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The underground Church in China continues in its bloody martyrdom January 13, 2016

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This item is a couple of months old, but I had only heard of it a few days ago, and so maybe it’s new to you, too.  Cardinal Kung WeiPedroFoundation – the ONLY Church-group in China worthy of support, as it is the only one that is not compromised with the so-called “patriotic church” in any way – informed the world this past November that Father Pedro Wei He Pung had been found dead, floating in a Chinese river, under extremely suspicious circumstances.  The government claims suicide, this writer believes the Chicom government had him killed.

Excerpts from the press release:

Father Pedro WEI HePing (蔚和平神父), a young underground Catholic Priest in China, died a week ago on November 6. He was 41 years old. The Cardinal Kung Foundation has learned that Father Wei’s body was found floating in a river in the City of Taiyuan (太原) in Shanxi (山西) Province. The cause of death was not determined, but the government authority claimed that it was a case of suicide. Knowing Father Wei for almost two decades since his student days, this foundation and many of his friends believe that it is out of his character to commit suicide…….

…….Since his return to China in 2007, he devoted himself totally in pastoral work, particularly in extremely poor and desolated areas. He gave many retreats and seminars at underground convents and seminaries. With a special focus on youth development, he started “Pilgrimage on Foot” and personally led many youth groups on pilgrimage, walking hundreds of miles as a way of faith formation and character building. His zeal in vocation led him to established an underground seminary, taught by priests with advanced overseas qualifications.

Fr. Wei, through his hardwork and organization skills, made great contribution in China church in less than a decade. He shared with us many of his future plans. He commanded the respects and cooperation of his contemporaries in other dioceses. Would such a zealous good shepherd with strong faith commit suicide? What was the true cause of his death? This myth must be solved.

The Catholic Church in China has been divided into two groups since 1957 when the communist government made the Roman Catholic Church illegal. Those believers who refused to renounce their fidelity with the Roman Pontiff in spite of severe persecution became known as the underground Church. Consequently, they continue to suffer severe repercussions, harassment and restriction. Another group, commonly known as the open Church, is founded and controlled by the Chinese government through the Catholic Patriotic Association which, as characterized by Pope Benedict XVI, is an organization “independent of the Holy See, in the religious sphere” and “is incompatible with Catholic doctrine”. This group of bishops/clergy surrender the life of the church to the Chinese government authority. While doing this, a large number of these open church bishops had sought and received the Vatican approval, while continuing their roles in the Patriotic Association Churches.

Which is really a scandal in its own right.  The Church, since the days of JPII at least, has played footsie with the communist government in interminable negotiations aimed at regularizing the “open” church. In many respects, the true Church is treated as an embarrassment by Church authorities (not limited to this pontificate).  The Vatican has willingly regularized a number of “patriotic” bishops put forth by the Chinese government, some of which have made indications of fealty to Rome, others of which have not.  A Christmas newsletter form the Society had this to say on these negotiations:

Now that the situation of those underground bishops [several of which are imprisoned, some for decades]  who are currently imprisoned due to defending their communion with the Pope appear to have been put on the back burner by the Holy See’s negotiation delegation [led by the uber-liberal Cardinal Parolin], did Cardinal Kung and thousands of other bishops and clergy including Bishop Zhumin of Boading and Bishop Ma of Shanghai overemphasize the importance of fidelity and communion with the Supreme Pontiff, to the extent of giving up their lives, or accepting decades of imprisonment in order to keep their communion with the Pope?

In the view of Cardinal Zen, the Archbishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, “the talks are a waste of time. The Chinese party will never give nearly enough to make a deal palatable to the Vatican.”  On the other hand, Cardinal Tong, current Archbishop of Hong Kong, is of the opinion that “keeping dialogue open means that a better deal with China could develop.”

Well, that’s the post-conciliar Church, always in for more dialogue. Though I fear any deal reached under this pontificate could bear very poorly for the true Church in China.

Please remember the millions of souls attached to that long suffering underground Church in your prayers.  It must be incredibly painful and difficult to feel that even the Vatican does not always value the fidelity they have shown to Holy Mother Church.  They are sadly far from alone. It seems oftentimes in recent years, it is those who show the most faithfulness and devotion to our timeless Church are those who are viewed as inconvenient, even embarrassing, by the institutional powers that be.

In which case, the prayers we offer now may be efficacious for ourselves at some not too distant date.

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