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These days, being a devout Catholic family man is as profoundly countercultural as you can get December 16, 2015

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Author Kurt Schlichter notes in a column that, these days, being a father of an intact family that adheres to and attempts to instill traditional values in all members, especially those deriving from the nearly extinct heritage of Christendom is a profoundly rebellious – I would say countercultural – act.  While I might disagree a bit with the idea that Ward Cleaver is the ideal model for fatherhood – after all, he and June seem a bit materialist, and only have two kids – the basic idea that being a father, providing for your family, being self-reliant, not being a whiner, and holding to the moral dictums of Christianity is so rare nowadays is a damning indictment of our culture, so afflicted as it is by the tenets of narcissism, self-seeking pleasure, and cultural marxism.

The better parts:

Using the forthright, capable, and spectacularly mature father of the Beaver as a touchstone is waiving a red state cape in front of a blue state bull. Our culture has been telling us for half a century how the Ward Cleavers of the world are a punchline, that they’re dull and unforgivably uncool. But look around at what repudiating Ward has wrought upon our society – can anyone seriously make the argument that America would not be massively better off with more males channeling him by supporting their own families and raising their own kids without leaving it to Uncle Sam and Team Taxpayer to clean up the wreckage of their refusal to grow up and act like men?.….. [Quite the contrary, the mass media today almost invariably portrays fathers – especially white fathers – as bumbling fools and selfish, overgrown man-boys.  Minority fathers often get a less demeaning portrayal, but think on the impact that idiots fathers in shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, That’s So Raven, Home Improvement, The Real O’Neals, etc., have had.  The role models for many men, so far as the media goes, vary between being a dull, ramrod Ward Cleaver type, or buffoonish, grunting cartoon characters.  Having said that, I think most children would be infinitely happier with Ward and June Cleaver as parents than those on virtually any 1980-today sitcom or drama on offer.  But that’s the thing about our culture, it has forced children to bear the burden of all the license and moral decay it has encouraged]

…….Normal Americans, those who live that lifestyle or aspire to it (many broken families realize that their situation is not optimal and do the best they can to replicate the traditional model), are a powerful but quiet presence in American political life. Richard Nixon called them “the Silent Majority.” [Nixon could rightly make that claim at that time, 1968, but 50 years on, traditional, believing intact families are a distinct and shrinking minority in this country.  Nearly half of all children are already born out of wedlock, and in most European countries, a large majority already are.] Bill Clinton meant them when he talked about people who “worked hard and played by the rules.” They fight the wars, pay the taxes, and they vote. They built this. And that is why the left must must suppress the normals – the elites need them to do society’s work, but they can’t afford to let them be aroused at election time. So we see the media and Hollywood portraying us normals as dull, dreary drones who need guidance and inspiration from our betters in the liberal elites. [Or you have hateful movies like American Beauty or The Graduate depicting normal, monogamous suburban life as dreary, repressed, and miserable.]

That’s why being a man – not merely bearing the physical accoutrements of maleness but actually being a man – is a rebel act.[That’s because it’s damn rare these days.  I am blessed in the traditional Catholic milieu to know a fair number of real, honest to goodness men, but outside that, they are virtually extinct]By being a man, you reject the role the liberal elite has prepared for you, that of a weak, confused manchild unfit to be sovereign over your own destiny. [Which is what they want. Leftists crave power, absolute power if possible.  They want power over you and your life. Leftists have known, since the days of Lenin and Trotsky, that the family is the prime object between them and the kind of power they seek.  So, in order to lay the groundwork for a culture so broken that people will crave a government with totalitarian power over them, they seek to destroy the family.  If you read Solzhenitsyn, you will find that millions of children were abandoned as orphans in the former Soviet Union as a result of deliberate policy to destroy the intact family and divide husband and wife, parent and child.  That has been there program in the US since WWII.  And they have succeeded to a terrifying degree] Taking care of your family yourself repudiates them. Defending your family (especially when you exercise your fundamental Second Amendment rights) repudiates them. Raising your children as strong, independent Americans instead of spoiled, crybullying snowflakes, repudiates them. Just being normal repudiates them.

