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How can I possibly reconcile this pre-conciliar catechesis and the “new doctrine” of Francis? January 26, 2016

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That’s what struck me last week as I read the following chapter from Divine Intimacy (Day 54, What Jesus’ Teaching Exacts).  This catechesis, which was utterly orthodox at the time it was written (early 50s) seems to stand in stark contrast to the “new doctrine” being promulgated in the Church under Francis.  Mind, it’s not just Francis, it’s the entire post-conciliar ethos of the Church that stands in contrast, though Francis seems to be taking that ethos to new heights (or depths) and have given new life to the modernist-progressive project to remake the Church.  But if the principle of non-contradiction stands, and Truth ultimately cannot change (or at least contradict), how can the below be reconciled by what is promoted as acceptable belief and practice in the Church today?

I also thought it was a good post for the start of the penitential season of Septuagesima.  So begin quote:

In calling us to imitate the holiness of His heavenly Father, Jesus summons us to an unrelenting war against sin, which is in direct opposition to God’s infinite perfection and is the greatest offense against Him.  In all His teachings He tries to inculcate in us a deep hatred of sin, especially of pride, hypocrisy, and obstinate willful malice, all of which constitutes a state of complete opposition to God…….Again, He describes the ugliness of sin and its disastrous effects on man, lowering him to the state of complete moral degradation, such as that of the prodigal son who, because he left his father’s house, was reduced to “feeding swine” (Lk xv:15).

“Whosoever committeth sin, is the servant of sin” (Jn viii:34); a slave of sin cannot be a servant of God; hence, the words of the Master: “No man can serve two masters…..” (Mt vi:24).  [How can this be reconciled with endless mercy that never asks, let alone demands, conversion?  How can it be reconciled with permitting those manifestly in a state of grave sin to receive the Blessed Sacrament?]

Jesus, Our Savior, came to destroy sin by His death; it is precisely by His death that He shows us most clearly the terrible malice of sin.  Sin is such a great enemy of God and has such a destructive power that it brought about the death of the divine Master.  [And yet we see sin treated so flippantly in the Church today, like it just doesn’t matter]

Only mortal sin is completely opposed to God; this opposition is so great that it separates the soul from God. However, every sin, even venial sin, and every fault and imperfection, is in opposition to God’s infinite holiness.

Our nature, wounded as a consequence of original sin, bears within itself the seed of sin, in the form of evil tendencies or habits.  If we desire to follow Jesus, who offers us the perfection of His heavenly Father as a norm for our life, we must engage in an intense struggle against sin in order to destroy its deepest roots and even its slightest traces in us.  This is just what Jesus teaches us with the brief words: “Deny thyself.”  We must deny “self” with all its imperfect habits and inclinations; and we must do so continually.  Such a task is fatiguing and painful, but it is indispensable if we wish to attain sanctity. Jesus says: “How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life, and few there are that find it!” (Mt vii:14).  We approach the infinite perfection of God only in the measure in which we take upon ourselves the work of complete self-denial. Hence, all the masters of the spiritual life insist so strongly on detachment and self-renunciation as the indispensable foundation of the spiritual life…….. [Again, how can the above, very good, but, from the standpoint of the constant belief and practice of the Faith, unremarkable catechesis be reconciled with what we hear almost every day now?  If we desire to follow Jesus – and following Him is absolutely vital for salvation – we must engage in an intense struggle against sin.  How does providing quickie annulments and flirting with allowing those in grave sin to receive the Blessed Sacrament aid in that struggle?  How does proclaiming the public fight against immorality counterproductive and embarrassing – as we have heard with regard to faithful opposition to abortion, contraception, and even pseudo-sodo-marriage – aid in the struggle against sin necessary for salvation?  These things cannot be reconciled.  One is right, and the other wrong.]

…..Jesus, the Divine Teacher, has pointed out to use the absolute necessity of passing through this way: “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself.” (Mt xvi:24).

———-End Quote———-

A long way to get to a very short point, I guess, but I pray much of the above is useful to you: different religion.  There isn’t much more to say than that, I’m afraid.



1. Barbara Hvilivitzky - January 26, 2016

Yes, striking contrast. A good idea to grab as many of the old books as we can. Soon when we have no/few priests who know the old Faith we will have resources.

Lynne - January 26, 2016

Get a Kindle or the Kindle app for your tablet or phone. You wouldn’t believe the old classics that have been out of print and are now appearing in the Kindle format. And they’re cheap too!

2. Dismas - January 26, 2016

Different religion.

3. Branch - January 26, 2016

I’ve been wondering the same. I am coming around to the idea that Sedevacantism may be the rational explanation for what has occurred.

Dismas - January 28, 2016

I’m not a sedevacantist because I don’t want to be. I have no more profound reason than that. For all I know, at the Final Judgment we will learn that the sedes were correct. And I’m not interested in all those folks with their hair on fire one way or the other about the topic. They talk good and assemble credible arguments but they are as ignorant as the rest of us.

What is quite obvious though is that this snake oil that is being sold today as “catholicism” is opposed to any pre-Vatican II catechism or other understanding of Catholicism you wish to choose prior to the Council. Bergoglio is nothing other than the logical heir to Wojtyla.

Whether the sedes are right or wrong I’ll not venture a guess. But that what we are being sold is not the same as what I learned 55 years ago takes no great intellect to realize.

Different religion. Simple explanation from a simple mind.

4. Tim - January 26, 2016
5. Guest - January 28, 2016

How is this new religion not unlike Protestantism? Why convert to the Catholic faith if you can be saved in this new religion?

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