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A local Lenten mission you may want to consider January 27, 2016

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I’ve heard talks by Father Joseph Tuscan, OFM, Cap before.  He’s a very good traditional priest who endured his download (31)share of suffering. I’m sure you know what I mean.  He’s a good man.

He will be offering a mission at Mater Dei parish in Irving from Feb. 15-19 at 7pm each night, followed by a Holy Hour:

Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap. will be offering a Parish Mission for Mater Dei Latin Mass Parish during Lent. The mission will be held every evening from February 15th through the 19th at 7:00 PM; each talk will be followed by a Holy Hour.

There is no cost to this mission. Donations will be accepted.


Monday: The side; The Heart of Christ, the Church; Why be Catholic?
Tuesday: The right hand: The Holy Mass, Prayer and Devotion
Wednesday: The left hand: Sin, Repentance and Mercy
Thursday: The feet; Evangelization and Mission
Friday: The Crown of Thorns; The Glory of Jesus and Mary

Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap. will also be preaching the Sunday Masses on February 14th.DSCF1073
I will note that the mission talks do overlap with Mass times on Wednesday and Thursday, unfortunately.  I love missions and all forms of catechesis, but the Mass is the Mass, and for me, trumps everything else.
Posting was a bit light today.  It may be for some time.  I’m getting busy again at work.  Another painted face hussy intruding into my relationship with my first love.
That’s a 3 pound copper heat sink.  We’re cooling a 100W FPGA, and another 40W device.  We’re running out of ability to cool devices by air.  There are still some things we can do – heat pipes, vapor chambers, maybe even fans on the heat sink itself – but another 2x increase in power and I think we’re going to have to look at liquid cooling, which has always been verboten in telecom.  We’ll see.
My wife is doing well.  I suspect we’ll be having the baby within 3 or 4 weeks.  Thank you for all your prayers.  This pregnancy has been a miracle in our lives.  Pretty old to start with a new baby, but God will provide, as always.

Danish teen fought off rapist, now SHE faces fine January 27, 2016

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This is how disarmed the population of Europe is.  A Danish teen who stopped a man from raping her by using pepper spray is facing a fine because pepper spray is illegal in Denmark.  That is how utterly neutered and defenseless the sexular pagan left wants us all to be.  And yes there is a profound connection between the efforts of those who would limit, if not ban (as that is the real goal) our ability to keep and bear arms, and those in Europe who have already effectively rendered their own populace defenseless.  Certainly, with his recent diatribe, Dallas Bishop Farrell appears to fall on the side of those who prefer a disarmed population:

A 17-year-old girl who was physically and sexually attacked in Sønderborg will herself face charges for using pepper spray to fend off her assailant.

The teenager told police that she was attacked in central Sønderborg on Wednesday at around 10pm by a dark-skinned English-speaking man. She said the man knocked her to the ground and then unbuttoned her pants and attempted to undress her.  [What is it with these guys?  It’s almost like they come from a culture that totally denigrates women and inculcates a belief in virtually all men that women are chattel bereft of any individual will and who exist simply for the pleasure of men.  But……religion of peace!  And don’t convert!]

The girl was able to save herself from further assault by using pepper spray on the attacker, but now she may be the one who ends up in legal trouble.

“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd. [Do Catholic parishes in Denmark have signs outside the door, quoting section 30-08 of the penal code, forbidding the concealed carry of pepper spray and/or mace within?]

The case has sparked a backlash among some Danes who point to increasing reports of sexual harassment in Sønderborg and other Danish cities at the same time that police say they are stretched too thin to properly carry out their duties……..

……...The man who attacked the 17-year-old fled from the scene and has not been charged.

Got it…….muslim male not charged.  Woman charged for defending herself.  Have you noticed how more and more elites in the media-governing-entertainment complex seem to believe they owe a greater allegiance to emigre’s from foreign lands than they do their own citizens?

Talk about tone deaf.  These guys are radically disconnected from the point of view of their populace.  Eventually, something is going to set off a powder keg in Europe.  Unless they are too neutered by 70 years of socialism to still behave as Europeans always have, with grim efficiency when it comes to waging war.