Maybe Ward Cleaver wouldn’t put it this way, but I will: By choosing to grow up and be a man, you tell the liberal elite to go to hell. 

But what’s more important, you will do you God-given duty.  The great crisis our culture faces is primarily a crisis of fatherhood.  Yes, the left has, with diabolical wisdom, chosen its target well.  By destroying fatherhood, they knew they would destroy the family. That sense is what underlies much of modern feminism.

However, far too many men have become willing collaborator’s in this effort to destroy the family. Far too few men have fought back.  Far too many have happily gone along with the destruction of marriage and the family, choosing to “enjoy” the fleeting (if false) pleasures the current degraded moral climate offers, rather than leading a chaste and morally upright life.  And far too few cultural leaders, especially within the Church (but also all other churches and sects), have given them inspiration and the tools to eschew the temptations of the moral sewer we inhabit and become the men God is calling them to be.

There is certainly much blame to go around.  I wonder, however, the degree to which the collapse of the proper understanding and conduct of the priesthood – the ultimate spiritual fatherhood – has influenced the collapse of the familial paternal role.  I would wager, it’s been quite significant.

But, of course, I’m preaching to the choir again.  You know me…..can’t get enough “amens.”


Poland still has the Faith: priest leads huge demonstration against radical islam December 16, 2015

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Much more like this.  Yes, Christians are called to turn the other cheek –  when it is we as individuals at stake. But when threats emerge against the defenseless, Catholic manhood must stand and fight.  Islamists love going after the weak and defenseless. They are enemies of our Faith and of civilization.

This cassocked priest really gets it.  He understand the relation between leftism and radical islam, the two great forces trying to squeeze Christianity (and by that I mean, the real Churches) out of existence.  I have never heard an American priest address such a mass rally of men in such terms.  We are too used, in this country, to being meek and mild, to never making waves, because we have it really good here, right?  This country had no violent persecution when Catholics were being bloodied all over the world.  But things have changed.  Islam is at our doorstep, and the leftist elite seeks to drive believing Christians completely out of the public square, to make us anathema in polite society and a despised, hunted other:

“It’s also obvious that the leftist propaganda does its best to destroy us, destroy the Church and the Polish people.”

“My dearest!  It’s no secret to none that we’re despised in the public debate.”

“We’re ready to stand for our homeland and Faith to the last drop of our blood.”

“Get ready!  Be ready to be spat at, be ready to be persecuted, but our strength, power, and courage comes from the only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

You may have missed the fact that history has turned its wheel again. 1944 we were persuaded to accept the Soviets, while in 2015 we’re persuaded to accept the islamic fundamentalism.  We shall never accept it!”

“We are not afraid of peaceful muslims, but they are a total minority.” [Or a cowed majority who silently agree with the radical element, and would happily go along with the destruction of Christendom and its being subsumed into the “ummah.”]

Dearly beloved, the leftist and islamic aggression is turned against Christendom and our nation and causes serious concern. We have the right to be afraid of that.  WE are tentitled to fear for the fall of Christainty

“We won’t fight with the hammer of hatred, which they try to press into our hands. We will fight with the sword of truth, the sword of love and the sword of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Living Lord and Savior.”

“Not islamic, not laic, our Poland is Catholic. No to the rainbows, no to the red….Poland belongs to Catholics!”

Beautiful invocation of Mary’s patronage and protection and prayer at the end.  Really inspiring talk. God bless Catholic Poland.  May it always remain so.

The priest is Father Jacek Miedlar.  The crowd was estimated in the tens of thousands.

Poland has saved Europe before.  In 1683, it was the Polish army under King Jan Sobieski that lifted the Second Siege of Vienna, ending Islam’s last existential threat to Europe for 330 years.  Until now.

Will it be Poland that comes to the rescue of a decadent, divided, and relatively faithless Europe again?

I’ll say this much….across the West the political/cultural leaders are more and more disconnected from the very real and deep concerns of growing masses of their populations.  While the leaders dither and dally over non-existent crises like “climate change,” they continue to ignore the existential threat from islam, moral corruption and societal decay that confronts the mass of people more and more every day.

