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Radical Feminism as power fantasy for emotional cripples and revenge-minded deviants January 22, 2016

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Now there’s a lede expressing some hot opinion.  I was very tempted to substitute “is a” for “as,” but I guess I left myself some breathing room.

I really like the cultured Brit acadamecian David Thompson.  Not sure if I’ve ever linked to him before, but I read his site regularly.  He covers the topics of radicalism in the culture and academy a great deal.  One of his favorite targets to lampoon is radical feminism (in truth……there is no other kind).

He has a good post noting the supreme irony – or is it bone-chilling Orwellianism? – of a Canadian radical feminist site recommending a curfew for all males (no age range specified), at least until males are sufficiently neutered, in the opinion of the feminists, to allow them back out at night.  If that is not ugly bigotry masquerading as moral grandstanding, I don’t know what is:

[Allegedly outraged by the mass sexual assault of women all over Europe by male muslims, some women, prevented by leftist ideolgy from making necessary distinctions and placing the blame where it properly lies, propose a typically radical, if bigoted, response….] Feminist Current is apparently “Canada’s leading feminist website.” Its editor Meghan Murphy tells us that “female students are under constant threat” and that all women everywhere live in a state of unending terror:

And who is it we fear? Is it other women? No. It is a male. A male with a penis that he may or may not use as a weapon. [I tell you, I read a lot of feminist screeds, and this fear and loathing of the penis is a real and growing thing. I wonder if it comes from a whole generation of women raised with little or no contact with their fathers, who have never known (many) males and regard them as alien and frightening?]

Armed with a mind of infinite subtlety, [heh] Ms Murphy has more than a few ideas on how to combat this throbbing phallocratic menace: [bwahaahaahaaa]

There are solutions: a feminist revolution… an end to masculinity… all of that would help. 

An end to masculinity. Yes, I know, it’s quite a project. But first, baby steps:

It’s time to consider a curfew for men.

One more time:

While a curfew would not resolve the problem of patriarchy and male violence against women, it does, in a way, address entitlement and privilege… The more I consider the idea of a curfew for men, the more it makes sense. [So that would include black men, Hispanics, etc?  So basically your advocating the policy of sundown towns circa 1930?  KKK, anyone?]

Why, it almost sounds like a gratuitous power fantasy, the product of an unwell mind. [Ya think?] Of course a curfew will make dating rather difficult if you’re not a lesbian, [a feature, not a bug, to this crew] and overnight motorway maintenance will have to be done exclusively by ladies. And there’ll be no more working nights to support your family, you indecently privileged patriarchal shitlord. Happily, however, our collective punishment as menfolk may not be eternal:

After a designated period of time, we’ll allow them back on the streets after dark to see how it goes. [Gratuitous power fantasy, indeed, and one that is laughably unlikely to happen.  A full restoration of the Church is much more likely.  Or do I err?]

Clearly, Ms Murphy is determined to upend idle stereotypes of feminists as batty misandrists unmoored from reality…….

………As you might imagine, the readers’ comments at “Canada’s leading feminist website” are also quite… special. There, you’ll learn that in addition to a gender curfew, “there should be a limit on how many men can congregate together in public places at any time of day.” Because “three [men] together constitutes a gang.” You’ll also learn of the urgent need to “break apart the white family, the foremost institution of oppression,” and that, obviously, “all men rape occasionally.”

Why, it’s almost as if all this talk of “equality” and “fairness” was just a smokescreen for a giant transfer of power through process of slow revolution, with the new masters far more brutally repressive and cruel than the old ones ever were, even in the fevered imaginations of the new revolutionaries.

Goodness, you mean to tell me leftism is really a religion of endless self-aggrandizement and power-seeking posing as high morality?  You don’t say:

Ukrainians starved by Stalin

Ukrainians starved by Stalin

Killing Fields - Cambodia

Killing Fields – Cambodia

Killed by FARC

Killed by FARC




1. jayhenrymadison - January 22, 2016

You should check out Paul Joseph Watson on You Tube. He minces no words when it comes to feminists, or any other nuts.

2. skeinster - January 23, 2016

I was the right age at the right time to have been deeply influenced by radical feminism. I credit classical Chirstianity for the save- especially the doctrine of Original Sin. We’re all capable of terrible behavior, and no, not every bad feminine decision was b/c “some man made her do it.”

They’ve been working on eradicating masculinity for about 40 years now. And while they have made some inroads, they have to start over with every baby boy.

Narrative above all.
Voris had the screenwriter of “Spotlight” on the other night on “Mic’d Up”. Interview went well until faced with the John Jay reports on the abuse crisis, the man fell over himself insisting that it couldn’t have been a “gay problem”. The data must be in error. Or something.

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