Irish priest rolled by Florida Diocese for reporting abusive priest? January 27, 2016

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That’s certainly the way it seems, in a link sent to me by reader UF.  Fr. John Gallagher is a priest originally from Ireland who had been serving in the Diocese of West Palm Beach (site of the Fr. Euteneuer imbroglio).  His parish was assigned a new priest from India.  Very shortly after the Indian priest’s arrival, Fr. Gallagher received a report that the Indian priest had shown pornographic pictures of little boys to a 14 y/o parishioner.  Fr. Gallagher interviewed the Indian priest about the matter, and after eliciting a confession, immediately contacted the police.

Was Fr. Gallagher hailed as a hero by the Diocese of West Palm Beach for his prompt action in defense of souls and his strict adherence to the nationwide “zero-tolerance” policy we hear so much about?  No, he was not.  In fact, he claims he has been ostracized and persecuted ever since, as the Diocese seems to have wanted this matter hushed up and the Indian priest quickly flown out of the country (safe from US law enforcement).  If you thought the “Dallas policy,” safe environment training, and all the rest had led to an end to the kind of behavior that all but shattered the Church’s credibility in the 90s and 00s, you have another think coming. The men responsible for that disaster are still in power, and they haven’t learned a thing*:


Fr Gallagher broke his year-long silence over the affair to tell how the priest from India at the centre of the abuse scandal is a danger to children.

He says he has been unable to find out where the priest is now. [So even though convicted and sentenced to 6 months in prison and a year probation…..did he ever eve serve his time, or was he enabled to flee the country before a verdict was reached?]

He has written to bishops and cardinals in Ireland and America about the case – as well as Vatican officials – and has, so far, been unable to get a satisfactory response…..

…..The astonishing case began in January last year when Father Jose Palimattom – who had been at the parish of the Holy Name of Jesus Christ Catholic Church in West Palm Beach for just four weeks – approached a 14-year-old boy after Mass.

He showed the teenager up to 40 images of naked boys.

Police believe he was in the first stages of grooming his victim.

Later that night, Palimattom sent the boy a message on Facebook which read: “Good night. Sweet dreams.” [Sick. This is the second report of perverse, unpriestly behavior by an Indian priest we’ve had in the last two months.  This is just one of many problems with trying to deal with the priest shortage by importing foreign priests of dubious provenance]

However, the teenager told a friend who reported it to the church choirmaster, who immediately told Father Gallagher. [Everyone did their job.  Good]

The priest says he was told that night by a church official in Florida: “We need to make him go away, put on a plane”.

In documents filed to the Vatican by a specialist Canon Lawyer on behalf of Fr Gallagher, the priest claimed he was instructed ‘do not keep written notes’ by the same church official. [Vicar general?  Chancellor? Another report said the call came from the woman. So I would suspect the chancellor, Lorraine Sabatella. Are there any male chancellors, I ask only somewhat facetiously?] The legal document was sent to Cardinal Gerhard Muller, Prefect of the powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.

After the incident involving the boy, Fr Gallagher disregarded the instruction to put Fr Palimattom on a plane to Bangalore.

Instead, he interviewed Fr Palimattom along with a retired police officer, who was one of his parishioners.

The parishioner, who took notes at the meeting, said the Indian priest not only admitted showing nude pictures of boys to the local teenager, but also admitted he had sexually assaulted young boys in India before arriving in the States.

It was a confession he would repeat within hours to detectives assigned to the case from a specialist unit of the West Palm Beach Police.

Fr Gallagher said he immediately called the Sheriff’s Department of the West Palm Beach police, following rules set down by the American Church after hundreds of child sex abuse scandals…. [Poor Fr. Gallagher didn’t know – those rules are meant to be broken!]


…..”It was made clear to me that what I had done (co-operating with the police) wasn’t what I should have done,” he said.

