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Repubniks betray base yet again December 18, 2015

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Longtime readers will know that over the past 3 years or so I have lost just about all faith in the Republican party.  Especially since the elections of 2014, when they were handed historic majorities in both Houses of Congress and yet have done little with those majorities but to continue to advance Obama’s agenda, I have been forced to come to the conclusion that both parties are now dominated by corporatist masters and an over-awning acceptance of cultural leftism.

Some folks held out hope that ousting former Speaker John Boehner would yield some positive developments, but in his first major legislative act as Speaker, Paul Ryan has produced a massive, bloated omnibus spending bill that greatly expands immigration and other items noxious to the base.  Even more, this spending bill was negotiated by a tiny group on insiders, worked out in close collaboration with Obama and congressional democrats, and was basically kept hidden from the large conservative caucus in the House.  Once it was completed, the public and general members of the House were provided with all of 48 hours to review the nearly 3000 page bill.

In short, they’ve flipped the bird at those who put them in office once again.  How long are we going to continue to vote for guys who only pay lip service to our concerns at election time, and then rule like leftist insiders once they’re in office?

Some of the worst aspects:

(2) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Sanctuary Cities

Five months ago, 32-year-old Kate Steinle was bleeding to death in her father’s arms. She was gunned down in broad daylight by a five-time deported criminal alien whose presence in the country was the direct result of San Francisco’s refusal to comply with U.S. immigration law—yet Paul Ryan’s omnibus rewards these lawless Sanctuary Cities with federal grants. Division B Title II of Ryan’s omnibus funds various grant programs for the Department of Justice (pages 167, 168, and 169) and contains no language that would restrict the provision of such grants to sanctuary jurisdictions.

In a Congressional hearing, Steinle’s father demanded Congressional action and recalled his daughter’s dying words: “Help me, Dad.”

(3) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All Refugee Programs

Despite broad support amongst Republican lawmakers for a proposal to halt all refugee resettlement, Ryan’s appropriations bill will fund President Obama’s refugee resettlement operation and will allow for the admission of tens of thousands of refugees with access to federal benefits. Division H Title II of Ryan’s bill contains appropriations of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and contains no language that would restrict the program. Nor are there any restrictions for the program in Division K of Ryan’s bill, which provides funding for the Department of State, which oversees refugee admissions.

Ryan is not one of the 84 cosponsors of Babin’s bill to halt the refugee operation, and he recently told Sean Hannity that he does not support halting resettlement because, “We’re a compassionate country. The refugees laws are important laws.”

(4) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All of the Mideast Immigration Programs That Have Been Exploited by Terrorists in Recent Years 

Although multiple immigrant and visa programs in recent years have been exploited by terrorists (such as the F-1 “student” visa, the K-1 “fiancée” visa, and our green card and refugee programs), Ryan’s proposal does nothing to limit admissions from jihadist-prone regions. As Senators Shelby and Sessions of Alabama noted in a joint statement: “The omnibus would put the U.S. on a path to approve admission for hundreds of thousands of migrants from a broad range of countries with jihadists movements over the next 12 months, on top of all the other autopilot annual immigration.”

(5) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Illegal Alien Resettlement

On page 917 of Ryan’s omnibus a section titled “Refugee and Entrant Assistance” funds the President’s resettlement of illegal immigrant border crossers.

(7) Ryan’s Omnibus Quadruples H-2B Foreign Worker Visas 

Despite Ryan’s pledge not to move an immigration compromise with President Obama, tucked 700 pages into Ryan’s spending bill is language that would resuscitate and expand a controversial provision of the Schumer-Rubio Gang of Eight plan to increase the H-2B visa program.

The provision “would quadruple the number of H-2B visas for unskilled guest workers, for a total of more than 250,000,” writes immigration attorney Ian Smith. The Americans who fill these jobs are typically “society’s most vulnerable — including single women, the disabled, the elderly, minorities, teenagers, students, and first-generation immigrants,”  Smith explains.

A recent BuzzFeed exposé revealed how this program allows businesses to discriminate against American workers and “deliberately den[y] jobs to American workers so they can hire foreign workers on H-2 visas instead.” As one GOP aide told Breitbart News, “This provision is a knife in the heart of the working class, and African Americans.”

The bill has now passed into law. It passed with a majority of Republican and Democrat support.  Both parties own this turkey.

This bill also postpones the “Cadillac tax” portion of Obamacare, helping to keep it politically viable for a little longer. Democrats are crowing that this budget represents a huge victory for them.  Why, exactly, do we keep voting Republican?

I’m not fan of Trump or his movement.  But it appears the Republican party is doing all they can to assure his election.  I very much get the extreme anger that is driving his lead position in the polls.  There are tens of millions of Americans who feel, quite rightly, that neither party serves their interests in the slightest.  That’s a very dangerous thing, for tens of millions of the hardest working, most virtuous citizens to feel that their government not only does not represent them, but constantly works against them, belittles them, mocks them, and yet constantly demands they pay for this thing or that that they hate.  I don’t think this can continue much longer without some kind of reckoning, and I fear the longer that reckoning is put off, the more extreme the reaction will be.



1. Tim - December 18, 2015

The Republicowards are in lock step with Satan and the Demoncrats. They both bow to the same master. Our country is in such sad shape that our best political hope is Donald Trump. Obviously for us Catholics we know our Hope rests in Our Lord Jesus Christ. So from the earthly realm…..TRUMP 2016! From the spiritual realm, as Ann Barnhardt says…STAY CONFESSED!

Rush’s take:


2. Tim - December 19, 2015
3. c matt - December 21, 2015

Sad to realize we have sunk so low that Trump looks like the best choice. Trump!?!?

Tim - December 22, 2015

I agree, but reality on the ground is what it is. At least he appears to be a man of action and is not currently “owned” by the NWO elites….that can certainly change however. The ultimate problem is that “democracy” does not work. Without virtuous leaders grounded in the Catholic Faith any system of government is set up for ultimate failure.

4. MFG - December 23, 2015


“When a government that has pledged to do everything can’t do anything, otherwise sensible people turn to the strongman. This is how the autocrat, the popular dictator, gains power. We are seduced by his success and strength.”

Tim - December 24, 2015

We already have an autocratic dictator…..Obozo.

5. Candace - December 23, 2015

Good post. Great comments. I like Jeff Sessions, too. Ah, and yes it seems like we are left with Trump. Actually, he is so amusing and far smarter than he is given credit for. However, the election is too far away and the craven impotence of the Court and Congress makes me very nervous. Prayers are, indeed, in order. Samuel 1, Chapter 8 sheds light on the thoughts of our country’s founders on our responsibility as citizens.

6. camper - December 23, 2015

I used to support Trump, and he is obviously is the only candidate openly committed to enforcing the law, but HE WILL BE THE DEATH OF AMERICA, and America is greater than a deeply immoral fool like Donald Trump.

7. Tim - December 23, 2015
8. camper - December 23, 2015

What I mean is that Donald Trump is not electable. Just look at the polls!

Tim - December 23, 2015

I remember 1980…..the same things were said about Ronald Reagan. We may well see history repeat itself.

9. Candace - December 24, 2015

Tim, I think that Barnhardt axiom is a bit unkind. I do know that Trump has wanted to run for a long time because of his disgust with politicians and began to do so at one point as a reform candidate. He has shown himself to be astute and prescient as when he predicted the attack of 9/11. His blustering may very well be a ruse – it is a common one in some places. As far as I can tell his children are pretty well adjusted, happy and successful. That counts a lot with me. But, yes, I cringe. God’s in charge, though. Let’s see what happens – praying.

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