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Dallas gets a new auxiliary bishop, Greg Kelly December 17, 2015

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The appointment of Fr. Greg Kelly, formerly vicar for clergy in the Diocese for many years, to auxiliary bishop was announced yesterday.  He is, in essence, replacing former auxiliary Mark Seitz, who departed to El Paso a little over a year ago:

Bishop Kevin J. Farrell announced Wednesday that Monsignor Greg Kelly will serve as the Diocese of Dallas’ new auxiliary bishop. The news followed the official announcement of the appointment by Pope Francis earlier in Rome.

Kelly will be Dallas’ second auxiliary bishop, joining with Bishop Doug Deshotel in assisting Farrell with leading the diocese’s nearly 1.3 million Catholics.

“Christmas came early to the Diocese of Dallas,” Farrell said at a press conference. “I could not think of a better person. He is one of the most hardworking priests.”

“I’m very grateful to the pope for this appointment,” Kelly said. “I’m looking forward to looking with [Farrell] in this capacity.”

Kelly has served in the diocese for over 34 years. Trained at Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving, he was the chaplain at the University of Dallas for 10 years before serving as pastor at St. Gabriel the Archangel in McKinney. He has acted as the vicar for clergy for the diocese since 2008.

Upon learning of his appointment, Kelly said he was glad to stay in the diocese.

“I thought, ‘Great. I don’t have to go anywhere,’” he joked…….. [Whew.  What a doozy.  My side hurts]

………In his new position, Kelly expects to continue his work with the diocese’s clergy in addition to other roles.

Kelly will be ordained as bishop Feb. 11 at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Someone has already asked about Bishop-elect Kelly.  He was pastor at St. Gabriel in McKinney for a while, but departed in 2008 under what I understand was a bit of a cloud.  Or that was the scuttlebutt, anyway, could just have been rumor.  He’s been at the chancery ever since.  Maybe some longtime McKinneyites can inform us.

I’ve only ever had one interaction with him, he served as go-between when the former Novus Ordo Latin Mass in Plano was undergoing one of its many struggles.  I think he faithfully reported my concerns, not that they had any impact. He seems a likable enough guy.  He’s a product of Holy Trinity Seminary in the 70s, so I wouldn’t expect a traditional firebrand.

Other than that, you got me.  Love to learn more, feel free to share in the comments.



1. ursula - December 17, 2015

Wasn’t he a priest at All Saints when Rudolph Kos was also there? Has Fr. Kelly ever spoken out about the molestations, the abuse, the perceived stonewalling by the diocese?Was he ever asked to testify?Is this the same Fr. Kelly?

Tantumblogo - December 17, 2015

If he was ordained in ’81, and spent 10 years at the seminary chapel, till ’91, that would take him out of the Kos window, I think. But I think sometimes seminary chaplains did double duty at parishes, but mostly by filling in.

Fr. Clifford Smith - December 18, 2015

He was Chaplain for the University of Dallas and the Chapel of the incarnation there … not the Seminary.

2. ursula - December 17, 2015


“He served as Parochial Vicar of All Saints in Dallas from 1982-86, as Chaplain at the University of Dallas from 1986-1996, as Pastor of St. Gabriel the Archangel in McKinney from 1996-2008 and has served as Vicar for Clergy for the Diocese of Dallas since January, 2008. He was named Monsignor by Pope Benedict XVI on February 1, 2013.”

Tantumblogo - December 17, 2015

Well there you go. So I guess they did overlap. And there was something else, something more, at St. Gabriel. It’s always been kinda dark and murky.

3. Sir Louis - December 17, 2015

Quite some years ago I knew him at close range but not deeply. He struck me as a decent person but lightweight. I suspect that he’s been holed up in the chancery because he hadn’t the strengths needed to be a parochial pastor.

4. David - December 18, 2015

For the record, I recall that Fr. Robert Williams was instrumental in cracking the case that prosecuted Kos (had the admissions team listened to Kos’s ex-wife, the diocese would have been much better off). I don’t know Fr. Williams, but for a while he was assigned out in the sticks (Corsicana at one point) until Bishop Farrell assigned him to Good Shepherd in Garland circa 2008. I have never met Fr. Williams, but if I did, I would thank him for his courage, honesty, and masculinity.

sticks - December 22, 2015

The “sticks” ? Oh you mean the peripheries. Like where I’m at. What I do recall about Kelly is when he was chaplain at UD. I was taking some classes there in the early nineties. I already had a degree. They had, and still may have, two daily Masses. At that time there was some Spanish introduced into the daily Mass which was simply unnecessary, completely PC and ridiculous. I don’t know who decided to do that. It was never done in the eighties when I was an undergraduate there. Ostensibly it was so the foreign students would feel “at home.” I’m like what foreign students. It wasn’t like the chapel was full of them. I can tell you that when UD students go on their Rome semester, the Italians certainly don’t fall all over themselves providing English Mass for them. I must say that in some ways Kelly is a very good priest, however.

5. Bea - December 18, 2015

A holy, humble man serving Christ, the Church and her people. A gift from God for Dallas!

I imagine that he’s also available to hear confessions for sins of calumny for those who 1. bear false witness 2. against a priest and 3. to a large audience.

Ursula - December 18, 2015

I don’t think there is any calumny in asking background questions pertaining to a priest who was at All Saints, particularly as he is being appointed auxiliary bishop. The days of the Church getting a pass on the who what where’s and why’s are long gone. They brought that kind of scrutiny on themselves.

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