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Update on my work situation February 4, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin.

So this is a different ball game.  Previously we’ve just had layoffs, this is an entire restructuring and it is going very deep. I’d say my chances of getting let go are better than 50%.

To date, our entire design facility in New York has been shut down.  That is where the majority of hardware and mechanical design was performed. 3/4 of both teams have thus been lost (3/4 of both were in New York).  The plan is to move virtually all hardware design to India.  Yeah, see how that works out for you!  My former employer, Cisco, tried that, and after a few years had to bring it all back because it was a total failure.  But that’s my company, always about 10 years behind everyone else and determined never to learn.

So even with this shutdown in New York, the loss of ~70 high skilled engineering jobs, and one death (I kid you not, one guy died the day they made the announcement – stress induced myocardial infarction.  Please pray for the repose of the soul of Roy Metz), there is to be a 15% layoff here in Richardson.  Entirely within product development, which just makes brilliant sense – cut the one organization that actually develops product that sells and makes money to the bone, while leaving all the overhead groups like HR and accounting untouched.

I’m of two minds of how it will go – either they will completely wipe out hardware development in the US, in which case, I’m done, or they’ll keep a small group here, in which case, I’ll probably be OK, for a while. But the handwriting is on the wall, this place is deader than fried chicken.  I am actively looking for the first time in 8 years, really, I’ve flirted in previous layoffs but I’m really about it this time.  Applied to two jobs so far this morning.  See how it goes.

I thank you again for your prayers.  You guys are awesome, and I can really feel the support.



1. Angelic Doctor Games - February 4, 2016

I can certainly sympathize with your position of late. Just this past year, that is 2015, I’ve been let go twice. It wasn’t any fun, naturally, however I did get to spend a lot of quality time with the family while on the job search. I have a new position now and with a company whose stock continues to rise, though the Sword of Damocles is always just over all of our collective heads, no? Praying for you and yours, amigo.

2. Lynne - February 4, 2016

You are in my prayers! I was hoping you wouldn’t wait till you got laid off… Then, you would be feeling desperate (as opposed to now while you still have a job…in theory). I hate this economy.

3. Fran - February 4, 2016

Hi Larry! Check out my linkedin contacts and let me know if you see any that would interest you.

4. TE - February 4, 2016

You will continue to have my prayers.

Tantumblogo - February 4, 2016

Thank you Tango Echo

5. AveAve1937 - February 4, 2016

You are right smack in the meddle standing on that line where surrender and decision and forces beyond your knowing all come together. It is a terribly frightening place to be. Yes, I have been there, as the company I was working for at that time was undergoing at that time was doing desperate and ugly, evil things just to stay alive, and it came to the inevitable place where I had to make a decision…(see Matthew 6:24). As it turned out, more than half the company, especially those of us who had been loyal and hardworking for a number of years, were all let go. It was scary at my age then, and alone, but the decision was taken out of my hands. That was our Good God’s answer. What followed changed the direction and course of my life, closer I learned, to God’s Plan and Purpose and His Will, then the direction that staying with that company would have allowed….actually going in the opposite direction.

As you must be doing now, I stayed continually in prayer…and the most difficult action of all was to completely surrender, keeping nothing back, from God; praying for that trust and Confidence in Him that as a frail human being, was almost too frightened to let go. Man’s control vs. God’s Will.

I share this for your growing foundation of support and a tiny bit of strength to add to the growing strengths from all here lifting you up in prayer. Wonder what God has in mind for you and where Her is leading you toward His plan and purpose for your life? Perhaps you have also wondered about this and are simply trusting that unknown and the next step to Him.

As for the company you work for, honestly, with all the collected education and supposed intelligence, you do have to wonder what they do for real brains.

6. tg - February 4, 2016

Keeping you in my prayers.

7. Agellius - February 5, 2016


8. Baseballmom - February 5, 2016

Praying for you at Mass and in Rosary. God’s Perfect Will be done…. I know it is not great, but a couple of my boys went Fed which does allow for security…. And they are white guys…. But they were HIRED (we do tease them that they are the “token white guys”).

9. Baseballmom - February 5, 2016

Eternal rest grant unto Roy Metz oh Lord, and may Perpetual Light shine upon him. May his soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in Peace. Amen.

10. MFG - February 5, 2016

Will continue to pray.

11. S. Armaticus - February 5, 2016

Fiat voluntas Tua. Prayer request, consider done!

12. Faith of Our Fathers - February 5, 2016

Sir there’s none so blind who cannot see . It seems to be a case in the Western World where we have companies run with so called men with Brains and various Degrees . But unfortunately not one seems to have an ounce of common sense. It’s a total disaster over here also in the UK when a Scottish Government stopped maintaining The Forth Road Bridge to the degree it should have been maintened.Pen Pushers trying to tell Engineers their job . The exact same happened with me my former company shut down The Engineering Dept and put it out to tender -The Result Chaos-it seems as if your Company is heading down the same road . When will they ever learn .

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