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What to do if feds confiscate guns?!? Advice below. January 21, 2016

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A long time friend, Catholic father of nine, and Colorado Springs city councilman sent me this pic.  I agree, I would have a tragic boating accident where all (guns) were lost.  Shame that.  Can’t turn over my guns.  Lake Superior.  I have no idea where I was at.  Really deep.  Good luck finding them.


Make that 11.

As a corollary, Sinaloa Cartel head Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was arrested again a couple weeks ago.  Given the corruption in Mexico, it is unlikely he will remain caught for long.  However, the relevant matter for this post is that during his capture, there was quite a firefight that resulted in several narcos being killed and one Mexican marine being injured.  It turns out that one of the guns Guzman had was a Fast and Furious gun, a .50 cal Barrett.

Fast and Furious of course was a very scandalous effort that deliberately sold thousands of semi-automatic weapons from US sources to Mexican drug cartels in a failed attempt to identify major gun dealers.  Those guns have been involved in the commission of a number of felonies, including the murder of a Border Patrol agent AND the failed terror attack in Garland last  year (the Mohammad cartoon imbroglio).

How on earth can we take seriously any supposed concerns over the availability of firearms from this administration when it carried out a program to divert thousands of such weapons deliberately into the hands of known felonious criminals?  But of course gun control efforts from Obama and his cohort are motivated entirely by humanitarian reasons and not at all about bringing a reluctant populace to heel.

Wonder what Bishop Farrell would have to say about that?


1. Baseballmom - January 21, 2016

Terrible accident…. Just awful! Winds come up on Lake Tahoe right out of nowhere! And it is sooooo deep….. Plus all the bodies down there, good luck!

2. Elizabeth - January 22, 2016

The greatest gun salesman ever. I’ve bought 3 guns in the last year due to Obama.

Tantumblogo - January 22, 2016

You know how many I owned before Jan 2009? Three. Shortly before he was inaugurated, I bought a pump-action shotgun and a couple thousand rounds of ammo, and it’s been all downhill from there. I’ve bought all my handguns and semi-auto, “tactical” type firearms under Obama.

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