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YHGBSM: Harris County Grand Jury Indicts Pro-Life Investigators in Planned Barrenhood Organ Sale Expose’ January 26, 2016

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We are well beyond through the looking glass.  In the only indictment handed down so far related to the string of videos released last year regarding Planned Barrenhood’s obvious lawbreaking in the sale of aborted baby organs, it was not the abortion giant, but the muckraking pro-life journalists of the Center For Medical Progress that were indicted!  I knew prosecutors could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, but this is ridiculous.  The elites are really showing us who they are – self-interested liberals who really, really like abortion.

The Texas grand jury selection system is horribly broken.  Grand juries are put together often by judges consisting of groups of their own like-minded friends.  This has led to hideous abuses like the indictment of former House Speaker Tom DeLay – which led to his ouster from office, even though later evidence indicated the charges against him were baseless – and the still pending FELONY charges against former Governor Rick Perry because he vetoed legislation the Travis County District Attorney did not like.  This is lawfare of the worst kind and we are witnessing a rapidly developing, and massive, double standard in the application of the law, depending on whether one is conservative or liberal.  This cannot persist for long without dire repercussions.

But first, the basics:

Months after the release of undercover videos detailing Planned Parenthood’s scheme to traffic aborted baby body parts, a grand jury has finally brought brought criminal charges. Not against Planned Parenthood, but against David Daleiden, the pro-life activist behind the undercover sting videos.

A grand jury in Harris County, Texas, returned two charges on Monday afternoon against Daleiden, the activist who planned and organized the undercover sting videos. Although the grand jury allegedly investigated Planned Parenthood, no charges were brought against the nation’s largest abortion provider, whose executives were shown in multiple videos attempting to sell trafficked organs and other body parts harvested from aborted babies. One Planned Parenthood executive, while haggling over the prices of aborted baby organs, noted that she needed to get the right price because, “I want to buy a Lamborghini.”

According to a press release from the office of Harris County district attorney’s office which was provided to The Federalist, Daleiden was charged with the purchase and sale of human organs, a misdemeanor, and with tampering with a governmental record, a felony. Sandra Merritt, one of Daleiden’s associates, was also charged with tampering with a governmental record.

“For more than two months, the 232nd Grand Jury extensively reviewed the joint investigation into allegations of misconduct by PPGC,” stated the press release. “This grand jury cleared PPGC of breaking the law. However, the grand jury did hand down indictments for two individuals who were involved in making the allegations against PPGC public via covert recordings made in April 2015.”

Lauren Reeder, one of the prosecutors in the Harris County district attorney’s office, revealed last August that she was a member of the board of directors for the Planned Parenthood affiliate that was targeted by Daleiden.

Now, I want to answer several left-liberal objections to some of the coverage above, and the pro-life reaction to it.

  • Yes this the Harris County DA says this Reeder was recused from this case but we’ve heard that before and it’s not always proven true.
  • It is possible to form extremely biased grand juries in this state under present law and, literally, to get them to indict anything.  The reaction nationwide to this news has been shock and horror, save from the progressive camp, which is dang near orgiastic in glee. Even among most moderates this is seen as a shocking turn of events and there is a great deal of suspicion that a miscarriage of justice has occurred
  • Texas DAs in liberal locales have abused the law and the grand jury process as noted above
  • Harris County is not conservative, especially not in the governing class
  • The assistant DA who brought the indictment is self-described as a Republican but there are many questions regarding his stance on abortion and his conservative credentials, at least as I can tell after an hour’s search
  • Even if he is a Republican, Lord knows most of our Republican party leadership is as pro-abort as all get out, and will go to enormous lengths to protect Planned Butcherhood.
  • No the videos were not “doctored,” edited versions were released but the full footage has always been available on the CMP website and has been for months
  • The fact that several investigations have not yet led to charges against Planned Barrenhood is not necessarily evidence of their compliance with the law or that their actions are even remotely acceptable from a moral standpoint.  What it means is that laws regarding the sale of human baby body parts are woefully inadequate and need reforming.  It also means that even far too many self-described conservatives are afraid to go against the abortion giant, which has successfully escaped so many scandals it convinces one of diabolical intervention, and even more, that far too many “conservatives” are infected with the culture of death and may not find the idea of using baby parts for “medical research” intended to possibly prolong their own lives something not too objectionable.

I could go on at length, I saw a whole bunch of really dumb leftist objections to the righteous indignation of pro-lifers.

I am aware of my own bias, but trying to discount for that, I am still shocked at this development.  It seems incredible that not only does Planned Barrenhood face absolutely no legal sanction for their wanton sale of baby parts, but that this has turned into a persecution of those who exposed PB’s wanton immorality, if not actual lawbreaking.

I am having a very hard time not seeing this as one of a continuing series of the use of the governmental power against political expression on the conservative side.  There have been numerous examples of this in the past two years of increasing frequency and severity.  This effort to not just totally disenfranchise 30+% of the population, but to use the government to actively persecute them, cannot end well.  I am having great difficulty not seeing this as just a continuance of this trend.  A very strong signal is being sent here, just as it was sent in the wake of the Komen de-funding of 3 years ago – go against Planned Barrenhood, and the organs of the state-media complex will be ranged against you.  I think we can tell just how effective Center for Medical Progress’ expose’s were by the severity of the response.

What does a people do when it feels that they have no recourse to, and can have little or no trust in, their government?  What does a people do when they feel that the government is not just totally unresponsive to their concerns, but will use strong repressive measures against them?  There are historical precedents to be sure, and they are generally not happy ones.  But this nation’s government has proved unusually durable.

Interesting times, if by interesting, one means terrifying.



1. Baseballmom - January 26, 2016

We live under judicial tyranny. Until that issue is resolved there will be no justice.

2. Buy Ammo | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - January 26, 2016

[…] sure many readers will agree.  I don’t want to be seen as too excitable, but given the previous post, being armed may have to become the ultimate “nullification” of crooked juries and a […]

3. MicahC - January 26, 2016

I wonder if this has reached Gov. Abbott? From my understanding, he is a practicing Catholic and has done good things so far.

4. c matt - January 26, 2016

But this nation’s government has proved unusually durable

Or its people unusually malleable and apathetic. I tend to believe this. Give enough comfort and the right kind of trinkets, the majority will go along with anything.

5. TE - January 27, 2016

Steve Berman at The Resurgent thinks the whole thing is a gift to the pro life movement. The defendants will get to tell their story in court and their videos will be seen. The defense counsel will get to question PP. It will point out that the baby parts were sold by PP. The Harris County DA wins too. She will not have to face PP high-dollar lawyers and as a Republican in a Dem-leaning county will not face reelection while prosecuting PP.

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