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Nativity scene in heavily Muslim Brussels has to be kept behind bars to prevent vandalism January 18, 2016

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Reader JB (from Spain!) sent me the following pics of a famous Nativity Scene from Grand Place in Brussels that has to be kept behind a heavy iron grate and another separate fence to keep the figures of Our Lady, Lord, St. Joseph and others from being vandalized by musloid aggressors.

The reader relates that attacks are frequent in Brussels as the city population is now 25% muslim and half of all babies born there are, as well.

The first pic is sort of a postcard view of the Nativity Scene in the past, the other shows the scene from the Year of Our Lord two thousand and fifteen:

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When I saw this, my mind immediately lept – for some reason – to something I had not thought about in years.  That something is Kenneth Clark’s 13 part BBC documentary on civilization, and especially the first episode, wherein he relates how the ancient world – the first European civilization fell, was subsumed in darkness, and then seemed poised to vanish forever. It was only, to use his phrase, by the skin of our teeth that European civilization was not only preserved, but a new and much greater one fostered. And who did that saving and fostering?  The Church.  He makes no bones about the fact that the European civilization is entirely owed to the efforts of the Roman Catholic Church.

But he relates something else, something more substantive for the point of view of my recent thinking.  Civilizations can fall.  They have in the past, and they will again.  Powerful civilizations are never destroyed from without, but from within.  As I believe Clark ably relates at ~7:30 in the video below, civilizations become exhausted.  Especially, the leadership becomes exhausted.  Eventually, decadence and decline creep in to such a degree that generations are raised that no longer know what made the civilization tick, what held it together, what made it exist in the first place, and many in those generations – especially among the elites – even begin to war against those vital elements.

String together a few generations like that – and we’ve had them, at least among a large percentage of our population – and you eventually get to a point where a sufficient number (I don’t know what that is) actually begin to have a sort of death wish towards their own culture. They begin to loathe and revile it, because they don’t understand it.  Or they hate it because they know the souls who created it are far beyond them, and yet they believe they are the bestest, smartest, most awesomest people ever, and they resent that some backwards religious hicks could create this awesome organism and yet they know that they themselves could not.  Whatever the reason, you get to a point where many among that class that produces most political and cultural leaders begin, consciously or not, maliciously or not, to work for the civilization’s destruction, to yearn for the end.

I think that is why Western leaders, especially European leaders, have almost universally (I know the few exceptions) accepted this absolutely insane belief that they should allow in millions of hostile, hateful, predatory muslim men.  This in spite of almost every conceivable bit of evidence and the experience of millions of their own citizens.  They are flooding their own somnolent culture with a vigorous, if totally hostile, new population.  The parallels to the end of the Roman Empire are simply too stunning to ignore – the situations are, in fact, almost identical.  And ideologically, economically, militarily, and culturally exhausted civilization of very great wealth is sort of aging into nothingness.  Seemingly out a desire to be euthanized (just as they’ve literally done to their own parents), the Euro-leaders desire the hasten the end by flooding their countries with barbarians.

Overwrought?  Going too far?  I think not.  I think that’s just about exactly where we’re at – it’s, say, AD 390.  There has been no shattering Battle of Adrianople to presage the collapse of Roman power, Rome has not been sacked, but the barbarians are everywhere in the empire and no one seems to know much want to do about it.

Pretty good video below.  In fact, watch the whole thing, if you have time. While the barbarians ended Roman power in the West, they did not end the civilization.  It took the muslims to bring on the dark ages:

PS – There are nuances, of course.  For example, the ancient civilization was preserved in the Byzantine Empire until at least the 12th century or so, at least in its major points.



1. Tradition and Lace - January 18, 2016

To quote you from your article,
“Generations are raised that no longer know what made the civization tick…” It is very sad to say but,
If you substitute the word CIVILIZATION
with the words
TRADITIONAL ROMAN CATHOLICISM, you’ve just described, what I believe we are facing now, during our own lifetimes.
Very good article. Also, Thank You for the
God Bless!

2. Will coddling of islam cause the Church to be caught in the general anti-religious backlash? | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - January 19, 2016

[…] by the same people who seem to long for the destruction of Western Civilization that I described here] The overall objection to the Church’s stance is that it doesn’t comport with the evidence. […]

3. Observer - January 19, 2016

Maybe I’m wrong, but all the available evidence indicates that most of our “leaders”, both temporal and spiritual, know exactly what they are doing by facilitating the Muslim invasion of Christian lands. They are not stupid, they can read history books. Their actions speak of malice aforethought. This is a very difficult conclusion for most to accept.

4. pablothemexican - January 19, 2016

Post three Mexican Abuelitas (Grandmas) to guard it as the only security measures.

No problemo.

They are where the Cristeros came from.

.¡Viva Cristo Rey!


5. Guest - January 19, 2016

Unfortunately it’s not so easy to find a solution. It was the West that destabilised the Middle East and helped form ISIS. Furthermore, alongside terrorist and invaders there are also genuine Muslim refugees. And if you say “only help the Christians” you’ll find lots of Muslims pretending to be Christians. On one hand there are terrorists invading Europe, no doubt about it. On the other mistreatment of genuine Muslim refugees only increases resentment of the West and helps ISIS.

Too many people do say that all the Muslims are just invaders and fear and hate them. So much so that their humanity doesn’t matter, nor the actual teachings of Jesus, in the name of national security. I’ve seen trads acting like ultranationalists and take up a racist ideology because of the refugee crises. If they start killing and mistreating immigrants, Christians around the world will be persecuted by ethno-nationalists all over the world. This whole thing appears that it will trigger WWIII, and like I said before, afterwards everyone will accept the one world system in the name of peace.

6. John - January 19, 2016

While I do think we are seeing the decline of Western Civilization, I doubt it will come as a crash, but rather as a slow slide into a world much like Brave New World. Despite all the talk of a Muslim invasion, there are too few of them in Europe. They only represent on average 3-4% of the population in most countries, and 5-6% in France and Germany. And although they are having more children than Europeans, they are having less children than their parents.


What is an issue is the concentration of Muslims in neighborhoods where Muslim orthodoxy or Sharia law is allowed to be preached and lived.

The real threat to our liberty of religion I think will come from Atheism; once society has a majority Atheists they will force their worldview upon the rest of society. In Spain atheists represent over 20% of the population and the ones I have come in contact with are vehemently anti-Catholic. I have heard comments such as, “the Catholic Church is an evil institution….the Catholic Church should be eliminated…..”. And this from people whom are in their 30s. When this generation has kids, and they grow up – I wouldn’t be surprised if we Catholics suffer a persecution like the Jews during WWII.

God Bless

7. John - January 20, 2016

Just a small correction, in France Muslims represent almost 10% – not 5-6%.

I have started reading a book called Soumission by Michel Houellebecq which presents a scenario in which in the elections of 2022 the right wing nationalist party wins with 35% of the vote. However in the runoff election (in France there are two rounds), the Islamic Party and Socialists unite each with 20% of the vote to win. This then brings a Muslim president to power. It’s a shocking read, because one seems to enter a different world.

In any case, I stand by my prediction that we risk more from Atheists than from Muslims.

Observer - January 20, 2016

I live in UK and my work takes me to France twice a year. Believe me, the Muslim population of France is easily 20% and increasing rapidly. Officially there are 5 million Muslims in UK, but the real figure is much more.

John - January 20, 2016

I visit France frequently (I live in Spain) but it depends where you go. Muslims may represent 20% in some cities but be virtually nonexistent elsewhere.

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