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Will coddling of islam cause the Church to be caught in the general anti-religious backlash? January 19, 2016

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Reader MFG sent me a link to an article (a bit dated, now) that I think presents an interesting angle.  The Church, from its highest level down through many national conferences and dioceses, has presented a view of islam that dramatically contrasts with people’s practical experience.  It is, in the opinion of many souls, a dramatically false view.  At the same time, we have seen in recent years a marked rise in anti-religious, and especially anti-Christian, persecution, from the sexular pagan culture and from islam itself (which persecution informs many Catholics’ rejection of the official line of islam as a great religion, a religion of peace).

With islam flooding Europe and on the march throughout much of the world, and almost daily reports of atrocities from Stockholm to Islamabad, will the Church’s coddling of islam result in the eventual backlash against religion generally, and defenders of islam in particular?  Writer William Fitzpatrick thinks so (I add emphasis and comments):

……The argument for rejecting all religion is that all religions are essentially the same and, therefore, all religions lead in the same direction—namely, toward bloodshed. That’s a fairly simplistic view of religion, but simplicity seems to be the order of the day…..[I only included this bit to establish where I disagree with the author: almost all atheists are left-wing in nature.  Not all, but most.  And even those that are inclined towards fiscal neo-conservatism but who claim atheism are liberal in their social views.  The key thing to remember is this: atheists are very often not really against all religion, they’re simply violently against any religion but their own, the religion of sexular leftism.  They are militant advocates for a religion far more violent and exclusionary than even the Christianity of their warped fantasies, as proven by the rivers of blood that have flowed wherever leftist atheism is predominate. Having established that, we’ll get to the conclusion I largely agree with, but you should read the whole thing because it’s a very strong article]

If the Church continues to identify with Islam, others will begin to identify it with all that is bad in Islam. There will be a great deal of unfairness in the comparison, but if Church leaders can’t be bothered to emphasize its differences with Islam, the critics of the Church won’t bother either. The first line of critics will be the atheists. The Church leadership’s automatic defense of Islam plays into the atheist contention that all religions march in lockstep. Atheists will argue that the Church protects Islam because it shares the same narrow-minded, supremacist, and misogynist views. Having gotten in the habit of emphasizing the similarities between Islam and Catholicism, Catholics must now face the downside of comparing their faith with the most destructive and oppressive religion on the planet. [And one that is doctrinally, morally, and culturally totally incompatible with Catholicism, and is in fact about the only force in operation on the planet today similarly drenched in blood in comparison to leftism. That’s why I’ve said the Church is being crushed between the immovable rock of islam and the irresistible force of leftism]

And the backlash won’t be coming solely from the atheist amen corner. The Church’s Islam-friendly stance will begin to alienate other Christians (and a great many Catholics as well). [Indeed, it already is]A number of Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic friends and acquaintances have shared with me their dismay over the Vatican’s Islam policy. Similar sentiments have been expressed by various Christian columnists……Meanwhile, fundamentalist Christians are likely to be even more disenchanted. One of the distinctions Pope Francis does seem willing to make about religion is the distinction between authentic believers and “fundamentalists.”[Even while, paradoxically, Pope Francis has repeatedly demonstrated his enormous respect, almost fealty, towards fundamentalist protestants like Kenneth Copeland and others.  Apparently, his only disdain is reserved for orthodox Catholics]In his efforts to avoid offending mainstream Muslims, the Pope has delivered a back-handed insult to fundamentalist Christians. Judging by his statements, he seems to think that terrorists and Christian fundamentalists belong in more or less the same camp. And judging by other things he has said, the Pope seems to include many orthodox and traditional Catholics in the “fundamentalist” grouping. [This paragraph highlights something I’ve said repeatedly on this blog: the ecumenical/interreligious dialogue project is fundamentally doomed in the sense that it is impossible to come together with all these competing groups holding diametrically opposed beliefs without reducing oneself to total doctrinal indifference (which is the modernist goal all along, but they deny that fact).  Every single ecumenical “advance” with one group or sect means an opposite setback with a competing element. When the Church celebrates protestantism in 2017, and celebrate it will, mark my words, in spite of this, it will offend the Orthodox. When an advance is made with islam, it antagonizes believing Christians. An advance with the Lutherans means a setbacks with the Calvinists, on and on, ad infinitum.  That’s one of the prime reasons I hold the entire ecumenical project in utter disdain.  It’s a perversion of the Truth and fundamentally a project built in lies.]

