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Transgender chic and neutering men January 28, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, disaster, foolishness, horror, pr stunts, rank stupidity, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sexual depravity, sickness, Society, unadulterated evil.

Transgender chic and neutering men.  Those two things are not unrelated. Witness the Gucci spring 2016 “menswear” line.  I have to put menswear in quotes because, really, most of this is women’s clothing put on heroin-addicted sodomites.  Amazing how whatever the latest revolutionary agenda the left wants to push manifests itself, simultaneously, in a thousand different ways, isn’t it?





On the right, above. Really?!?  It doesn’t even fit.  It looks like they bought it at the estate sale of a late 70s businesswoman.  Nice purse, Nancy.


Those are friggin’ dresses and skirts.  And not a one of them is even slightly original, they’re regurgitated designs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s but with horrible fabrics.

Look, the fashionistas have come up with incredibly tacky and preposterous designs for decades.  This is the fruit of a decadent culture in a seemingly terminal state of decline.  Culturally, we are exhausted.  Often these “fashion” designers simply try to be outrageous.

Buuutttt……at the same time, dressing men in what are obviously women’s clothes would not have sold even among the delirious fashionista set even 20 years ago.  At least not clothes this obviously feminine.  Given the recent “triumph” of the sodomites across Western culture with their being accorded, by government fiat but also popular will essential equality with normal, natural relations, and the seeming ascendance of those afflicted with gender dysphoria in their wake, can this be written off as strictly accidental?  Or is it part of a deliberate cultural push by a very tightly connected (and directed?) cadre of self-anointed elites who are dictating to the rest of us how things are going to be?

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on the latter. Men are to be totally neutered, that’s the goal.

At any rate, Johnny has it right:

And yes I know the actor was a flamer who succumbed to AIDS quite early.  Still, funny character.


1. tg - January 28, 2016

I can’t tell the men from the women. Both actually look like he/she’s freaks. You’re right horrible clothing. I was just telling my friend this morning how horrible women’s clothes were in the 80’s with the big shoulder pads. I was watching an old show from that era the other night. I thought the 80’s is when feminism got really strong. Those clothes were a way of making women unfeminine and more masculine. Now it’s the other way around, making men feminine and not masculine. (What was I thinking when I wore those stupid looking shoulder pads!)

(By the way, none of my comments via my smart phone show up – maybe because I feel more free to use certain words that begin with a “q”. I don’t know but my comments never show up.)

2. Paul - January 28, 2016

The Liberals have gone nuts. Instead of treating mental illness they are pushing it as normal. I wonder what the ISIS Terrorist Obama has brought over as so called “refugees” will do to men that dress like that?

3. Observer - January 28, 2016

Don’t Gucci know it’s ok for a guy to wear a ‘skirt’……in Scotland!
What we are witnessing isn’t just general insanity, it is part of a deliberate and evil plan.

4. Observer - January 28, 2016

Even ‘saint’ Ziggy Stardust, aka Bowie, wouldn’t wear that junk….if he could.

5. MFG - January 28, 2016

A friend remarked years ago that much of men’s fashions were first tried out by the homosexuals. Look at what they wear and in a few years later straight men begin wearing it.

If the fashions designers are pro-soddomy (pro-effimette styles) is there any masculine style/fashion still out there?

FiliusPastori - January 28, 2016

Yes, whatever your grandfather wore. I’d say that after the baby boomer generation by-and-large did away with the suit for most occasions outside of the office, menswear became the playground of sodomites and effeminates. It’s true, many men’s fashions were started in the past by fops, but at least those tended to be a Charles II, or a Beau Brummel. Most young men and a lot of older men have no use for fashion now that the time of every-day suit wearing has passed, and now have no interest in reclaiming fashion houses which are so utterly the domain of fags and women.

6. Kathleen - January 28, 2016

Revolting doesn’t begin to convey it.

And it’s not just transgender and sodomite filth.

There are HEAVY pedophilia overtones as well. The most glaring examples are the butterfly shorts outfit and the red shorts outfit, but the theme is carried throughout.

And even manage the transgender thing with the overcoats paired with flesh colored trousers that at a glance give the impression of a dress — so intentionally. And they undoubtedly think it’s so clever.

Makes my skin crawl and stomach turn.

Tantumblogo - January 28, 2016

Great, great point. You’re right, I should have picked up on that, as well. Really important. Thank you.

7. Guest - January 29, 2016

I feel disgusted seeing that.

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