“It was a very distressing time for me and the parish. But we had a special Mass and I told the congregation what had happened. I told them it was now in the hands of the rightful authorities, the police.

“Palimattom was on the local TV news as his arrest became public. I did the right thing.”

Church officials dealt with the boy and his family through lawyers and an out-of-court settlement was made.

In February, says Fr Gallagher, he learned of a bid to have him moved at a meeting attended by around 100 Hispanic Catholics, most of them from outside the parish.

He had brought in a Spanish priest to celebrate Spanish Masses and was unaware of any complaints.

In late April, he says, he was called to a meeting by the Bishop of Palm Beach, Gerald Barbarito. Three other officials were there. [Danger Will Robinson!  I sure hope he didn’t go alone]

Fr Gallagher says he was due to be promoted, but instead was told to continue in his role for another year, when it would be reviewed again.

He says he wasn’t happy with the decision, but was completely unprepared for a phone call from Bishop Barbarito the next day.

“He told me I was being demoted,” said Father Gallagher.

“No reason was given. I asked if I could meet with him again and this was refused. He said if I didn’t wish to be demoted and moved to another parish, I should leave the priesthood.” [The goal is to get him out.  He’s not a “team player.”  If he stays, he will be put in a position where he can never “harm” the team again.  Because it’s not about souls, is it, it’s about money and protecting a certain tight knit and incredibly influential cadre]

Less than four weeks later Fr Gallagher was rushed to hospital in an ambulance with a suspected heart attack after becoming unwell whilst hearing Confessions.

He says he felt aggrieved when Bishop Barbarito visited him in hospital but didn’t anoint him or bring Communion.

Six days later he asked Dominican nun Sister Ann Monahan to retrieve files on the Fr Palimattom scandal from his office at the Holy Name of Jesus Christ church.

She managed to do this, but when she returned later, she was stopped by church officials and the keys to the building taken off her.

“I was told to leave. When I protested, I was told ‘you’re fired’,” Sister Monahan (84) said.

“I’m a Dominican and our motto is ‘The Truth’ and that is all Father John ever did as a priest, tell the truth.

“I’ve been a nun for 67 years and I felt I was treated badly and Father John was treated very badly indeed. I find it hard to forgive them (the Church) for what happened.”

She has now been officially retired.

When Fr Gallagher got out of hospital he returned to his parochial house to find the locks changed. A new priest had been appointed. [The diocese disputes this]

He had been due to leave, under the bishop’s orders, a month later, in July.

“I was in shock,” said Fr Gallagher. “I had just suffered a suspected heart attack and wanted to return to my home to recover. Instead, I was homeless.”

A letter from the bishop to his priest suggested he needed ‘treatment’ for his mental health and an all-expenses paid trip was offered to a clinic in Pennsylvania.

Fr Gallagher refused to go and has been on paid leave since. [Disobedience! That’ll get you in trouble!  Of course, that trip to the clinic would have seen him out of the priesthood, too, for all intents and purposes. At least in this country.  Sort of a damned if you do, etc. situation.]

When police involved in the child porn scandal learned of his absence, they wrote to Church leaders including Cardinal Sean O’Malley in Boston, who heads a pontifical commission for the Protection of Minors set up by Pope Francis in 2014. [Several police officials wrote glowingly of Gallagher, saying he responded in model fashion and probably prevented the abuse of any number of boys.  Even though they have written to several Church officials including Cardinal Sean O’Malley (one of Franky’s faves), there has been zero response]


…….Fr Gallagher has been living in a holiday home loaned to him by a parishioner since last July.

His Bishop only communicates with him via Fr Gallagher’s specialist Canon Lawyer.

He has written numerous letters to bishops and cardinals on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bishop Diarmuid Martin wrote back to him, and left a voice message, and Fr Gallagher believes that the church in Ireland can help “break the wall of silence over here (in Florida)”.

He went on: “Because of the structure of the church, each diocese is run separately from the other, so there is no broad church.

“This is now 2016 and this is what happens to whistleblowers in the Catholic Church.

