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Prayer requests January 22, 2016

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I’ve been negligent for weeks in putting these two prayer requests up.  They involve two parishioners recently afflicted with grave illnesses – one with cancer, the other a severe infection and blood clots that caused numerous neurological problems.  A bit of an update from each below.  Please pray for MC who has cancer:

The tests and scans indicate that the cancer is isolated ONLY to the tumor in my shoulder.

There is a 5mm nodule in my left lung (which might be nothing, not sure) and something found in my blood which could lead to multiple myeloma down the road. He will monitor these things closely. Right now, no reason to worry.

I will soon have my consultation and begin radiation treatments. No chemo. Also I’m told this cancer responds very well to radiation and has a good chance of going into remission in my arm after radiation.

We are never out of the clear with a cancer like this, but today there is light, and I’m thankful for that!

We don’t know the future, but I am so thankful to all of you for all your positive wishes, prayers, encouragement, penances, Masses, novenas, Rosaries, kindness and everything in your charity you have offered for my family and me! I love you all! You are all in my prayers too! May God bless you!

Mostly, thanks be to God, his Holy Mother, and all the angels and saints!

I have to say the way this young man has reacted to a very serious illness at a young age has blown me away.  I cannot imagine myself being nearly so composed, nor resigned to God’s will, as he has been.

The other case involved the woman being hospitalized in intensive care for nearly a month.  You know that will run into the hundreds of thousands if not millions, so a Gofundme page has been started to help pay for the hospitalization cost and the ongoing rehab, etc:

The important, current information is that she is finally HOME, after nearly 4 weeks of being in the hospital, MOST of it in the ICU. She is recovering but still needs prayers for some specific things that bother her. Her eyesight and hearing have been affected. A case of close-up double vision makes it difficult for her to read / write. The hearing isn’t hearing LOSS but instead a super-sensitivity to certain sounds. It makes going out in public VERY distracting and painful and causes headaches. She is physically getting stronger every day and is able to get around well. Her memory is returning though she never lost any long-term memories (as far as we can tell, Praise God!); short term memory is still coming and going but is getting better.

Overall she is doing MIRACULOUSLY well and we are very grateful to God, her doctors and to YOU ALL for your prayers for her! Please don’t let up, but don’t forget prayers of THANKSGIVING as well!

THIRD…SO MANY of you have asked how you could help in a more practical way. To that end some friends have setup a “Go Fund Me” webpage for April, to help with the enormous medical expense of her hospitalization, rehab and recovery. You would have thought April and I might do something like this to raise money for some project in Italy or to open an espresso bar or something but we never wanted to “go public” in this way… It’s still difficult to see her picture and story “out there” on the “interweb” (LOL!). It’s OK to share this page with anyone you think would want to know or could help. Email, Facebook or other social media outlets are OK, but please don’t post any additional name, location or personal information. The page is meant to speak for itself. THANK YOU in advance for whatever you can do!

GoFundMe Page for April: https://www.gofundme.com/hghq8cz8

THANK YOU again. We’ll never be able to thank all of you enough for your prayers and well-wishes. For now I think it’s safe to say “no news is good news” but I’ll update you when there is anything significant to report.

Praising and thanking God!

I’ve gotten a bit leery of posting such deeply personal matters on the wide web but since both of these cases are already out there I thought I would go ahead.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated.  May God bless you for all your support.  I know how strong the prayer support of this readership can be.  My wife and I and our infant daughter have benefited so tremendously from all your prayers heretofore.



1. Gary - January 22, 2016

Prayers for these terrible afflictions. One thing you might pass on is that cancer cells need the carbohydrates we eat for fuel; try hard not to eat carbs and the cancer cells die!! This was on a heath program i watched.

2. Baseballmom - January 22, 2016

Thanks for letting us know. Prayers for both.

3. LaGallina - January 23, 2016

Infant daughter? Did I miss something? I remember you told us your wife was pregnant, and just yesterday I was wondering how she was doing.

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