The longer the “leaders” continue to ignore the grave concerns of huge swaths of their citizenry, the longer they talk down to them/us, the longer they continue to try to shove their cultural marxism down our throats, the more we feel disenfranchised with no effective recourse from that distant, uncaring leadership, the more the stage is set for some kind of cataclysmic reckoning. What else do people do when they realize their government completely ignores them and their concerns, when the figure out that elections make no difference and all options through the normal political system are gamed against them?

Already, there must be a great reordering of the now heavily islamified Europe, with portions becoming formal parts of the ummah and portions retaining or reverting to Christianity.  It will likely be a very bloody process.  The same is coming to the US, if the government by the elite, for the elite, and of the elite continues its present course.

I fear the future will be very dark, very unpleasant.  May God have mercy on us, and give us strength.

Blistering critique of the organic food industry December 16, 2015

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I’ll admit……I’ve always thought the organic food label a scam. Just like most “free range chickens” have never seen a blade of grass in their life.  Many products labeled “organic” have a surprising, and some might find revolting, etymology.  An article at Forbes (certainly in thrall of big Agribusiness) offers a blistering critique of this industry.  I’m not staking a hard stand here, I’ve revealed my bias (another one – we use pretty much all the latest technology on our farm, including Roundup and Anhydrous Ammonia fertilizer, and I’m sure much of the seed is now GMO though we don’t seek that out, it’s just what is available these days):

Consumers of organic foods are getting both more and less than they bargained for. On both counts, it’s not good.

Many people who pay the huge premium—often more than 100%—for organic foods do so because they’re afraid of pesticides. If that’s their rationale, they misunderstand the nuances of organic agriculture. Although it’s true that synthetic chemical pesticides are generally prohibited, there is a lengthy list of exceptions listed in the Organic Foods Production Act, while most “natural” ones are permitted. However, “organic” pesticides can be toxic. As evolutionary biologist Christie Wilcox explained in a 2012 Scientific American article (“Are lower pesticide residues a good reason to buy organic? Probably not.”): “Organic pesticides pose the same health risks as non-organic ones.”…..

…….Some consumers think that the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) requires certified organic products to be free of ingredients from “GMOs,” organisms crafted with molecular techniques of genetic engineering. Wrong again. USDA does not require organic products to be GMO-free. (In any case, the methods used to create so-called GMOs are an extension, or refinement, of older techniques for genetic modification that have been used for a century or more.)……..

……..Few organic consumers are aware that organic agriculture is a “trust-based” or “faith-based” system. With every purchase, they are at risk of the moral hazard that an organic farmer will represent cheaper-to-produce non-organic products as the premium-priced organic product. For the vast majority of products, no tests can distinguish organic from non-organic—for example, whether milk labeled “organic” came from a cow within the organic production system or from a cow across the fence from a conventional dairy farm. The higher the organic premium, the stronger the economic incentive to cheat.

Think such nefarious behavior is purely theoretical? Think again. USDA reported in 2012 that 43% of the 571 samples of “organic” produce that were tested contained prohibited pesticide residues, and that “the findings suggest that some of the samples in violation were mislabeled conventional products, while others were organic products that hadn’t been adequately protected from prohibited pesticides.”

 Some more, on why organic foods are much more prone to E. coli and other infectious disease vectors:

Contrary to popular wisdom, organic produce is not pesticide-free. Instead, it’s grown with primitive pesticides that can be significantly more hazardous to humans and to the environment. Organic agriculture also lacks the benefits of the many crops genetically improved with modern molecular techniques, like Bt-corn, which reduces the population of insects that allow toxic molds to infest corn. (Organic corn has higher levels of the toxins produced by these molds.)

Chipotle rejects modern synthetic fertilizers in favor of suppliers who use manure on their crops. This approach may be “all natural” and “organic” and make some customers feel warm and fuzzy, but it should not come as a surprise that applying stool, feces and excrement to growing fruits and vegetables significantly raises the risk of spreading disease. Bruce M. Chassy, food science professor emeritus at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana scoured U.S. Food and Drug Administration data to conclude that organic food is four to eight times more likely to be recalled over safety concerns than conventionally grown products.

