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Two great sermons to listen to December 16, 2015

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Two very good sermons for your Advent listening pleasure, and, hopefully, edification.  In the first, Father speaks of the need to enjoy and benefit from Advent as a vitally important liturgical season.  Advent is a time of penance and spiritual preparation, not just a time to shop like mad and get so caught up in material concerns that the spirit of the season is totally lost and we wind up on Christmas morning both exhausted and totally unprepared to enjoy the great fruit available in that great festive season.  At the same time, we lose the great graces available from participating in the intended penance of Advent.  Good sermon:

Now another, which is more polemical, coming from that parish in “south St. Paul” which has been publicized quite a bit on The Remnant of late.  First, it’s great to hear that another diocesan parish is not only making the TLM available, but offering it every day!  That is a rare thing!  This priest must be blessed with a bishop at least somewhat well disposed to Tradition. Many priests are not so fortunate, including a priest from West Texas of whom I am very fond.  You may be thinking of El Paso, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Father launches from that announcement into a sort of parody of the Church today, imagining how St. John the Baptist would “accost” Herod for his illicit marriage if he were like the shepherds we have in the Church today. After giving a history of Herod and his sordid life, as well as the sanctity of St. John the Baptist, the priest examines the vast discrepancy between the repentance that great Saint preached, and the moral laxitude encouraged by Church leaders like Cardinal Kasper.  Kasper, so bereft of faith, pretends that God does not care about our personal sins, or certainly won’t hold them against us, and posits on that basis to allow those still in the depths of grave moral dereliction to approach and receive the holiest object in the material universe, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

So imagine, if you will, how a Kasper the Baptist would approach Herod in his adulterous union.  John was willing to die for the Truth.  I think we all know Kasper would not endure so much as a hang nail for the same.  Another powerful sermon:

I had more I wanted to get to today, but I am out of time.  I pray you have a blessed evening!



1. Baseballmom - December 16, 2015

Looking forward to listening to both of them, thanks. And, just to gloat a bit…. I had all the Christmas shopping finished BEFORE Advent began… Wanted to really focus on this season….

2. Mitchell H - December 16, 2015

I know the priest in the South St. Paul sermon, and indeed he is a very good priest. He taught Bible study for many years at the adult education classes in a Minneapolis parish. (Using the Douay Rheimes.) He’s a military chaplain (a colonel, I think; he once showed up for a lecture still in his combat fatigues!), a former teacher at the Seminary, a man with a very dry wit and a great intellect who also rides a motorcycle.

He’s an absolute joy, and it’s interesting to note that he has been at this “indult” parish through the terms of Archbishop Flynn (moderate to liberal; our good priest did a dead-on impression of him!), Archbishop Nienstedt (conservative), and Archbishop Hebda, the current Apostolic Administrator.

3. Peter - December 17, 2015

A sermon that feeds the soul. Can we get that kind of sustenance anywhere in Dallas?

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