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Some reminders on commenting on this site December 16, 2015

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About once a year, I have to make a post like this.  Some post will attract a flood of newbies to the blog, people who have not trod the long intellectual path this blog has followed over the past 6+ years.  They will frequently become offended. Some come here with no good will to start with.  Some just want to blast and blaspheme from the start.

So, as a reminder to folks who have, for whatever reason, stumbled on this site or just started to comment, this blog has always had several rules regarding commenting:

Rule 1 – The most important.  This is a public blog, certainly, and I invite and enjoy reader participation in the comments, but it has always been and shall always remain first and foremost my place on the internet for MY thoughts and MY ideas.  Blogs are ludicrously easy to start and if you want your own place to put out your ideas, I highly encourage it.  Go for it.  But as a result, commenting here is really more of a privilege than a right.  That may not be the policy of many blogs, even most, but it’s mine.  And it will remain so.

Rule 2 – Longtime valued commenters get more leeway.  But if you show up here and your first comment includes gratuitous cussing or insults, or recourse to blatantly thoughtless and anti-Catholic jabs, you reveal a lack of good will and I shall have no patience for you.  The internet is full enough of such foolishness and I don’t need my sweet clean blog sullied with them.

Rule 3 – Like number 2, those who give off indications of trolling or ill intent will be banned without warning.  Long experience indicates that is the wisest policy, as subsequent attempts at commenting or other means of revelation almost invariably reveal the nastiness of such individuals.

Rule 4 – Even with regard to long time and otherwise valued commenters, please try to keep foul language to a minimum. I am no shrinking violet, my dad was a farm hand, construction, and oil field worker and he cusses a blue streak, and much of that sadly rubbed off on me.  A friend’s mom condemned me as “vulgar” when I was about 14.  Nonetheless, certain exceptions aside (we all get exasperated from time to time), please try to keep this blog G-rated.

Rule 5 – Another thing, while passionate discussion, even heated at times, is fine, please do not resort to insults directed at other commenters, nor demeaning of motives. This especially applies to new arrivals casting aspersions at long time commenters.  That is another way to get banned.   Having a different point of view is fine.  Arguing against someone else is fine.  But name-calling or worse is not something I don’t want to see in this blog.

Rule 6 – Consider this a continuation of Rule 1.  If you find this blog intensely annoys you, if you think I’m crazy, a fascist, a rad-trad, whatever, you can certainly provide your reasoning and argue your viewpoint, but if you become obsessive, seeking to decry every post or just in general become a nuisance, you probably won’t last very long.  Again, get your own blog.  The viewpoint I have has developed over 6 years of intensive writing and study, I have read scores if not hundreds of books related to the Faith and history in that time frame and I have written about 4 million words.  I did not come to hold the views I do lightly.  And, my thinking now is very much different from what it was 6  years ago.  I am not an ideologue, but I am, or hope to be, the product of an intense period of reading, writing, thinking, and general analysis that has resulted in the written product you see today.  Your comment is unlikely to shake my worldview.  So if you’re feeling trollish, best move along.

Rule 7 – Not really a rule, just a personal preference – don’t be deathly serious.  Yes this blog discusses very serious matters but I try to maintain at least some amount of levity.  We can have fun.  It’s ok to let our hair down every once in a while.  So feel free to be silly at times, too, if you so desire.

That’s all.  If these rules seem restrictive (bear in mind, again, that long time commenters get considerable leeway in every case), please bear in mind that they are not only for me but also for you, dear reader, to help maintain a Catholic environment in which all souls can feel comfortable, safe, and not scandalized…..well, at least no scandalized by the blogger’s or commenter’s behavior, the news I report is frequently scandalous enough.

Thank you for your attention and patience.





1. frankljs - December 16, 2015

Wow you remind me of pope francis and his church right there. Haha i kid i kid!

2. Mark D - December 16, 2015

I’ve been with you since the beginning, and I’m a better man because of you. Frankly, when you posted about the six year anniversary, I was surprised it’s only been six years. Seems like much longer. I guess that is due to the trying times that are upon us. Thanks for all you do.

3. Woody - December 16, 2015

Rules?! RULES?!! We don’t need no stickin’ rules!

4. Baseballmom - December 16, 2015

And we don’t need no badges either!!!! 😀

5. Ever mindful - December 16, 2015

Thank you
Always informed and inspired by your reflections

6. tg - December 16, 2015

Sounds fair to me. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

7. Tim - December 16, 2015

“Yes sir, Gunnery Sargent Highway, sir!”

In all seriousness, common sense rules, thanks for all you do.
At the risk of being politically incorrect….MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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