Food poisoning is a serious business. Four years ago, 53 died and 3,950 were sickened from an E. coli outbreak in Germany caused by organic bean sprouts.

With the above in mind, I will say that there are certain products I don’t like to buy and places I don’t like to shop.  I try very hard not to get groceries at Wal Mart. And I find most commercially sold poultry meat really nasty.  There is a reason why we buy a heifer every year from our farmer in Kansas.  Yes, it’s cheaper (though not a lot), but mostly because I know that beef has never been on a high density feed lot and has generally fed on grass or silage its entire life.  I’d like to find a source for home grown pork, because modern pork raising has gotten quite barfy, too.  So I get many of the concerns.  But I think people need to be very wary of any industry as surrounded by hype as the organic food industry is.

And never eat at Chipotle.  I never liked that place, anyway.  $9 for tasteless rice and beans?!?

Blueprint for Returning to and Restoring Tradition December 16, 2015

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Fr. Michael Rodriguez has penned an extensive article for The Remnant outlining his plan to restore the Faith along traditional lines.  It’s quite a long article, but one much worth reading.  I excerpt a bit below, but you will certainly want to read it all if you have not already (emphasis in original, a few comments of my own):

I want to urge all of you to look to Christ’s Cross for the answers on how to go about restoring the Catholic Faith and its glorious Tradition. This, then, is the first principle I propose, namely, the true blueprint for restoring Tradition is found at the foot of the Cross. For the purposes of this particular article, I will concentrate primarily on one aspect of the Mystery of the Cross: Jesus on the Cross giving us His Mother, and entrusting His Church to her maternal care and intercession, “Woman, behold thy son,” “Behold thy mother.” This is a culminating moment of the Passion and Death of Our Lord.

Hence, the second principle I propose is that, in God’s mysterious design, it is Our Lady who provides us with the true blueprint for restoring Tradition. Two thousand years ago, she stood faithfully by the foot of the Cross, and ever since then—across the centuries—she brings us all the necessary graces which flow from the Eternal Sacrifice of her Son…….

……So this takes us to my proposal of a third principlethe Holy Mother of God came to Fatima to provide us with the grace and light of the Cross that is specifically needed for our times. With her Message at Fatima, she provides us with the blueprint for restoring Tradition. In the post-Vatican II period, the devil’s tail has been wrecking widespread disorientation and destruction within the Church by promoting a counterfeit Catholicism. The devil has attacked, and continues his assault against Holy Mother Church by means of the Modernist heresy and the Modernist revolution disguised as “aggiornamento.” Yet we do not despair because Our Lord has given us the solution . . . His Mother came from heaven to Fatima in 1917, in order to crush the modernist head of the serpent.

[I now skip ahead to the section on the Papacy]

The awful crisis which Our Lady of Fatima came to warn us about and help us prevent, is no doubt a colossal crisis of faith . . . but it is also a crisis of the Papacy.Consider some of the Catholic Prophecy which alerts of a coming papal crisis:……

…….Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, a German Augustinian nun who bore the stigmata of Our Lord, from visions which she had in 1820: “I saw a strange church being built against every rule . . . In that church, nothing came from high above . . . It is probably a church of human creation, following the latest fashion, as well as the new heterodox church of Rome, which seems of the same kind. I saw again the strange big church that was being built in Rome. There was nothing holy in it. I see the Holy Father in great anguish. I see the false church of darkness is making progress, and I see the dreadful influence it has on people. The Holy Father and the Church are verily in so great a distress that one must implore God day and night.”

Ÿ Our Lady of La Salette, September 19, 1846, but not put in writing by Melanie, the main seer, until 1878,“Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist. The Church will be in eclipse, the world will be in dismay.”

[skipping some other prophecy and also discussion of the 3rd Secret of Fatima, only partially revealed, with which I will assume readers are already quite familiar]

………The full content of the Third Secret of Fatima remains undisclosed, but the available testimony regarding this content zeroes in on a Papal crisis. For example:

→ Cardinal Oddi, stated on March 17, 1990, “The Blessed Virgin was alerting us against apostasy in the Church.”

