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Poland still has the Faith: priest leads huge demonstration against radical islam December 16, 2015

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Much more like this.  Yes, Christians are called to turn the other cheek –  when it is we as individuals at stake. But when threats emerge against the defenseless, Catholic manhood must stand and fight.  Islamists love going after the weak and defenseless. They are enemies of our Faith and of civilization.

This cassocked priest really gets it.  He understand the relation between leftism and radical islam, the two great forces trying to squeeze Christianity (and by that I mean, the real Churches) out of existence.  I have never heard an American priest address such a mass rally of men in such terms.  We are too used, in this country, to being meek and mild, to never making waves, because we have it really good here, right?  This country had no violent persecution when Catholics were being bloodied all over the world.  But things have changed.  Islam is at our doorstep, and the leftist elite seeks to drive believing Christians completely out of the public square, to make us anathema in polite society and a despised, hunted other:

“It’s also obvious that the leftist propaganda does its best to destroy us, destroy the Church and the Polish people.”

“My dearest!  It’s no secret to none that we’re despised in the public debate.”

“We’re ready to stand for our homeland and Faith to the last drop of our blood.”

“Get ready!  Be ready to be spat at, be ready to be persecuted, but our strength, power, and courage comes from the only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

You may have missed the fact that history has turned its wheel again. 1944 we were persuaded to accept the Soviets, while in 2015 we’re persuaded to accept the islamic fundamentalism.  We shall never accept it!”

“We are not afraid of peaceful muslims, but they are a total minority.” [Or a cowed majority who silently agree with the radical element, and would happily go along with the destruction of Christendom and its being subsumed into the “ummah.”]

Dearly beloved, the leftist and islamic aggression is turned against Christendom and our nation and causes serious concern. We have the right to be afraid of that.  WE are tentitled to fear for the fall of Christainty

“We won’t fight with the hammer of hatred, which they try to press into our hands. We will fight with the sword of truth, the sword of love and the sword of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Living Lord and Savior.”

“Not islamic, not laic, our Poland is Catholic. No to the rainbows, no to the red….Poland belongs to Catholics!”

Beautiful invocation of Mary’s patronage and protection and prayer at the end.  Really inspiring talk. God bless Catholic Poland.  May it always remain so.

The priest is Father Jacek Miedlar.  The crowd was estimated in the tens of thousands.

Poland has saved Europe before.  In 1683, it was the Polish army under King Jan Sobieski that lifted the Second Siege of Vienna, ending Islam’s last existential threat to Europe for 330 years.  Until now.

Will it be Poland that comes to the rescue of a decadent, divided, and relatively faithless Europe again?

I’ll say this much….across the West the political/cultural leaders are more and more disconnected from the very real and deep concerns of growing masses of their populations.  While the leaders dither and dally over non-existent crises like “climate change,” they continue to ignore the existential threat from islam, moral corruption and societal decay that confronts the mass of people more and more every day.

The longer the “leaders” continue to ignore the grave concerns of huge swaths of their citizenry, the longer they talk down to them/us, the longer they continue to try to shove their cultural marxism down our throats, the more we feel disenfranchised with no effective recourse from that distant, uncaring leadership, the more the stage is set for some kind of cataclysmic reckoning. What else do people do when they realize their government completely ignores them and their concerns, when the figure out that elections make no difference and all options through the normal political system are gamed against them?

Already, there must be a great reordering of the now heavily islamified Europe, with portions becoming formal parts of the ummah and portions retaining or reverting to Christianity.  It will likely be a very bloody process.  The same is coming to the US, if the government by the elite, for the elite, and of the elite continues its present course.

I fear the future will be very dark, very unpleasant.  May God have mercy on us, and give us strength.



1. MT - December 16, 2015

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

2. Baseballmom - December 17, 2015

Beautiful… And filled with hope.

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