Critics of the Vatican’s Islam policy don’t necessarily view the Church as a collaborator with Islam, but they see it as increasingly out of touch with reality.[And populated by the same people who seem to long for the destruction of Western Civilization that I described here] The overall objection to the Church’s stance is that it doesn’t comport with the evidence. Ordinary Christians who aren’t stuck with the task of defending a dubious narrative about Islam can see that there is a radical difference between the Christian faith and the religion of Islam. And they know that the blather about Islam being a religion of peace is sheer nonsense.

The result is that many Christians who are otherwise well-disposed toward the Catholic Church are losing confidence in the Church—at least in regard to the Islamic issue. At a time when the Christian world is looking for clear and forthright guidance, the Church’s leadership risks discrediting itself by continuing to identify the interests of Islam with its own interests.

I should say that, overall, I don’t see the institutional Church’s reflexive, progressive-oriented footsie with islam as something that will lead to a direct backlash against the Church generally.  I think the latter bit quoted above is more likely, that this will simply be another way in which the Church hemorrhages her already feeble moral capital away in the eyes of separated Christians and the world at large.  It will mean that Christians normally relatively well-disposed to the Church will become less so.  It also means that conversion, reversion, and all other evangelization efforts will be that much more difficult, when we have a Pope declaring to muslims that they should stay muslim rather than convert.

Incredible, but true.  That is the carnage that faces us in the Church of the Year of Our Lord 2016, due primarily to the progressive cabal now empowered to inflict its false and terrible vision on the Church.



1. Observer - January 19, 2016

If the Church gets caught up in an anti-islamic backlash it will be richly deserved. The people and governments of Hungary and Poland have told the EU they will not accept any phony refugees. It hasn’t happened yet, but I expect PF and his apparatchiks to criticize both countries for not engaging in “dialog” and “inclusiveness”.
It is remarkable, almost incredible, that the Church under PF is actively hostile to the legitimate concerns of its members.

2. Confused Catholic - January 19, 2016

I believe the neo-fascists will invade Italy and kill most of the hierarchy at the Vatican. Seems likely given the prophecies. Also there will be civil war in most of Europe.

3. W. Lindsay Wheeler - January 19, 2016

I would agree that the pro-Islamic attitude of the Catholic Church is going to harm it. I also agree with the above two comments. In conjunction with the Church’s pro-Islamic, Islam is a religion of peace nonsense, is that the Church is driving away nationalists of all stripes. Many people are rejecting Christianity because it has bought into anti-racism campaign of Cultural Marxism. It is driving all sorts of people away and as it does so–it is increasing the hate against it. The Church is supposed to Shepherd the Flocks in their national homelands—and it is NOT protecting them but betraying them. Many people, many nationalists, are seeing the Church as the problem and that is causing many to reject Christianity outright! The problem is the bishops the Church has. It used to be in the Medieval Ages that many bishops came out of the warrior aristocracies of their nations. Now the Church draws its bishops from the academic. liberal, side and it is showing the effects of bad leadership. The program/teaching of the Church is affected by the characters they hire as bishops. If you think the Islamic thing is turning off people, Nationalists are leaving the Church in droves!

4. c matt - January 19, 2016

The Church doesn’t support Islam per se, but a moderate non-violent version that lives in the figments of its imagination. True, it shouldn’t be supporting any Islam, real or imagined, as it is false. But any backlash will fall on our progressive leaders (both GOP and Dem) first.

5. camper - January 19, 2016

What an interesting point, Tantum. Camper kudos to you.

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