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Short Flightline Friday – F-35s first LFE, wheeled launcher for MLRS December 18, 2015

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Checkered Flag is a major large force, mixed type air defense exercise held at Tyndall AFB, FL a few times a year.  With the F-35A scheduled to achieve initial operational capability in August of next year, F-35s have been participating in more and more regular large force exercises (LFEs), though not the king of them all, Red Flag, to my knowledge.

Anyhoo, F-35s from the 33rd Fighter Wing at nearby Eglin are participating in Checkered Flag for what I think is the first time.  Some good military pr0n below, check out the tail art on the Wild Weasel F-16CG from Shaw:


That's 50 years of Wild Weasel SAM suppression aircraft

That’s 50 years of Wild Weasel SAM suppression aircraft



I’m still very cool to the F-35, but it’s inevitable at this point.  There is simply nothing else available, thanks to the hideous direction of Robert Gates.

Reader TE sent me the following video this week.  It’s fairly close to home for him.  New wheeled version of the MLRS launcher, called HiMARS.  I guess they’re keeping the tracked versions, too?  I don’t follow Army stuff very much, so I really don’t know:

So MLRS can launch either the original battlefield-ranged rocket or the theater-ranged ATACMS.  Video of the tracked platform from the 80s below:

That’s you’re Flightline Friday for today.  Not that many care!


1. Blaine - December 18, 2015

I still care bud!

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