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Buy Ammo January 26, 2016

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Pretty good advice from Kurt Schlichter.  I’m sure many readers will agree.  I don’t want to be seen as too excitable, but given the previous post, being armed may have to become the ultimate “nullification” of crooked juries and a government hell-bent on pursuing the destruction of Christian liberty:

I have never, ever had anyone tell me that he had too much ammunition.  Not in a combat zone, not in a civil disaster, not even in peacetime.  Never.  Nor have I lived through a time where our governing class was so deeply corrupt, so utterly foolish, and so dangerously focused on the perpetuation of its own power that it risked bringing down everything we have built not merely in the United States but in the entire West.

Right now, if you are watching the news, you have questions about the future.  And the answer to all of them is to buy ammo. [There may be other answers, as well, but buying ammo is probably one of them]

Buying ammo is a no-lose proposition.  Look, the worst thing that happens if you buy more ammo is that you have more ammo.  Plus, much of our consumer ammo is made by hardworking Americans, and many of those ammo makers are located in red states where the right to keep and bear arms is celebrated and respected.  So you’re helping fellow conservative Americans, which is good.  And you’re infuriating people like that sanctimonious, Second Amendment-hating incompetent infesting the White House, which is great. [Not a bad secondary effect]

Of course, buying ammo presumes you have already fulfilled your duty as a law-abiding, able-bodied American citizen and obtained sufficient firearms for the defense of yourself, your family, your community, and your Constitution.  I can’t tell you how many people in the last year have confessed to me that they have finally decided to visit their local gun seller to do what they had put off for far too long and transition from sheep to sheepdog. [I have purchased 75% of the firearms I own, and virtually all the ammo, since Obama came to power.  Elections have consequences, after all]

A handgun and a long weapon per adult is merely the minimum.  We call that “a good start.”  Now, while you can really efficiently carry only two weapons at once, when all hell breaks loose you’re going to have friends who were the grasshopper to your ant and did not prepare for winter.  You may wish to share the contents of your armory with them when the time comes……[Assuming they know how to use a firearm]

Don’t forget training.  Malpractice with a weapon is a bad thing, particularly when the foolishness of our leaders has led to the kind of chaos where hospitals are deserted and antibiotics are hard to come by……. [“Israeli” bandages and vented chest seals are not bad things to have around] Don’t be like the gangbanging, side-shooting nimrods in Democrat inner cities who can’t hit the other scumbags they’re shooting at and instead take out nice ladies walking home from church.  Having lots of ammo on hand facilitates training.

……..Do you think a country this politically divided can’t devolve into violence?  People in Kosovo were pretty sure everything was hunky dory while Tito was alive.  People resolved their differences through the institutions.  And then Tito died, and the game changed.  In just a few years, it became very bad.

Speaking of the chaos in the 90’s Balkans…….I once read a report from a man who had lived in Bosnia during the civil war and total breakdown of civil authority.  Several of his recommendations still stand out to me:

  • You can never have too much ammo.  Two to three thousand rounds per caliber, if not per gun, is the minimum he recommended
  • If things really go in the pot, like total societal breakdown, it is critical to either be totally prepared and sufficient to survive for even years on end on your own resources
  • But since very few people will be so prepared, ammo is a very good item to barter with.   So are things like cigarettes and booze, even especially if you don’t smoke and drink.  Having a stockpile of antibiotics and/or painkillers would also be something very valuable for which you could probably net a lot of food and or other supplies.  In Bosnia and Kosovo, many women who had no stockpile, no armaments, and no way to provide for their family or themselves, were quickly forced to have recourse to the things God gave them, if you know what I mean.  Not a good situation to be in.
  • Then there’s the matter of keeping what you have, or insuring one doesn’t get rolled in an exchange.  Ammo and the ability to use it are paramount here.

Many of us are a bit financially constrained when it comes to these sorts of things, so choices have to be made and priorities set.  If I were to be asked, I would recommend obtaining a good handgun and a semi-auto rife to start with, and building up from there.  There are a billion good choices of each available right now.  I have my preferences and you have yours, or will develop them.  I’d love to buy 6 more guns and invest in several new calibers if I had the money, but I don’t, so I’ll wait.

If you start buying guns, however, you might consider what I’ve done – I’ve tried to stick as much as I can with a few calibers of weapons so I can use the same investment in ammo and even magazines in each.  I’m pretty much zeroed in on .22, 7.62×39, and .30-06 right now.  I’d love an M1A but that would mean a whole new round of spending in magazines and ammo.  I don’t have a lot of interest in buying a gun for which I cannot afford what I consider enough of these “ancillaries.”  While I have about 7000 rounds of 7.62×39, I generally feel that 1000 rounds is the absolute minimum necessary for each caliber of gun.  Given ammo prices these days, that adds up pretty quickly.

Anyway……buy ammo.  You can always resell it if the need passes (I can’t imagine that) or you need the money someday.



1. Lynne - January 26, 2016

Have you ever read “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen? It’s about an EMP event that takes out most electronics in the US. It’s depressing but interesting as a blueprint for how to prepare to the worst. My prepper interest is starting up again.

2. docmx001 - January 26, 2016

This pretty much nails it. I have self limited to three calibers, and it would be two, if not for female shooting needs. 3000 rounds per cal min. When is the last time your optics were really aligned? Also, iron sights on everything bc that laser isn’t going to work after an EMP, which IMO is by far the most likely cause of SHTF. And, cheap little things like a spring loaded tripod grip on your long guns. You won’t realize how badly you need that until you badly need that.

3. Ursula - January 26, 2016

Don’t forget a shotgun. I run out of ammo I can club them with it. Lately I’ve bought another rifle and another handgun, and more ammo. I’ve canned more meat these past few months, too.

Also make sure your weaponry can be used by most members of your family. My Ruger is small, but my daughter has trouble racking it. With a shotgun, rifle or revolver it’s pretty much lock and load.

Oh, and knives. Don’t forget a good knife.

4. Elizabeth - January 26, 2016

I agree, Ursula. A good knife or two is essential. Aside from an old .22 revolver that I’ve had for decades, last year (and again just today) I’ve invested in a .357/38 revolver, a shotgun and a Uberti lever action rifle (also in a .38 cal). So I’ve limited myself in ammo to .22, .20gauge, and .38 Special.

5. c matt - January 26, 2016

If nothing else, ammo would make a good barter instrument/medium of exchange. Wouldn’t hurt to have it in various common calibers, even if you don’t own a firearm of that size. As for knives, a machete is ideal – cheap, has a long blade for both attacking and defending. The poor man’s sword.

6. Gary - January 26, 2016

Plenty of ammo is necessary, store in those metal ammo cans that seal tight to keep out humidity; very important. Do not tell doctors or insurance co. what you have!!

Baseballmom - January 27, 2016

Amen to that Gary. Not a word. The hubs keeps wanting to get more firearms (we have plenty) and I keep saying “no, we need more ammo!” Firearms without ammo are useless… And if the guvmint gets serious about taking over it is the ammo they will confiscate first….

7. ben - January 27, 2016

I must strongly disagree. Though for those staying in America (a very foolish proposition in itself) having plenty of ammunition is to be commended, it is much better to buy precious metals and store them in Singapore or Chile. There will be capital controls, after which the government will really be able to grind people to pieces. It is much better to be prepared to emigrate.

8. dymphna - January 28, 2016

Ben, where are we supposed to go? Europe doesn’t look to hot right now and Asian won’t be too kind to refugees.

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