→ Cardinal Ciappi (personal papal theologian to Popes Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II), stated in March 2002, “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.”

→ Fr. Malachi Martin, who was a close collaborator with Cardinal Bea under Pope John XXIII, read the Third Secret. In 1997, Fr. Martin gave an interview on the Art Bell Show. He confirmed that the Secret reveals a Pope who “would be under the control of Satan.”

One of the salient indications of the Message of Fatima is that while it warns of a grave crisis in the Papacy, it also underscores the authority of the Pope, the sacredness of the Office, and identifies the Papacy as the solution to the crisis! Our Lady highlights the key and indispensable role of the Pope—it is the Vicar of Christ who must consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart in union with all of the world’s Bishops. Our Blessed Mother reveals plainly that the solution to the crisis rests in the hands of her Son’s Vicar on earth and Successor to St. Peter. The answer lies in Catholicism, whole and untarnished, without which man shall most certainly perish forever………[I really thank Father for saying this.  It is so very rarely heard today]

[Also omitting a discussion of the nature of the Petrine office and its essential role in insuring the integrity of the Doctrine of the Faith, as defined at Vatican I, Fourth Constantinople, and Florence.  Getting to the crux of the matter:]

……….What happens if the See of St. Peter is blemished by error, allows error to go unchecked, or even promotes the spread of heresy? How can this be? Is this even possible? We just finished quoting Church doctrine, “the See of St. Peter always remains unblemished by any error.” The scope of this article is very limited, so it cannot address this substantial topic directly (i.e. the sedevacantist argument/position); however, I will note that the Message of Our Lady of Fatima provides us with two significant points to consider in this regard: (1) we are witnessing a terrible crisis in the Papacy, and (2) the divine remedy for the crisis will come from the Papacy. It is the Pope who must consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is the Pope who must obey God’s command. It is the Pope himself who must submit to Catholic truth, in order for there to be a restoration of Catholicism. [I have to agree with this.  I also have an admission I’ve been meaning to make, which I might break out as a separate post, but in spite of my indication I intended to sign the petition calling for Pope Francis to step down (in a moment of great exasperation), I found myself unable to do so.  I just can’t.   I am not able to fully explain why, it just doesn’t feel right to me, as a lay person (and a convert from protestantism), to tell the Pope what to do.]

Ever since the Apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima, the Popes themselves have illustrated the crisis afflicting their Office. On the one hand, they have given unprecedented papal approval and support to Fatima; on the other hand, they continue to disobey Our Lady’s command. Including Pope Francis, eight consecutive Popes have now failed to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and all six Popes since John XXIII, inclusive, have refused to reveal the full contents of the Third Secret. The Popes have not obeyed the command of Heaven! Scandalous, inconceivable, yet incontestably true: the Popes have disobeyed God. [Because, many feel, myself included, they have been far more concerned about the opinion of men than obeying the Will of God.  They fear the worldly repercussions of such a definitively unecumenical act.  They fear political fallout.  They fear economic repercussions.  They fear, apparently more than they love or believe.]

Our Lady’s Message at Fatima presents us with a daunting paradox: the Papacy is in grave crisis/only the Papacy can provide the ultimate solution. In light of this paradox, in order to restore Tradition, we must do the following:

(1) Following the example of Sr. Lucia of Fatima, we must do our very best to practice obedience and respect towards legitimate Church authority, especially the Pope, because the ultimate solution to the crisis will come from the top. Jesus Christ’s Church is hierarchical.

(2) The Pope and the Papacy itself will have much to suffer. The Papacy is in crisis, so following the example of Blessed Jacinta of Fatima, we must make greater efforts to pray and sacrifice for the Holy Father. [God allows our sins to be the source of our punishment.  While that punishment is not overtly visible, yet, it is easy to imagine ways in which the Papacy will suffer greatly as a natural result of the path popes have followed over the past several decades]

(3) Following the example of Blessed Francisco of Fatima, let us spend more time before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. We go before Our Lord because we love Him. Let us go before Him to make reparation for our sins, the sins of others, and the sins of the Church hierarchy.

