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The war between satan and the Church is really ramping up – another atrocity planned for OKC December 14, 2015

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I’ve been blogging for 6 years now, and never in that relatively lengthy span has there been as much concerted, public warfare been ongoing between professed satanists and the Church as there has been in the past year or so.  It started with the public black mass in Oklahoma City, which event obviously energized the forces of darkness for new assaults against God, His Church, and all that is good.  Now there is a full-time satanic “church” in the Houston area, satanists are suing pro-lifers claiming that efforts to stop abortion offend against their satanic beliefs (and isn’t that revealing!), there have been satanist confabs at Harvard (or attempted ones)…….the list is becoming quite extensive.

Now the assaults of the forces of darkness are taking another step up, satanists are planning on a wicked demonstration outside an OKC parish on Christmas Eve.  What they plan to do is literally unbelievable, and yet they have a permit from the (proven to be) craven city officials for their sick act.  Would the protestant-dominated leadership in OKC permit such a demonstration in front of a baptist facility?  Note also that through this demonstration, the satanists make clear which is the real Church and which is their real opponent.  Nevertheless, prayer is urgently called for:

A local Satanist will protest in front of a downtown Oklahoma City church on Christmas Eve.

Adam Daniels said he plans to pour costume blood over a Virgin Mary statue that has been treated “with sulfur powder and ash,” outside St. Joseph Old Cathedral, 307 NW 4. Prayers will also be said to the statue. [Possibly removed from some old parish that got wreckovated sometime in the past 50 years]

The protest will be confined to the sidewalk and will not block any church entrances, according to the permit obtained by Daniels. The permit also requires the group to clean up the display after the event and ensure no costume blood is left on the sidewalk.

Set up of the display will begin at 4:30 p.m. and the display must be dismantled by 6:15 p.m., the permit states.

The display, titled the “Virgin Birth is a Lie,” is aimed at “exposing lies” of the Catholic Church, Daniels said. He said the virgin birth of Jesus is a fraud. [And satan is the paragon of truth, then?!?]

“The purpose of the blood is to add another layer of corruption to Mary, which is an emblem of the Catholic Church,” he said. [It’s also a stunt for infantile and depraved minds]

Yeah, yeah.  Who’s doing the self-justification here?

Irrespective – satanists gonna lie, after all, including a thousand other deplorable things – this is what comes from the de-Christianization of a society.  Several decades ago, the cultural norms existed that would have made a desecration like this completely impossible.  First of all, there were very few given over to such visible embrace of evil, and secondly, societal standards would not have permitted it.

But the steady advance of militant secularism, which I repeat is a religion in its own right, has made this kind of development not only possible but something close to inevitable.  Falling into satanic practice is almost always a product of grave dereliction of the faculties related to the 6th and 9th Commandments, and nowhere has the cultural embrace of immorality been more pronounced than with regard to the exaltation of the abuse of these same faculties.  The very radical changes which have afflicted our culture over the past 50 years, as a product not of accident but of deliberate intent (in the promotion of one religion, sexular paganism, at the expense of Christianity), have created a very fertile breeding ground for satanism.  At the same time, the collapse of real faith and practice in both the Church and the society at large have destroyed the commonly agreed social safeguards that once kept events like this from being performed so visibly, with so much coverage.

The satanists themselves make plain this stunt is in retaliation to Catholic protests outside some of their events.  So we seem to be moving from spiritual warfare into the realm of physical if still moral warfare.  These guys certainly seem to have gotten an infusion of energy – of what provenance, I know not, though I can certainly surmise – since they held a public black mass, one of the first and only such to be held in a very long time.  I fear we can expect the stakes and the combat to only increase from here.  How will Catholics respond?  Prayer is always the first recourse, but will souls permit an image of the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God, to be attacked, mocked, and denigrated in their presence?

Please contact all members of the Oklahoma City council, including Mayor Mike Cornett, to express your extreme displeasure with their tolerance for yet another grave assault on the Church in their city:

Mayor Mike Cornett – mayor@okc.gov

Ward 1 James Greiner ward1@okc.gov

Ward 2 Dr. Ed Shadid ward2@okc.gov

Ward 3 Larry McAtee  ward3@okc.gov

Ward 4 Pete White  ward4@okc.gov

Ward 5 David Greenwell  ward5@okc.gov

Ward 6 Meg Salyer  ward6@okc.gov

Ward 7 John A Pettis Jr  ward7@okc.gov

Ward 8 Mark K. Stonecipher ward 8@okc.gov

This one must be stopped.  If OKC allows this conflict to continue, it could, potentially, get even out of hand.  Does Oklahoma City want to be known as the satanist capital of the US?  Because that’s where they’re headed.





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2. Margaret Costello - December 14, 2015

This is indeed spiritual warfare. Catholics need to surround this protest with a ring of people praying the rosary and someone needs to offer exorcism prayers for this lost man. It’s no surprise that the Protestant leadership in the city allowed this. Proddies don’t believe in the virgin birth either. God bless~

skeinster - December 15, 2015

Protestants generally do believe in the Virgin Birth, but they, particularly Evangelicals, do not believe in the Perpetual Virginity of Mary.
So, yes, not expecting much help from fellow Christians of those groups, but let’s be as accurate as we can.

3. MFG - December 14, 2015
skeinster - December 15, 2015

No- that would be fracking near a fault line. Irving is experiencing the same, and they don’t have this going on.

4. Chad - December 14, 2015

Men from the men’s group of FSSP parish Precious Blood will be heading from Tulsa to OKC. From what I have heard, one of the priests from Mater Dei has approved for parishoners from there to attend as well. In addition, I have just received the blessing from Father Abbot of Clear Creek Abbey to invite those from around the Abbey to attend.

With those that we receive, the Militia Immaculata will march; weapons of our rosaries in hand, and praise of Our Lord and Holy Mother on our lips.

May Our Lady of Good Success bless us all.
– Chad

5. TF - December 15, 2015

Someone should investigate how many of the city council are Satanists themselves.

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