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Don’t place too much hope in a constitutional/Article V convention January 20, 2016

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A reader who shall remain nameless sent me this link, to an article discussing a growing movement among conservatives to call an Article V constitutional convention.  I am as skeptical of anything positive coming out of this as is my correspondent.  A brief excerpt from the link:

Article V of the U.S. Constitution authorizes two methods for amending the Constitution: (1) The congressional method, in which Congress proposes an amendment by a two-thirds vote of each house and sends it to the states for ratification (three-fourths of the states are required); and (2) the convention method, whereby, if two-thirds of the state legislatures (34 states) apply to Congress to call a convention for proposing amendments (commonly referred to as an Article V convention, a constitutional convention, a Con-Con, or a convention of states), Congress shall call such a convention. Congress would send any amendments proposed by the convention to the states for ratification (three-fourths of the states are required).

In either of the two methods for proposing amendments, Congress has the option of sending the proposed amendments to either the state legislatures or to special state conventions for ratification……..

………Since most of our nation’s problems stem from a lack of adherence to the Constitution, the best solution is to bring about a large-scale, grassroots constitutional education campaign to inform voters sufficiently so that they hold elected officials accountable to the Constitution. As Thomas Jefferson famously said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free … it expects what never was and never will be.”

Solutions such as the Article V convention movement, which depend on changing the Constitution rather than on creating an informed electorate, cannot restore our constitutional republic. [And I would argue, even more important than an informed public, is one grounded in Christian morality and practice.  Do you believe the United States of 2016 is more moral, more Christian (and especially Catholic) than it was in 1789?]

Not only would changing the Constitution without informing the electorate not work, but subjecting the Constitution to revision in a convention of the sovereign people, such as an Article V convention, would be to expose the Constitution to revision by a body with the right to alter or abolish our form of government and to institute new government. During such a process the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as the ratification procedure, would be subject to revision. See “The Solution Is the Constitution, Not Article V” for more information.

Although a “convention for proposing amendments,” as provided for in Article V, is absolutely constitutionally sanctioned, and the right of the people to alter or abolish their government is sanctioned by the Declaration of Independence, it is unwise, given the current lack of understanding of and support for constitutional principles by our leaders and voters, to work toward holding such a convention. The solution is to create an informed electorate, not to change the Constitution.

Here is what my correspondent had to say:

Article V Constitutional Convention. Many neo-cons, like Mark Levin, are calling for one and putting a lot of effort into it.

I share the opinion that a Con-Con could well be a Trojan Horse. I do not believe there could be a sure guarantee that a Con-Con would not run away and leave us in an inferior position. Of course that is opinion.

But the part that is senseless is the following. Is there a problem with our current Constitution? Can we improve on it by committee? I rather doubt it. The real problem is that the government that is created under that Constitution finds it inconvenient, which is the whole purpose. So the government just wholesale ignores the Constitution. The problem is not coming up with a better Constitution, or a better amendment. The problem is in forcing the government to obey the Constitution.

And if we are unable to force the government to abide by the current Constitution, maybe Mark Levin and those of his stripe can explain to us how we will force the government to abide by a “new, improved” Constitution.

That pretty neatly sums up my own concern, as well.  I would say even more, that given the fact that conservatives are generally outnumbered in this country 2:1, that the left is better organized, funded, and has the total backing of the media, and the general ignorance and immorality that abound in our nation today, the likelihood that a constitutional convention would have a happy result, and would not turn into a runaway even resulting in ane ven more directly authoritarian government, is exceedingly slight.  In fact, I think it very near a pipe dream.

We should also bear in mind the experience of the first constitutional convention.  What started out as a convention to reform the Articles of Confederation quickly morphed into a small group of self-proclaimed enlightened men completely scrapping the existing national government and proposing a total replacement.  Now, it certainly had a lot of pluses and worked quite well for a long time (at least materially), but it also ushered in a far more powerful, centralized national government and ultimately laid the ground work – for all its brilliance – for the point we have arrived at today.  That is to say, as good as it was, and it was in many respects excellent (but did have the paramount failure to place Jesus Christ clearly as the ultimate Source from which governmental authority was derived, and point to Him as our perfect King), it has still failed to prevent a tyrannous government from arising.  The checks and balances were insufficient to prevent the document from simply being ignored, or distorted beyond the conception of its creators.

