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These days, being a devout Catholic family man is as profoundly countercultural as you can get December 16, 2015

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Author Kurt Schlichter notes in a column that, these days, being a father of an intact family that adheres to and attempts to instill traditional values in all members, especially those deriving from the nearly extinct heritage of Christendom is a profoundly rebellious – I would say countercultural – act.  While I might disagree a bit with the idea that Ward Cleaver is the ideal model for fatherhood – after all, he and June seem a bit materialist, and only have two kids – the basic idea that being a father, providing for your family, being self-reliant, not being a whiner, and holding to the moral dictums of Christianity is so rare nowadays is a damning indictment of our culture, so afflicted as it is by the tenets of narcissism, self-seeking pleasure, and cultural marxism.

The better parts:

Using the forthright, capable, and spectacularly mature father of the Beaver as a touchstone is waiving a red state cape in front of a blue state bull. Our culture has been telling us for half a century how the Ward Cleavers of the world are a punchline, that they’re dull and unforgivably uncool. But look around at what repudiating Ward has wrought upon our society – can anyone seriously make the argument that America would not be massively better off with more males channeling him by supporting their own families and raising their own kids without leaving it to Uncle Sam and Team Taxpayer to clean up the wreckage of their refusal to grow up and act like men?.….. [Quite the contrary, the mass media today almost invariably portrays fathers – especially white fathers – as bumbling fools and selfish, overgrown man-boys.  Minority fathers often get a less demeaning portrayal, but think on the impact that idiots fathers in shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, That’s So Raven, Home Improvement, The Real O’Neals, etc., have had.  The role models for many men, so far as the media goes, vary between being a dull, ramrod Ward Cleaver type, or buffoonish, grunting cartoon characters.  Having said that, I think most children would be infinitely happier with Ward and June Cleaver as parents than those on virtually any 1980-today sitcom or drama on offer.  But that’s the thing about our culture, it has forced children to bear the burden of all the license and moral decay it has encouraged]

…….Normal Americans, those who live that lifestyle or aspire to it (many broken families realize that their situation is not optimal and do the best they can to replicate the traditional model), are a powerful but quiet presence in American political life. Richard Nixon called them “the Silent Majority.” [Nixon could rightly make that claim at that time, 1968, but 50 years on, traditional, believing intact families are a distinct and shrinking minority in this country.  Nearly half of all children are already born out of wedlock, and in most European countries, a large majority already are.] Bill Clinton meant them when he talked about people who “worked hard and played by the rules.” They fight the wars, pay the taxes, and they vote. They built this. And that is why the left must must suppress the normals – the elites need them to do society’s work, but they can’t afford to let them be aroused at election time. So we see the media and Hollywood portraying us normals as dull, dreary drones who need guidance and inspiration from our betters in the liberal elites. [Or you have hateful movies like American Beauty or The Graduate depicting normal, monogamous suburban life as dreary, repressed, and miserable.]

That’s why being a man – not merely bearing the physical accoutrements of maleness but actually being a man – is a rebel act.[That’s because it’s damn rare these days.  I am blessed in the traditional Catholic milieu to know a fair number of real, honest to goodness men, but outside that, they are virtually extinct]By being a man, you reject the role the liberal elite has prepared for you, that of a weak, confused manchild unfit to be sovereign over your own destiny. [Which is what they want. Leftists crave power, absolute power if possible.  They want power over you and your life. Leftists have known, since the days of Lenin and Trotsky, that the family is the prime object between them and the kind of power they seek.  So, in order to lay the groundwork for a culture so broken that people will crave a government with totalitarian power over them, they seek to destroy the family.  If you read Solzhenitsyn, you will find that millions of children were abandoned as orphans in the former Soviet Union as a result of deliberate policy to destroy the intact family and divide husband and wife, parent and child.  That has been there program in the US since WWII.  And they have succeeded to a terrifying degree] Taking care of your family yourself repudiates them. Defending your family (especially when you exercise your fundamental Second Amendment rights) repudiates them. Raising your children as strong, independent Americans instead of spoiled, crybullying snowflakes, repudiates them. Just being normal repudiates them.

Maybe Ward Cleaver wouldn’t put it this way, but I will: By choosing to grow up and be a man, you tell the liberal elite to go to hell. 

But what’s more important, you will do you God-given duty.  The great crisis our culture faces is primarily a crisis of fatherhood.  Yes, the left has, with diabolical wisdom, chosen its target well.  By destroying fatherhood, they knew they would destroy the family. That sense is what underlies much of modern feminism.

However, far too many men have become willing collaborator’s in this effort to destroy the family. Far too few men have fought back.  Far too many have happily gone along with the destruction of marriage and the family, choosing to “enjoy” the fleeting (if false) pleasures the current degraded moral climate offers, rather than leading a chaste and morally upright life.  And far too few cultural leaders, especially within the Church (but also all other churches and sects), have given them inspiration and the tools to eschew the temptations of the moral sewer we inhabit and become the men God is calling them to be.

There is certainly much blame to go around.  I wonder, however, the degree to which the collapse of the proper understanding and conduct of the priesthood – the ultimate spiritual fatherhood – has influenced the collapse of the familial paternal role.  I would wager, it’s been quite significant.

But, of course, I’m preaching to the choir again.  You know me…..can’t get enough “amens.”




1. Tim - December 17, 2015


2. oakesspalding - December 17, 2015

American Beauty was a hateful cliche. But I like The Graduate (without agreeing with all of the implicit messages). I think you can see “plastics” or whatever as a stand in for mainstream secularist pap. No, I’m not saying you should have adulterous affairs with your girlfriend’s mother. But the basic idea-rejecting the mainstream expectation-because (if it is) it’s boring, stupid and wrong is not in and of itself bad. Indeed, in the abstract it’s good, especially if you have something better to replace it with-a Christian romance, marriage and family.

Tantumblogo - December 17, 2015

I like The Graduate to, but the fathers were all dead eyed stiffs.

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