extremes. Over the past 230 years, it has been.

That’s not to say the Founding Fathers of this country deliberately intended for it to eventually to wind up a statist, leftist revolutionary dsytopia, but it is saying by refusing to visibly establish this nation upon the Christian Faith they left the field wide open for this to occur. And given the general societal trends of the last 200 years, it became more and more likely that the “freedom of religion” clause would become a “freedom from religion” clause, which is exactly the club liberals/leftists are using to beat Christianity out of the public square.

The left is able to use government institutions to help drive Christianity from the public square, because the fundamental orientation of those institutions was at best indifferent towards Christianity at the start, and has become increasingly hostile especially over the last 100 years, to the degree that now it is taken for granted that the federal government will generally try to rein in and limit the practice of the Christian Faith as much as possible.  That is to say, when push came to shove, when it came down the the final choice: Christianity or secular leftism, Christ or chaos, this nation’s government would, over time, more and more side with the latter, because declaring there is no state religion is not much different that declaring that agnosticism, even atheism, is the practical religion of the state.  Thus, the state has been advocating for one type of religion over another all along, and that tendency is reaching critical mass of late.

Suggested text of letter to OKC city council regarding new satanic blasphemy December 14, 2015

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See post below.  Contact for OKC city council at bottom.  You can just copy and past the e-mail addresses and use the text if  you see fit. I tried to keep it brief:

I am heartbroken to learn once again that your fine city plans to permit a horrific anti-Catholic display within its confines, and this time, on Christmas Eve, the Eve of the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am shocked that a permit was given for what is a deliberately provocative act intended to insult the sensibilities of thousands of OKC residents and millions more worldwide.

From the point of view of a faithful Catholic, there is little more blasphemous that could be done, aside from a black mass (which you have already permitted), than the deliberate desecration of an image of the Mother of God.  One must increasingly wonder, what is the particular animus that Oklahoma City holds towards Catholics, to permit these events over and over again?   What specific actions is the city taking to demonstrate solidarity with its many Catholic citizens when they are being so insulted and provoked?  Does the city government not recognize what kind of image is being presented by the continued approval of these gravely offensive acts, and the kind of reaction that could engender?

Why does Oklahoma City government not fight the request for permit and require a legal challenge to be made?  That would result at least in a delay to this atrocity taking place, if not preventing it outright. Or are Catholic citizens not worth such efforts?  Would the reaction be different if this were planned outside a Baptist church or a mosque?  I increasingly wonder.

I pray you take some kind of step to both block this blasphemous desecration from taking place and to demonstrate that Oklahoma City is not a hotbed of anti-Catholic hatred and discrimination.

Mayor Mike Cornett – mayor@okc.gov

Ward 1 James Greiner ward1@okc.gov

Ward 2 Dr. Ed Shadid ward2@okc.gov

Ward 3 Larry McAtee  ward3@okc.gov

Ward 4 Pete White  ward4@okc.gov

Ward 5 David Greenwell  ward5@okc.gov

Ward 6 Meg Salyer  ward6@okc.gov

Ward 7 John A Pettis Jr  ward7@okc.gov

Ward 8 Mark K. Stonecipher ward 8@okc.gov


The war between satan and the Church is really ramping up – another atrocity planned for OKC December 14, 2015

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I’ve been blogging for 6 years now, and never in that relatively lengthy span has there been as much concerted, public warfare been ongoing between professed satanists and the Church as there has been in the past year or so.  It started with the public black mass in Oklahoma City, which event obviously energized the forces of darkness for new assaults against God, His Church, and all that is good.  Now there is a full-time satanic “church” in the Houston area, satanists are suing pro-lifers claiming that efforts to stop abortion offend against their satanic beliefs (and isn’t that revealing!), there have been satanist confabs at Harvard (or attempted ones)…….the list is becoming quite extensive.

