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Jubilee Year of Mercy a bust in Rome……. February 5, 2016

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……..and, I would suspect, around the world.  This is what comes from undermining sacred truths and loudly proclaiming that God is all mercy and makes no demands of us save for a vague commitment to progressive consciousness.  If God is all mercy and no justice, why bother with getting an indulgence?  I’m saved anyway, right?  And Communion is something owed to everyone, so receiving it is not special at all.

Why bother?

Pope Francis Jubilee has been so far extremely disappointing, with incredibly few faithfuls showing up in Rome. Unbelievable! No one could forecast such a disappointing turnout of pilgrims. But it is the sad truth of the first two months of the Jubilee. It is time to draw a balance, and it’s a bitter one.

Things immediately started on the wrong foot on inauguration day, December 8, in the wake of the November 14 Paris shock. It was hoped that Christmas could go better, but so many people cancelled after the Paris terror attacks that nothing changed during the Winter holidays. January was even worse. The number of Catholics attending the Wednesday General Audiences plummeted below thinkable levels……..

……lines at security checks are short simply because so few people are coming to Rome. The mandatory reservations to cross the Holy Door was scrapped a couple of days after the start of the Jubilee as it was already clear that there was nearly noone around.

We’re not comparing this Jubilee’s figures with the last one in the year 2000. The current one was announced with a very short notice and it was conceived with very few key events and as a decentralised Jubilee, to be celebrated in each diocese. But the figures are so dismal that even a simple comparison with last year is puzzling: basically there is the same amount of people as last year. Major disappointment.




1. txmimi927 - February 5, 2016

God will not be mocked.

2. S. Armaticus - February 5, 2016

Blame it on the Curia. LOL!

3. aquinas54 - February 5, 2016

Truly unsurprising, in my view, for exactly the reasons you cited,.

Another bit of anecdotal evidence, FWIW: In the RCIA at my parish we have three catechumens and less than ten candidates preparing for the Easter Vigil. Both numbers are about half of what we’ve had in the last few years before 2014. In 2010 or 2011 we had six catechumens and around 20 candidates. I have no direct information about anywhere else, but have seen at least one blogger remark that the number of people entering the Church has fallen significantly overall in the USA in the last two years. Can’t recall where he got that information, but it was someone I trust to be careful about what he posts. (Heck, maybe it was even here, as trustworthy a site as there is, in my opinion.)

I expect the numbers will take an even bigger dive after the “celebrations” of the Lutheran rebellion take place next year. But before that comes the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s first appearance at Fatima. Just saying.

Claire - February 6, 2016

I think about the would-be converts all the time since spring of 2013. Where do they go once disillusionment and/or disgust keeps them from making that decision to begin the process of entering the Church? Will they ever convert? I know that the Church is not the Pope, but do they? Do most people?

4. tg - February 5, 2016

I used to think I would one day take a vacation and go to the Vatican but no more. Maybe if there ever is a Pope Pius XIII or Leo XIIII.

Baseballmom - February 6, 2016

Leo XIV. 😏

5. Concerned in Richardson - February 5, 2016

I certainly accept correction that pertains to the following: Is there any sense overall throughout the Dallas Diocese that this is a Holy Year? If there is, then it’s escaped me. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Concerned Catholic in Richardson

6. AnnaMaria - February 6, 2016

I was just speaking to a priest friend from Rome. He was telling me that numbers for papal audiences in Rome ran about 5000 for JPII, they were up to around 50,000 for Benedict XVI and down to under 2,000 for Francis.

7. David - February 7, 2016

One thing I would like to study since Pope Francis I was elected…the number of vocations in the United States. Quite a few of the seminarians today in Major Seminary (Theology division involving the remaining four years) came in under Benedict XVI, and there were a large number of ordinations in May 2015, which is good news.

However, I am wondering if the entry into the college division has taken a downturn (on the average – I know it varies between dioceses, vocation directors, bishops, etc.) Generally, it may be too early to tell, and there is speculation, rumors, and heresay that Pope Francis I does not plan to be Pope throughout the remainder of his lifetime.

One thing that wasn’t highly publicized…I found out about it through Fr. Z., was that Pope Francis I had a private meeting with the German Bishops (i.e. Kasperites) and said something along the lines of, “your Church is a mess” and “you priests and bishops need to get to confession”. I was glad to hear that, but I wish there would of been more publicity about this.

DM - February 8, 2016

Word of mouth is that entries to seminaries have gone down since Francis entered office. Ordinations have still been higher up to now because the men being ordained all entered under Benedict XVI. Benedict I think was the exception for vocations, and we will probably see ordinations once again go down in the coming years once the Benedict cohort is done.

By the way, that speech to the German bishops was not written by Francis and he did not even read it to them, he apparently simply handed them a copy of it and denied that he had any part of writing it, so we can pretty safely assume he isn’t going to do anything to get the German heretics under control. Cardinal Muller is suspected of being the one who wrote it, to his credit, but it won’t do any good since Francis won’t follow through on it.

8. c matt - February 8, 2016

So maybe B XVI was the exception? Anyway, can’t discount the Paris factor has had some impact. I know several Americans who regularly visit Europe who have canceled travel plans precisely because of the attacks and issues with “refugees”.

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