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Shorter Response to Farrell: Franklin Armory Binary Firing System January 11, 2016

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I’ve never really wanted an AR……until now.  I assume this works with all calibers/lowers/uppers?  But firing, say, .308 at the rates shown below would likely have me spraying the sky with bullets in no time.

Franklin Armory has produced a new drop-in trigger replacement for your AR that fires every time you depress…..and release……..the trigger.  That latter bit makes tremendous rates of fire possible, as shown below:

Can you believe it?  Practically automatic fire from an ATF approved semi-auto trigger drop-in?  Amazing!

I’ve got to think the ATF will move on this shortly?  Anyone know the finer points of the definition of semi-auto and whether this would require specific legislation to ban, or could they move against it administratively?

That is to say, just how long do I have so save up at least $11-1200 for a gun (including $400 binary trigger!).

Franklin Arms, how about making one of these for AKs next!



1. skeinster - January 11, 2016

Oooh- and a thing that goes up!

2. c matt - January 11, 2016

my understanding, though far from expert, is that automatic means no other action is required other than a single pulling of the trigger to fire multiple shots. Since the next shot is not fired until the trigger is released, seems it would not fall under the definition for now.

3. Woody - January 11, 2016

Holy Cow! Why show this now, AFTER Christmas! I hope I can wait until my birthday.

4. frankljs - January 11, 2016

Awsome, im getting one!

5. Gary - January 11, 2016

I hugged my Rock River 😘, 223 5.56.

6. Sir Louis - January 12, 2016

Why not a bump fire stock for $100? Effectively, the recoil releases your finger and the return from your shoulder presses the trigger against your finger again. Automatic fire rates and ATF is absolutely okay with it. But you will want to invest also in a cylindrical magazine.

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