Now the assaults of the forces of darkness are taking another step up, satanists are planning on a wicked demonstration outside an OKC parish on Christmas Eve.  What they plan to do is literally unbelievable, and yet they have a permit from the (proven to be) craven city officials for their sick act.  Would the protestant-dominated leadership in OKC permit such a demonstration in front of a baptist facility?  Note also that through this demonstration, the satanists make clear which is the real Church and which is their real opponent.  Nevertheless, prayer is urgently called for:

A local Satanist will protest in front of a downtown Oklahoma City church on Christmas Eve.

Adam Daniels said he plans to pour costume blood over a Virgin Mary statue that has been treated “with sulfur powder and ash,” outside St. Joseph Old Cathedral, 307 NW 4. Prayers will also be said to the statue. [Possibly removed from some old parish that got wreckovated sometime in the past 50 years]

The protest will be confined to the sidewalk and will not block any church entrances, according to the permit obtained by Daniels. The permit also requires the group to clean up the display after the event and ensure no costume blood is left on the sidewalk.

Set up of the display will begin at 4:30 p.m. and the display must be dismantled by 6:15 p.m., the permit states.

The display, titled the “Virgin Birth is a Lie,” is aimed at “exposing lies” of the Catholic Church, Daniels said. He said the virgin birth of Jesus is a fraud. [And satan is the paragon of truth, then?!?]

“The purpose of the blood is to add another layer of corruption to Mary, which is an emblem of the Catholic Church,” he said. [It’s also a stunt for infantile and depraved minds]

Yeah, yeah.  Who’s doing the self-justification here?

Irrespective – satanists gonna lie, after all, including a thousand other deplorable things – this is what comes from the de-Christianization of a society.  Several decades ago, the cultural norms existed that would have made a desecration like this completely impossible.  First of all, there were very few given over to such visible embrace of evil, and secondly, societal standards would not have permitted it.

But the steady advance of militant secularism, which I repeat is a religion in its own right, has made this kind of development not only possible but something close to inevitable.  Falling into satanic practice is almost always a product of grave dereliction of the faculties related to the 6th and 9th Commandments, and nowhere has the cultural embrace of immorality been more pronounced than with regard to the exaltation of the abuse of these same faculties.  The very radical changes which have afflicted our culture over the past 50 years, as a product not of accident but of deliberate intent (in the promotion of one religion, sexular paganism, at the expense of Christianity), have created a very fertile breeding ground for satanism.  At the same time, the collapse of real faith and practice in both the Church and the society at large have destroyed the commonly agreed social safeguards that once kept events like this from being performed so visibly, with so much coverage.

The satanists themselves make plain this stunt is in retaliation to Catholic protests outside some of their events.  So we seem to be moving from spiritual warfare into the realm of physical if still moral warfare.  These guys certainly seem to have gotten an infusion of energy – of what provenance, I know not, though I can certainly surmise – since they held a public black mass, one of the first and only such to be held in a very long time.  I fear we can expect the stakes and the combat to only increase from here.  How will Catholics respond?  Prayer is always the first recourse, but will souls permit an image of the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God, to be attacked, mocked, and denigrated in their presence?

Please contact all members of the Oklahoma City council, including Mayor Mike Cornett, to express your extreme displeasure with their tolerance for yet another grave assault on the Church in their city:

Mayor Mike Cornett – mayor@okc.gov

Ward 1 James Greiner ward1@okc.gov

Ward 2 Dr. Ed Shadid ward2@okc.gov

Ward 3 Larry McAtee  ward3@okc.gov

Ward 4 Pete White  ward4@okc.gov

Ward 5 David Greenwell  ward5@okc.gov

Ward 6 Meg Salyer  ward6@okc.gov

Ward 7 John A Pettis Jr  ward7@okc.gov

Ward 8 Mark K. Stonecipher ward 8@okc.gov

This one must be stopped.  If OKC allows this conflict to continue, it could, potentially, get even out of hand.  Does Oklahoma City want to be known as the satanist capital of the US?  Because that’s where they’re headed.