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Soul: “I’m a former Catholic, Father.” Priest: “Oh, what sin could you not give up?” January 22, 2016

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Such a great story I heard from a local priest.  Dog-tired, very late in praying his Breviary, on a late night flight and having been so occupied with attending the vows of a nun he knew well, the priest eschewed his customary pastoral care and simply gave a brilliant snappy response.

On a long trip he had already had many conversations while traveling.  He rebutted many objections from a Mormon and exposed a diocesan seminarian to perhaps a different appreciation of the Church and priesthood from the one he was accustomed to receiving.  So, please don’t think this priest was being uncharitable.

But I just love the response, and believe it is all too often exactly the case.  I think a great many souls have departed the Church over some sin they didn’t want to give up, but at least these souls had the decency and mental rectitude to not remain in the Church in a state of rebellion to her beliefs, seeking to change them from within, but made the decision to leave the Church, recognizing that they no longer could belong to a sacred body whose beliefs they no longer shared. While a soul leaving the Church is a disaster for them and wounds the Body of Christ, it is far worse for a soul in a state of rebellion from the Truth to remain and cause havoc from within.

Priests who wear clerics in public, and especially the cassock, note that they attract a great deal of attention.  Many people seek to justify themselves to the priest, even if the priest hasn’t breathed a word of correction or contradiction.  I hear from many priests how people seem compelled to seek them out and have at least a brief exchange with them. This is just one small part of the power of giving visible witness to this holy and sacred office through the wear of priestly garb in public.  To some souls, simply seeing a priest in cassock drives them to try to explain themselves and their choices.  Interesting phenomenon, and one that is probably rather revealing.

I think this has to go in the Hall of Fame of awesome quotes.  “I’m a former Catholic.”  “Oh, what sin could you not give up?”  Greatness.



1. Baseballmom - January 22, 2016

A quote that all of us can use…. Perfect! Thanks 😀

2. David - January 22, 2016

A couple years ago, the Cardinal Newman Society reported a story about a Catholic school closing in the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois. An alumnus was upset and asked the parish priest why the school was closing, which was due to lower enrollment and funding. T When the alumnus got more belligerent, the priest asked the alumnus,

“How many children do you have?”

The alumnus replied, “Two.”

The priest said, “So did everyone else.”

Good comeback by the priest.

3. aquinas54 - January 22, 2016


4. guy Mcclung - January 22, 2016

Just think of the various similar retorts from Jesus in the Scriptures; e.g., “woman you have spoken truly . . .”

5. Tim - January 22, 2016

One of my favorites is a woman tells Fulton Sheen that she does not believe in Hell. Fulton Sheen’s response: “You will madame, when you arrive there. ”

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