“Pope Francis speaks of ridding our church of the crimes of sexual abuse and being open and honest about doing it. I haven’t seen that in Pope Francis’s Church yet.” [A lot of things Francis says exist only in his mind]

Both the parish where Father Gallagher served and his Diocesan headquarters, including the bishop, were asked to comment.

Despite numerous emails and phone calls to the Palm Beach Diocese, there was no response. [Nor was there any response to calls to many other Church officials charged with investigating boy rape]



So, there you go.  While some priests get unfairly railroaded due to false accusations, those who report too quickly also get railroaded.  It’s almost like there’s a conspiracy to drive good men from the priesthood.  I don’t know anyone who thinks things have really changed in the Church.  We can see the culture of cover up and the self-serving interest of life-long bureaucrats still predominates.  Those who get in the way – children, faithful, priests – are simply crushed.

*- Except that it’s easier to apply one-size fits all, wholly ineffective measures like “safe environment,” whose sole purpose is to limit fiduciary liability on the part of dioceses in the case of current or future abuse.  Make the saps in the laity bear the burden of the clergy’s sins by putting them through this silly training and putting all of them through background checks, because that, at least, will give us a strong legal argument that “we did everything we could” when the next round of cases come (and come they will, given the number of perverse men still in the priesthood), and will hopefully reduce liability by an order of magnitude or more.

That’s also why priests are so expendable in this policy, for even dubious allegations.  It’s much quicker to throw an innocent priest under the bus and to reach a quick settlement than to go to trial and possibly get slapped with a large jury award should the priest turn out to actually be guilty (even if he’s not).

That’s certainly not to say abuse is not still on-going, as we see with the above.  I would imagine that at least a good 70% or so of accused priests are indeed guilty and are not being railroaded. But justice is supposed to be predicated on truth, not convenience, and even one innocent priest getting railroaded is an obscenity.  Unfortunately, most bishops would prefer to send a few innocent men to jail, or at least kick them out of the priesthood, than to have another multi-hundred dollar judgment.  Because think of all they good they can do with that money:


The best evangelization isn’t new, it’s the same old ways that always worked January 27, 2016

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That was my takeaway from the beautiful communique from Fr. Lawrence Carney, about whom I’ve written before.  I haven’t much to add, save that all the plans, programs, vast expenditures, and endless navel gazing of the so-called new evangelization haven’t amounted to a hill of beans, while a solitary priest giving witness to the Faith with great charity and in the constant Tradition of the Church is having an actual positive impact.  God Bless Fr. Carney:


Laudentur Jesus et Maria!

The greatest benefactors pray for the birth of a new religious order.

Today I was outside praying the Divine Office of None. When I came into a coffee shop a lady, who I will call 54651d0500414-preview-300Katherine, asked me if I could talk. Her first question was, “Where are you stationed?” I said, “Come over and sit down at that table with me and I will pull out some CDs.” I pulled out the CDs that the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles produce. I pointed to one of the pictures of the nuns in the chapel on the back of one of the CDs, saying, “I celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the nuns who live in the countryside around Gower. Do you know of Gower?” She said, “Yes.” She said, “I have seen you walking everywhere and have always wanted to talk to you. I am a Protestant Baptist. I think, our pastor…” whom we will call Lawrence, “…wants to meet you.” She explained some personal background of this pastor. I told her, “Here is my card. See I am a missionary priest. I bring people to the Holy Altars of God. Do you want to hear a story?” She said, “Yes.”

“In the 17th century a man by the name of St. Francis de Sales would walk around the city of Chablais. He refused the horse or carriage because he wanted to be seen by the people so he would walk. Decades prior to his arrival, the town was all Catholic, 72,000 strong. But Calvin came and all became Calvinist, except 100. He was so gentle to the people who would meet him that word got around. They would hear of his sweetness, his listening and encouraging. His method was cor ad cor loquitur, ‘heart speaks to heart.’ I showed her a coat of arms of my friend who is a bishop and bears that very motto, cor ad cor loquitur. I continued, “The gold of St. Francis’ heart and the sweetness of his words took root in the people. He would write notes and slip them under people’s doors. In three years time, guess how many people reverted back to the Catholic faith?” Katherine looked at me puzzled, “Half?” I said, “Zero! His method was so gentle that it did not cause people to revert immediately, but his words did begin to take root although there was little visible fruit. He continued this way, refusing the carriage and after twenty-five years, guess how many people converted?” Katherine again looked at me and shuck her head. I continued, “Almost all 72,000 reverted back to the Catholic faith!” [True, and great, story]

