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A little change of pace February 4, 2016

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I read about this pre-Trent hymn called Dum Fabricator Mundi.  It’s actually quite ancient. But since it wasn’t used in the Good Friday liturgy of the Diocese of Rome in the period leading up to Pope St. Pius V, it did not get included in the Missal codified by that Saint.  It was, however, used fairly commonly in Europe in the medieval period.  I like chant a great deal, and thought I’d this one and a few others that are lesser known:

Another version, which sounds a bit more Eastern to me though it features more female voices:

This one is better known, and more polyphony than plain chant:

Anyway, I just needed a little beauty to clean my head.  The bad news just keeps coming.  The severance packages have been chopped in half.  Of course!



1. Leah Chapman - February 5, 2016

I am wondering if your future employment is the self-employment kind, something removed from the influence of the worldly-world.

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