And we think we might do better, today, with this cast of characters running the show?  I’m sorry, that seems the height of hubris, and folly.

I don’t think this nation can be turned around, “saved,” if you will, by political means.  A country wherein the vast majority of the populace is rabidly amoral (and blindingly ignorant) is not the seed-bed from which liberty flows. We get the government we deserve, and all that. You may disagree, but I really don’t see, practically, how conservatives would have a prayer of dominating at any such convention, and that is what it would take.

No, I fear if a constitutional convention is called, we could kiss what religious liberty, what freedom of speech, what freedom of press and assembly, and what freedom to keep and bear arms we have today pretty much goodbye.  But we’d probably get constitutionally assured “free” contraception, sex changes bodily mutilation, STD testing, and abortions.

Only one person can save this nation now:

Our Lady of the Expectation



1. Baseballmom - January 20, 2016

Yes, only One. And we must beg her every day to intercede for this nation. Unfortunately, great suffering MUST precede any renewal.

2. Baseballmom - January 20, 2016

Comment did not go through…

Tantumblogo - January 20, 2016

Thank you for letting me know. I hate akismet.

3. Patrick Archbold - January 20, 2016

Just to clear something up that is not clear above, this is a convention to *propose* amendments. This body does not have the right to abolish anything. Whatever amendments that are *proposed* out of a convention still need to go through the ratification process requiring 38 state legislatures to approve each individual proposal. Is is not a “from scratch convention” It is simply a means of amendment proposal apart from congress, nothing more.

4. Angelic Doctor Games - January 20, 2016

The break up of the Union is almost a certainty else we shall see a tyranny like no other in history.

5. c matt - January 20, 2016

it is unwise, given the current lack of understanding of and support for constitutional principles by our leaders and voters, to work toward holding such a convention.

True, and not just a lack of understanding, but a sheer indifference to it. A more corrupt den of vipers could not be found, even in Mos Eisley. No, the only thing left it is to wait for self implosion (personally, I believe it will be a slow motion affair) and then pick up the pieces and start again. It is the inevitable life cycle of civilizations this side of the parousia.

6. RC - January 20, 2016

Did you see the alleged tirade that Francis went on after the leaking of the 13 Cardinals letter? Some of it is truly demonic if it is true

7. Daniel Brooks - January 20, 2016

I believe the problem is baked in. Nothing can fix it except an about-face from liberalism. The founders were classical liberals. Liberalism today is just the natural progression of liberalism; downward.

I offer no solution, just a highbrow, armchair rant. Sorry. The solution belongs to God.

8. Daniel Brooks - January 20, 2016

My comment was eaten by a hungry akismet.

Tantumblogo - January 20, 2016

Pretty sure I fixed it.

9. JorgeElCurioso - January 20, 2016

Your “anonymous correspondent” wrote those lines to a diverse group of people. Had he written to an exclusively authentic Catholic audience, Tantum, he would have said what you said. One way or tother the solution is not to be found outside of a nation that recognizes Christ the King. Well said, my friend.

The discussion regarding the proposal for a con-con is still useful, though in a limited way, just as temporarily plugging a leaky boat will maybe buy some time. For an authentic Catholic crowd we might say that if you like the results of the Second Vatican Council, you might like the results of a con-con. One was a Trojan Horse and the other could well be.

As to the suggestion that such a thing would only be for the purpose of “recommending” I think Tantum already addressed that by pointing out that the “Framers” went well beyond their delegated authority and gave us the seedling of what we suffer under today. Those for whom any constitutional restraint at all is bothersome many of us are not jiggy with letting guard the henhouse.

10. dymphna - January 21, 2016

It is too late for a political rescue. This country is too far gone. A good chunk of our people are part of the problem and I don’t just mean liberals. A huge number of people who call themselves conservative have no problem with divorce, (all the Protestants) are unchurched, can’t wait to get home to watch Scandal, cried over David Bowie and spend more time on their cat than they did their kids. I don’t know what’s better : to fight hopelessly or to sit back and watch it burn. Also a breakup of the states won’t help. Washington will call in China and the UN to attack the breakaway states.

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