Our conversation continued. She wished for me to meet her Protestant pastor who is a fallen-away Catholic. I gave her my card and told her I would also like to meet him. She took her leave after a good 30 minute conversation. I will give her name and the pastor to the nuns and they will intercede for them.

It was almost a year ago when I was speaking with another Protestant Pastor who I will call Daniel. I was invited to their music festival and hot dog stand. He showed me his ministry. As we were snarfing down hot dogs, I pointed at the old Immaculate Conception Church here in St. Joseph.

He said, “Oh yes, I used to be a parishioner there.” Here is another man who not only has left the Catholic Church but has started his own church.

I used to be an investment analyst. My job was to look at the trends of Income Statements and Balance Sheets of businesses. If they were trending down, we would sell. If they were trending up, we would buy.

Here are a few numbers. It is estimated that almost one out of ten United States Americans is a fallen-away Catholic. You can go to the web searching for: CARA whose research is done in Georgetown University. They have trends of the US Catholic population over the last 50 years. If I put on my investment analyst hat on for a minute and saw the numbers of the US Catholic Church, I would say sell, sell, sell, until management changes course. [The second largest denomination in the US would be fallen away Catholics if they counted as such. And the numbers are increasing of late.]

But I do not wear a business hat anymore. I wear a biretta at Mass and a Saturno outdoors.

In the Catholic Church, Jesus Christ is the King. He is our One Shepherd and he has one sheepfold, the Church he left behind. The gates of Hell shall never prevail against her. We can never sell His Church. We must remain within Her and put our gifts at His service.

54651d04a7580-preview-300The time has come for the Church to go out and snatch the sheep wondering on the precipice of hell. Imagine if these two pastors were approached by St. Francis de Sales. He was 99.86% successful at bringing back the lost sheep into the fold. He would bring back about 999 out of 1,000 people who met in Chablas after 25 years. With these numbers, not only would the pastors come back to the Catholic Church, but they would bring their parishioners, too. In fact the whole city of St. Joseph, Missouri, all 76,000 would become Catholic. Imagine if fifty monks would travel two by two, as Jesus says, in their habits every afternoon in the city of St. Joseph for 25 years? [I really love this vision, and would love to see it come to fruition, but we must be honest and admit that there is enormous institutional opposition within the Church to seeing a traditional practice of the Faith, and traditional means of evangelization, reinstituted on any kind of a regular basis.  Most dioceses behave as if they would rather see another 500,000 Catholics fall away than admit the Vatican II embrace of modernity and worldliness has been an unmitigated disaster – and that’s exactly what most diocesan leadership views a mass return of Tradition as signaling. Ideology is an almost impossible barrier to overcome] 

Tomorrow I have a very important meeting at 11:00 AM. This is a very important person who can influence the minds of leaders in the United States Catholic Hierarchy. Please pray a Rosary that he will receive my story well. I never really thought I would be into sales, but I want to duplicate what St. Francis de Sales did in Chablas. His currency was not the Dollar, but 72,000 souls reverting back to the Church. His success relied on a deep life of heroic prayer and heroic virtue. Pray that I receive the ability to be like St. Francis de Sales so people like Pastor Lawrence and Pastor Daniel and their parishioners will revert back to the Holy Altars of God. [Guess I’m late. I suspect that meeting has passed, as this was posted yesterday.  Nevertheless, I will pray, since prayer can work out of time]

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
Fr. Carney

———-End Quote———–

We need many more such men.  Thousands, not the hundreds there are now.

Dominus vobiscum!