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Fr. Jason Cargo to St. Joseph in Richardson? February 1, 2016

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A commenter over the weekend asked what I thought of Fr. Jason Cargo being appointed pastor of the very large St. Joseph parish in Richardson starting March 1.  It was the first I’d heard of it.  A perusal of the St. Joseph website provided no confirmation (N. B.: I attended St. Joseph in the late 90s and went through RCIA there – a most unedifying experience.  The shadow – not an unfair term, from my POV – of former longtime Pastor Don Fischer continues to hang over the parish.  It was  under his pastoring that I entered the Church).

But assuming the report is true, I think that is a very hopeful development.  I know Fr. Cargo well and have a great deal of respect for him. While he is not traditional, per se’, he certainly trends orthodox and is a devoted pastor of souls.  I know he has great love for reverent liturgy including Latin and Chant.  He has done some really positive things like leading Rosary Processions every day of Lent last  year.

If this comes to pass, I’d be very happy to eat my words concerning the assignment of orthodox priests to the periphery of the Diocese.  This has been widely accepted as being a fact of life for many years in this Diocese, but perhaps the growing shortage of priests and the inevitability of the younger generation means that is changing.  Or, it could mean I and others have been all wet.  Which, if true, I’d be happy to be the first to admit.

For now, consider this only an assertion and not verified until confirmed.  Whatever Fr. Cargo’s future holds, he may be assured of my prayers for his apostolate and my heartfelt thanks.





1. Frank - February 1, 2016

Tantum: The rumor is true. It was announced to us at this past weekend’s Masses. Your comments on Fr. Cargo match others I have received from folks who know him, so those of us on the more orthodox side are greatly encouraged. We’ll see how he goes over with the Fischer remnant. I expect we may now learn just how much influence they still have.

Tantumblogo - February 1, 2016

That’s really good news. Fr. Cargo is a good man. He’ll have to be a fighter, though, I fear. That remnant you mention I suspect will not acquiesce quietly in the direction Fr. Cargo would like to go.

Get rid of the labyrinth?

aquinas54 - February 2, 2016

We’ll see about that labyrinth. That, and the usually awful array of campfire songs that pass for liturgical music most of the time, with the notable exception of the entrance hymn, which is usually bona fide sacred music. I spend a fair amount of time around the parish grounds and I don’t see the labyrinth getting used very much these days, and it would be a simple matter to convert it into a nice quiet place for prayer, especially for the departed souls whose cremains are interred in the surrounding columbarium.
Based on the article that just appeared in the Texas Catholic about Father Cargo, his ability to connect with students at the parish school could be enough to drown out any murmuring (or worse) by the parish progressive contingent. I’ll be asking St. John Vianney and Our Lady for lots of support for our new pastor!

2. John - February 1, 2016

Yes it is true. It is also important to note that there were two pastors assigned to St. Joseph after Msgr. Fischer left and the makeup of the parish resembles a diversity that is not beholden to any particular leadership.

– Long-time member of St. Joseph, Richardson

Tantumblogo - February 1, 2016

Well I see he is still giving catechesis there. And the parish website retains links to his pastoral institute.

That’s really what formed the basis of my comment.

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