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Suggested text of letter to OKC city council regarding new satanic blasphemy December 14, 2015

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See post below.  Contact for OKC city council at bottom.  You can just copy and past the e-mail addresses and use the text if  you see fit. I tried to keep it brief:

I am heartbroken to learn once again that your fine city plans to permit a horrific anti-Catholic display within its confines, and this time, on Christmas Eve, the Eve of the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am shocked that a permit was given for what is a deliberately provocative act intended to insult the sensibilities of thousands of OKC residents and millions more worldwide.

From the point of view of a faithful Catholic, there is little more blasphemous that could be done, aside from a black mass (which you have already permitted), than the deliberate desecration of an image of the Mother of God.  One must increasingly wonder, what is the particular animus that Oklahoma City holds towards Catholics, to permit these events over and over again?   What specific actions is the city taking to demonstrate solidarity with its many Catholic citizens when they are being so insulted and provoked?  Does the city government not recognize what kind of image is being presented by the continued approval of these gravely offensive acts, and the kind of reaction that could engender?

Why does Oklahoma City government not fight the request for permit and require a legal challenge to be made?  That would result at least in a delay to this atrocity taking place, if not preventing it outright. Or are Catholic citizens not worth such efforts?  Would the reaction be different if this were planned outside a Baptist church or a mosque?  I increasingly wonder.

I pray you take some kind of step to both block this blasphemous desecration from taking place and to demonstrate that Oklahoma City is not a hotbed of anti-Catholic hatred and discrimination.

Mayor Mike Cornett – mayor@okc.gov

Ward 1 James Greiner ward1@okc.gov

Ward 2 Dr. Ed Shadid ward2@okc.gov

Ward 3 Larry McAtee  ward3@okc.gov

Ward 4 Pete White  ward4@okc.gov

Ward 5 David Greenwell  ward5@okc.gov

Ward 6 Meg Salyer  ward6@okc.gov

Ward 7 John A Pettis Jr  ward7@okc.gov

Ward 8 Mark K. Stonecipher ward 8@okc.gov




1. skeinster - December 14, 2015

Dear OKC City Council,
As a Catholic, I ask you to rescind the permit issued for Adam Daniels to perform an act of blasphemy against the Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve.
This will have harmful repercussions in this life, and the next.
Oklahoma is better than this.


Avoid TL, DR. (Altough they’re probably just counting fors/againsts.)

Thanks for putting this out there.

2. Jean Valerga - December 14, 2015

You did not explain what was to take place on Christmas Eve.

skeinster - December 14, 2015

See story below: a Satanist is going to desecrate a statue of the Blessed Virgin in front of the Cathedral.

3. LaGallina - December 14, 2015

Outrages! I’ve sent letters to all of the council members and mayor, and sent links to your posts to my friends. Thanks for letting us know about this.

4. LaGallina - December 15, 2015

It would be great if a massive crowd of thousands ofCatholics descended upon the satanists and peacefully, yet very vocally, recited the rosary together.

Tantumblogo - December 15, 2015

So a reader told me offline that he was hoping for baseball bats and bull whips. On the one hand…..yeah, bad, but on the other, how did the really stalwart souls of 500 years ago act?

skeinster - December 15, 2015

There are plans for a Rosary barricade- see the post at One Peter5.

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