(4) Let us take seriously the daunting nature of this papal paradox. In practice, this means no infighting among the various traditionalist groups because we recognize that allegiance to a particular group (FSSPX, FSSP, Institute of Christ the King, Diocesan Latin Mass apostolate, the Resistance, Sedevacantist groups) is not the ultimate solution to the crisis. It is the Pope who must obey God and the timeless lex orandi, lex credendi of the Catholic Church. It is the Pope who must religiously guard and faithfully expound the Deposit of Faith transmitted by the Apostles, which includes the Traditional Latin Mass. It is the Pope who must consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with the Bishops of the world. [This is such an important point, and one of the prime reasons why I have always assiduously avoided the internecine conflict traditional Catholics seem to love so much.  Doing so has cost me, personally, quite a bit.  I am very comfortable in a certain traditional milieu, but, many in that same milieu have been formed in a certainty that only their particular group is really right/good/holy, and that those in other groups are deficient, bad, or even unholy.  So it’s been a very difficult position to maintain, but I do so because I feel much like Father does, in this time of unprecedented confusion and unbelievable abdication of duty at the highest levels of the Church, we should have great compassion and understanding for those who may not have it as perfectly figured out as we do, or like to think we do.  I also maintain my position of assiduous neutrality in the traditional wars because I think this conflict is pointless and self-defeating.]

(5) Let us take seriously the daunting nature of this papal paradox. In practice, this means acknowledging the positive contributions which each group of traditional Catholics is making towards the restoration of the Faith, and realizing that we need each other. Almost certainly, there is no single, natural way through which God will choose to bring about His victory (i.e. no one, sole traditionalist group has the papal paradox perfectly figured out). The diabolical disorientation that has clouded every level of the Church is real, and it affects all traditional Catholics as well. This makes it extremely difficult to discern God’s holy Will properly.We need each other.

There is a papal crisis, so let us thank Almighty God for the heroic efforts of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Bishop Bernard Fellay, and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X, to preserve the lex orandi, lex credendi of the Church pure and uncontaminated. The Society of St. Pius X are loyal sons of the Church. May God bless them. Only the Papacy can provide the ultimate solution to the crisis, so let us thank Almighty God for all the various Ecclesia Dei priestly societies and communities, and Diocesan Latin Mass apostolates, for their sincere efforts to practice holy obedience to the Holy See. They too are loyal sons of the Church. May God bless them. Finally, there are many of our sedevacantist brethren who love the Church and the Papacy, and are trying their very best to contribute to the restoration of the true Faith. They are also loyal sons and daughters of Holy Mother Church. May God bless them.

———-End Quote———-

This post is getting quite long, so that’s all for now.  I will say that Father’s recommendation for our role in the restoration of the Faith (the third part of his three part plan, the cross) is centered much more on practicing personal sanctity than it is on polemics and, it must be said, getting fired up reading blogs or other Catholic news sites.  In fact, he recommends that souls to a lot more penance, Adoration, prayer, and works of virtue than reading sites like mine.  I have no problem with him saying that.  It gives me much to think about.

In closing, may I return the blessing on Fr. Rodriguez…….he has suffered much for Holy Mother Church and has done so with a placid, joyful heart.  I pray he may continue to do so.  I pray he may continue to fight for the restoration of our glorious Holy Mother Church.  I pray God may bless him and his apostolate most abundantly at all times.  And I pray the persecution he has endured may cease.

Do go read the whole thing, as they say.

Advent Ember Days start TODAY December 16, 2015

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Sorry for the late reminder, it generally helps to give some notice prior to the actual start of something like this, but I forgot.  The Advent Ember Days start today.  Partial fast and abstinence today and Saturday, fast and abstinence on Friday.  Wednesday and Saturday are commonly called days of partial fast because instead of a total fast, you are permitted one full meal and two snacks.  It is partial abstinence because you can have meat with one meal.


