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Our moral superiors in the academic left January 13, 2016

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Great column by RS McCain.  He notes that the leftist academics (and the students they churn out, year after year) who set themselves up as our collective moral superiors, fit to pass judgment on all the failings they perceive among us, the unenlightened, are an odd lot to proclaim superiority over anyone.  He catalogs a partial list of academics convicted of grave crimes or guilty of bizarre public behavior just over the past couple of years.  Some of these individuals have (or had) a very wide public profile and wielded significant influence within academia.

Something to bear in mind when contemplating sending off the children you have prayed, sweat, and struggled over for years off to college:

Liberal intellectuals are convinced that the rest of us are so stupid we need them to tell us what to think. Their narcissism manifests itself as a contempt for the common sense of ordinary Americans, an attitudeThomas Sowell analyzed in The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy. [I would argue, even more, it manifests as a specific and intentional rejection of Christian morality and Scholastic reasoning.  Those have to be destroyed in order to convince people to buy into the leftist shibboleths] What inspires the Left’s rage — the source of their constant accusations that ordinary Americans are racist, sexist homophobes — is simply that the Left expects the rest of us to accept their authority as Our Moral Superiors™ and they become angry when we refuse to do so. [For a demonstration of that, I received some jackass comments from left wing trolls due to my blog being linked by the Dallas Morning News.] The children of privilege spend Daddy’s money to get an Ivy League diploma and how dare you fail to acknowledge their right to tell you how to live?

However, the intellectual class harbors so many lunatics, perverts and criminals that one suspects the faculty hiring process systematically excludes decent and honest people from academic employment. The psychotic Professor Hugo Schwyzer’s 2013 meltdown was just the tip of an iceberg of degenerate madness in academia. Walter Lee Williams, whose works include Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia, was “an eminent professor of gender and sexuality studies” at the University of Southern California before he pleaded guilty in federal court to traveling the world to pursue sex with boys as young as 9. Columbia University political science Professor David Epstein copped a plea bargain for having incest with his daughter. Rutgers University Professor Anna Stubblefield was convicted of sexually molesting a mentally disabled man. Lehigh University Professor Yujie Ding was convicted of federal fraud charges, and Florida State University Professor James Doran was convicted of embezzlement. One could make a long list of university faculty — Professor Alyssa Azotea (psychology, Simmons College),Professor Michael Dean Stroup (economics, Stephen F. Austin State University), Professor James Francis Quinn (criminology, University of North Texas), Professor Douglas Paul Dohrman (health science, Texas A&M University), Professor Christopher DeZutter (chemistry, University of Minnesota-Rochester), Professor Noel Campbell (business, University of Central Arkansas), Professor Kevin Sullivan (public health, Emory University), Professor Amol Kharabe (business, Ohio University),Professor J. Martin Favor (African American studies, Dartmouth College), to name just a few recent cases — arrested on child pornography charges. The FBI says self-described “boy lover” Professor James Cavalcoli used the Internet in his attempt to meet a minor for sex. And, of course, there was University of Georgia Professor Max Reinhart, who was charged with prostitution for peddling himself online as a transvestite named “Sasha.”

Goodness.  17 names.  That’s quite a panoply of perversion and moral degradation.

But it’s not altogether surprising. Look, it’s easy to paint one’s ideological adversaries as horrific monsters – the other side does it all the time – but look what leftism advocates.  Hedonism.  Self-pleasing. Rejection of authority.  Rejection of traditional authority.  The destruction of the family.  Sexual immorality.  General immorality.  Theft in the form of “income redistribution.”  The list goes on and on.

Is it really likely that souls deeply steeped in such beliefs, holding them to be so very dear and so very much above all that Christofascist bunk (that just happened to create Western Civilization and all the rights, privileges, and material wealth they couldn’t live without) that they strive to undermine and destroy every day, would not eventually begin to fall into levels of degradation to the point of breaking the law and injuring others (like the soul-destroying crime of raping children)?  Or is it the other way around?  Are people attracted to leftism because they find immorality attractive to begin with?  Rejection of virtue and the trumpeting of vice as virtue, all wrapped in a politico-religious system that portrays doing so the height of goodness and right……it’s likely all a self-reinforcing vicious circle like the many-staired descent into hell.

And they expect us to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege of indoctrination by such warped individuals?  I don’t think so.



1. The Porcelain Doll - January 14, 2016

Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions.

2. Confused Catholic - January 14, 2016

We are in the ripe condition for another dictator like Hitler. Resentment over these doofus elites is giving way to racism and nationalism all over the world. Very quickly rhetoric is giving way to call minorities of societies enemies of the nation, it’s happening all over the world, and people are so tired of leftists that they don’t care anymore.

Please read up on how a country full of Christians supported the Nazis. There was great resentment over the moral corruption and economic woes over the Weimar Republic, so all it took was a neopagan tyrant chanting slogans positively about Christian values to deceive most Christians into supporting evil.

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