Some reminders on commenting on this site December 16, 2015

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About once a year, I have to make a post like this.  Some post will attract a flood of newbies to the blog, people who have not trod the long intellectual path this blog has followed over the past 6+ years.  They will frequently become offended. Some come here with no good will to start with.  Some just want to blast and blaspheme from the start.

So, as a reminder to folks who have, for whatever reason, stumbled on this site or just started to comment, this blog has always had several rules regarding commenting:

Rule 1 – The most important.  This is a public blog, certainly, and I invite and enjoy reader participation in the comments, but it has always been and shall always remain first and foremost my place on the internet for MY thoughts and MY ideas.  Blogs are ludicrously easy to start and if you want your own place to put out your ideas, I highly encourage it.  Go for it.  But as a result, commenting here is really more of a privilege than a right.  That may not be the policy of many blogs, even most, but it’s mine.  And it will remain so.

Rule 2 – Longtime valued commenters get more leeway.  But if you show up here and your first comment includes gratuitous cussing or insults, or recourse to blatantly thoughtless and anti-Catholic jabs, you reveal a lack of good will and I shall have no patience for you.  The internet is full enough of such foolishness and I don’t need my sweet clean blog sullied with them.

Rule 3 – Like number 2, those who give off indications of trolling or ill intent will be banned without warning.  Long experience indicates that is the wisest policy, as subsequent attempts at commenting or other means of revelation almost invariably reveal the nastiness of such individuals.

Rule 4 – Even with regard to long time and otherwise valued commenters, please try to keep foul language to a minimum. I am no shrinking violet, my dad was a farm hand, construction, and oil field worker and he cusses a blue streak, and much of that sadly rubbed off on me.  A friend’s mom condemned me as “vulgar” when I was about 14.  Nonetheless, certain exceptions aside (we all get exasperated from time to time), please try to keep this blog G-rated.

Rule 5 – Another thing, while passionate discussion, even heated at times, is fine, please do not resort to insults directed at other commenters, nor demeaning of motives. This especially applies to new arrivals casting aspersions at long time commenters.  That is another way to get banned.   Having a different point of view is fine.  Arguing against someone else is fine.  But name-calling or worse is not something I don’t want to see in this blog.

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Two great sermons to listen to December 16, 2015

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Two very good sermons for your Advent listening pleasure, and, hopefully, edification.  In the first, Father speaks of the need to enjoy and benefit from Advent as a vitally important liturgical season.  Advent is a time of penance and spiritual preparation, not just a time to shop like mad and get so caught up in material concerns that the spirit of the season is totally lost and we wind up on Christmas morning both exhausted and totally unprepared to enjoy the great fruit available in that great festive season.  At the same time, we lose the great graces available from participating in the intended penance of Advent.  Good sermon:

Now another, which is more polemical, coming from that parish in “south St. Paul” which has been publicized quite a bit on The Remnant of late.  First, it’s great to hear that another diocesan parish is not only making the TLM available, but offering it every day!  That is a rare thing!  This priest must be blessed with a bishop at least somewhat well disposed to Tradition. Many priests are not so fortunate, including a priest from West Texas of whom I am very fond.  You may be thinking of El Paso, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Father launches from that announcement into a sort of parody of the Church today, imagining how St. John the Baptist would “accost” Herod for his illicit marriage if he were like the shepherds we have in the Church today. After giving a history of Herod and his sordid life, as well as the sanctity of St. John the Baptist, the priest examines the vast discrepancy between the repentance that great Saint preached, and the moral laxitude encouraged by Church leaders like Cardinal Kasper.  Kasper, so bereft of faith, pretends that God does not care about our personal sins, or certainly won’t hold them against us, and posits on that basis to allow those still in the depths of grave moral dereliction to approach and receive the holiest object in the material universe, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

So imagine, if you will, how a Kasper the Baptist would approach Herod in his adulterous union.  John was willing to die for the Truth.  I think we all know Kasper would not endure so much as a hang nail for the same.  Another powerful sermon:

I had more I wanted to get to today, but I am out of time.  I pray you have a blessed evening!